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Leave meeting cancel. Now let me just cancel. And so now I see you. Okay. view. Oh wait, where are we? Oh, I see cameras blocked. There you go. Oh, I'm fantastic. It's good to see the face. You're kind of like what I expected. Really? Yeah, I like, you know, athletic marshmallow. No, I can see. I can see because of your shoulders and I can see because structure on your face. That's lettuce ism. And you and you were a bulk strength type of person. I will just go in for pure strength a would like yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Wow, that's quite a mic, dude. Thank you. Big mother. Okay, I'm thinking to get in different one. This one's done his job, but I need a new one now. Yeah, just send it over to me. I'll take it off your hands. No problem. Well, do you really your address afterwards? Yes, I will. Okay, how do you want to start this club? I usually just do introduction, what you are and what you do. Okay, so, um, do you want me to talk about what I am and what I do? Yeah, I was thinking about I was looking through your website. And that's why I asked about your boyfriend. Because it was one of your videos. Was you talking about him going down on you and not good. I wait, wait, what, what? What, what what video? What? Go back again. It was one of your videos where it was your ex boyfriend was going down on you. But he failed. And he left? Oh, no, no, it was the first time was great. He left he read a book. And then he was trying to go slow and you're like, Okay, okay, okay. God, I don't know where you manage. He wasn't going down on me. We were having sex and then we broke up and then we made up. And then I'm like, What are you doing? And he's like, flip, flip, flip. I'm like feeling like a fucking pancake. He says, Well, I was reading these books. And they were talking about going slow. I'm like, No, I like it fast. Fast. But I found that oh my god. It was on my site. The one with the bottle with the water. Yeah. Okay. were under the about me or it was one of the one of the videos It was one of those videos because you had a blog video and audio. So I just clicked video. Okay, it was one of those videos. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Then you got went to the about page and that's where I'm like, geez, she's so like, he was super in shape. I'm like, Oh, yeah, yeah. Um, okay. Well, whatever. Yeah, I can, I can introduce myself. That way. I can hit the major points. And, and then you can leave me with the questions that you want me to answer. How's that? Absolutely. Let's, let's get right into it. Okay. Hi, I'm Nicole Coleman. And my superpower, as Josh knows, is that I'm a Hey, okay, impasse, now, hey, hey, okay, empath is not just like an empath, someone who picks these feelings and vibes it's actually someone who is like a mirror. Not quite like the Wicked Witch of the West mirror, because that guy's definitely on Prozac he is. So it's more like a mirror, who can see into why you're in the dark, why things are happening to you, not like a shrink, who puts you in a template of categories. Oh, bad mother, neglectful father, it's very detailed. And what I found, and I've been very blessed that the the clients that have come to me are the randoms that I do. What they have shown me is that the words that I get that are downloaded and the insights and the messages, it's like they have your emotional imprint on them your DNA, because once you hear the words that are meant for you, it unlocks the energy, you know how you can go to a shrink or you can talk to your best friend or your mother or teacher. And they're like, they totally makes sense, you understand it, but that shitty feeling is still inside you. Well, what I do is when you hear the words that are specifically meant for you to heal that wound, it unlocks the energy. You don't fuck it, you don't feel it, it's gone. It's gone. And so because I'm also an international trainer, I have found that what I've done is I've mixed the truth, the two together. So when I've had someone that I train them, they have an injury, every emotional thought that we think that feeling of that thought gets replicated, and then it manifests as a specific injury. Like I'll give you an example, thyroid problem. Every single person who has a thyroid problem has the continual thought, even though they're not aware of it, but they have the feeling of that thought that says When is it ever going to be my turn? Hi, I always put myself last I gotta do my family, I got to do my friends, I got to do my boyfriend, I got to do my, when is it ever going to be my turn. And when I pointed that out, then the thyroid starts to heal, then the back injury starts to heal, then the knee injury starts to heal. That's why with this law of attraction that I'm so glad it's so out there, people are just beginning to understand that it doesn't have to understand something intellectually. If you don't match the feeling with the understanding of the right words that hit the feelings, you won't unleash yourself on that feeling. So I actually wrote a book about it. This actually might be interesting to you, Josh. It's it has to do with the way girls and guys are today. Because there's a certain trend with the media, we can get real deep there. It's called eventually. Yeah, the book is called the wisdom of the penis SOS manual sorely needed. And it's all written in slang. And it took about 12 years because I was getting all the issues of what's going on today. So I write it as if I'm one of you only had been transported way to the future. And I've gotten all this wisdom and shit. And then I come back to tell all you guys why the girls do the craziest pitch things we do. And then I tell all my girls, why you guys do the dumbest things you do. Because there are reasons why. And I'll give you a really fast example. The media is telling all the girls, we need to show we're in charge, we need to walk up to the guy ask him, you know, do you want to go I heard that there's this party, you know, do you want to call me? Here's my number we need? Like, we'll go through all these self esteem issues, like will he call me? Won't he call me as if we don't have enough self esteem issues. And we're walking up to him basically vagina smudging in his face here, sample sample, like, we've got the goods, why we walking up to the guy asking him if he wants, I cannot tell you how backwards and how that hurts the girls, and how that handicaps guys, I don't know about your sex ed class. But in mind, I don't ever ever remember the egg putting on a running shoes and running after 50 billion sperm, like the sperm run after the egg for a very good reason. Because when you mess with that architecture of love, then you have girls who although it may be flattering to you, Josh, that all these girls come up to you. It's like, hey, Josh, do you want to hang out? Do you want to go? And you might be kind of like, please and snug about it. But I really doubt you'll fall in love with any of those that just came. Why? Because a whole guy's mechanics. A cold guy strategy mode of thinking is about the hunt of his tools, his tools, even his origin, it's long and it goes in deep because he's exploring. And so in his mind and his intellect. If a girl takes away getting to know her if a girl takes away, okay, how do I even get to a girl like this? Like I see she likes this. She's popular. She's so this. She's so so this, how do I get because right now, you guys could be dating this really hot girl, and you take her to a place after COVID? Of course not right now. And you're taking on a date. And now you're wondering, do I open the car door? Or is she gonna think that I think she's weak? Because she's like a kick ass martial arts expert. She's a bank manager. She's like, on this big committee thing. And she's has her own business. Like, I don't know, she could think that I think she's weak. And she might give me this look. And it's like, oh, my God, she trains like, 100 times a day like she could even hurt me. I don't know what to do. And then Meanwhile, us girls are looking at you like, Why are you so slow? Like, why don't you just come up and ask me out. And when I see the girls keep vacillating between a masculine energy and a feminine energy. The masculine energy is the medium deuced one's telling the girls to go show you we're confident by taking charge. A girl that shows she's confident doesn't run after a guy. She stands somewhere. And she looks at him. And with her feminine energy. She passively magnetically pulls you to her with one look, one smile that's showing she's in charge not running after your tail and asking you or blowing you or saying I'll do this and I'll do this or how can we like make this happen. Let me like scratch and like contort my brain, what does he need? What is it? And then that puts a girl into her logic. And one of the biggest problems today's girls can't stop thinking. They're 24 seven. Why did you What did you do? I can't stop thinking anxiety pills, any depressant pills three times more. Check it out in Google Checkout. I was a byproduct of that for a while. Yeah. Okay. But I guarantee you weren't as much. And I'll tell you why it affected you guys. I mean, that's a very good thing you brought up, the girls will be affected because they're too much in their masculine dominant energy, which all girls need as a career girl as an athlete. But the problem is, when we don't leave our balls at the office, we don't leave our balls at the courts in the gym, and we take it home to our guy, last we checked was a masculine energy to similar energies collide, because only opposites attract opposite energy. So it's now the girl is being assertive, and over responsible and wanted and then overdue, and you're like, going to be forced to be passive just to keep the peace, because you'll notice, two leaders won't go. The whole romantic energy is, is an opposite one. It's masculine, feminine, it's not equality, like they say, equality in the work and everywhere else. Yes, but when that overlaps into the romantic arena, where we usually rule, that's no longer equality. We've just been demoted. From where we were you guys trying to search and find a way to reach us, which chisels your brain with chisels your gut instincts, because now girls running up to you. That's like, it just snipped your dick. You no longer are assertive as you're used to being unless you're an entrepreneur, a leader or an athlete. You're now like, okay, I'll let her show me if she likes me. Well, I'll just wait. You're losing your hunters edge. The guys today are becoming too soft. And you know what that does? It opens the path for Narcissus, manipulator, and con artists. Because now the girls want to feel that they were someone strong. Someone who listens to their gut instincts. And all these guys are afraid to say hi, you have a nice smile. Would you like to go out? I really liked this about you. I noticed you over they don't know how to talk to a girl because they're afraid they're going to be infringing. They're afraid of this wrongly titled error of male toxicity. It's not male toxicity, it's a narcissist that are male toxicity. And all you good solid guys are now just baffled and confused. So when you are disconnected from your logic, because the girls are forcing you into your feminine energy, you're going to be overwhelmed emotionally. So you're going to be depressed, or you're going to need more pot, or you're going to your end when a girl who is used to handling your own shit comes to you and says like is she completely, like loses it? You're You're flabbergasted. You don't have the calluses to strongly hold her. You're kind of like just get over it. How do you just get over it, we can no longer be vulnerable. So the girls are getting disconnected from their feelings because they're predominantly in a masculine energy. And the guys are getting disconnected from their logic that keeps them grounded, assertive in their balls, knowing what they're capable of. Right? No, I I that's actually something I've observed just in general. And like I've been working night shift. So I've been studying and reading a lot. And that's, that's one of the hugest things I've noticed. That's amazing that where have you noticed in watching them? or what have you been reading that? Mobile mindset thinking? Thinking Fast and Slow? how the mind works? It's very boring. 700 pages? Yes, you got it, you've gone through it. No, I write mostly I don't read. I just write what comes to me with my insight. But something like that is going to put you in your mind, the quickest way for a guy to get reconnected to his intellect is to get grounded, getting grounded is leading, holding a podcast show like you're doing that's taking responsibility, training, training, nothing will get a guy further then in terms of grounding and going with his instincts when he's matched up to that fatigue rate of like, Oh my god, I have no oxygen. How am I going to push myself further? I just must I have no choice. He gets back to that. Well then him asking a girl out and her saying possibly no or debt loss. You know, he's not worried about his balls falling down and rolling out the door. It's just a question. Do you ever notice that the athletes and soldiers and people like that who risked their life whether it's in a backflip or it's the playing hockey or something or football or you get you get hurt man, when it comes to things like that, physically, that's grounding, because those kind of guys are not scared to talk to a female species, because they know words, don't cut off an arm. words don't make a knee blow up. They're just words. And so she doesn't want me fine. It doesn't take us sliver of who and everything you are away from you. But see a guy who is not plugged into his logic into his grounding into a sense of his manhood. Because he's over emotionally eyes, he, he is judging himself over and over and over again, because he's lost vision he's got he has double vision, now, he has his emotions, which are swirling all over him. And then he go of his intellect attacking him. Because he, although your mind is brilliant, and it can always cheer you along. It can also work against you. But you see, your gut will never call you a loser. your gut will always forewarn you, but in order to initiate that, that would be in feeding your gut, which is training, which is taking a risk, which is going out there. And one of the things that the media does when it It encourages girls to go out, ask the guy don't wait, we you there, you don't have to wait. You know what the biggest harm that they're also doing with the girls come to think of it. law of attraction is not a masculine energy, it's not a push, it's a passive energy. Right. And that's a feminine energy. It's receptive. So now, the girls are stuck in their head, when they're stuck in the head. The bad parts of the head that criticize them is going to tell them further when you don't respond to them well, because you're going after they're going after you that there may be not good enough and they didn't do it enough. And a girl's spirit which is meant to up lift a man, that's our function here to elevate horndogs man, we uplift you by putting up the bar of what you want to raise and go climb and beat just because you can because when a girl looks at you, and she knows, and she sees this, this and that you you want to live up to that that's called inspiration, provided it's a girl that you like, and it's a girl that all the all the prep work was done properly to build your foundation. It wasn't artificial. She's not like your mother. She didn't come chasing and telling you know you don't have this right. Don't have this. Let me organize your life. Let me organize your closet. Oh, I don't I see you don't do the laundry. Let me just do it for you. As soon as a guy sniffs Mother Hubbard feeling he's like fuck off. I love her. The sex the vagina. Oh my god, it's so sweet. But oh my god, I need a break. So a lot of girls don't understand that they can overlap into this place. Because they're stuck in their head in that masculine energy. They haven't disconnected from their head to go into their feminine energy, which is their sensuality, which is walking into a room where you're already pissed. because something happened at work or someone ripped you off. And all you have to see Josh is your girlfriend. not ask you what's wrong. Let's talk about it. But just stand there. Take off her shirt. Have them pop up. Look at you come closely. Heading bosom. Thank you. I don't feel I have a problem anymore. Let me tell my haven. Do you see how simple it is? Yeah, and it's not about objectifying and shit like that. It's about it's, you know, beauty, whether it's an animal, whether it's a baby, whether it's a real fit girl with a tight booty and just exuding life and energy when you see her walk because she's like a panther in her jungle. She makes her own rules. It raises the vibration of man. When you see beauty, there is no medicine. There's nothing that can take you to a higher state of mind. Whatever problem you have, you just got energized. Just standing next to a girl will enhance your whole entire immune system. And provided she's anchored in her shit. Provided she's anchored in her femininity because it's such a divine energy. It's a magic, and that's where you need to dive into and get some the whole sexual act. Diving into her juices is you know, if she's a skank, and you go in and out and it's like a sneeze thing, and it's a relief. You've had some pressure y'all feel good to get rid of toxic air. Energy, but it's not going to uplift you. You know, it's kind of like taking Coca Cola, because you're tired and you're fed up and you haven't eaten for 14 hours. As opposed to having a good protein shake with peanut, you know, pina colada flavoring or something like it feels really good. It sounds like a real sweet kiss from a girl you're crazy about. You know, it's slow and it's like, you can't stop looking at her eyes and like the kiss is actually in her eyes in her face like you already feel kissed. So, that's all being amputated. Because the girls are the ones with the balls. Now. They have bigger balls in the guys because they're getting preconditioned to taking charge all over the goddamn place. So what happens is that when they're depressed, you guys don't know what to do. But I'll tell you what to do right now, especially for your listeners. If you have a girl who's upset. And she's like a leader type in whatever she has too much out of her head. Don't go and say to her you too much in your head because I was listening to this lady. She actually sounds like you know, don't tell a smart woman that she's doing too much in her head to make her feel dumb. This is what you do. You connect her to her senses. Show her something in front of her eyes. That's beautiful. So we relate to colors, a lot of balloons, a lot of sprinkles on a cupcake because taste is another one of our senses. That's what we eat a lot when we're pissed. Smell, lavender, strawberries, Cologne, sound, whisper your voice will do a lot because by the way, that's how a girl falls in love. She doesn't fall in love with what you do for her. She falls in love. Auditory, with the right words at the right time in the right tone, just a secret throwing it out there. But you guys fall in love. First you do through sight, the way she looks. That's what sucks you win. So when you have a girl that's upset, geared towards her senses, give her things that are soft, like hard things don't feel good to us. Don't give us that we don't want any hard things right now. We want something soft and fluffy. So yeah, teddy bear soft blankets, we want to hear the fire, we want to see fire. We want to see stars, we want to play with a puppy. We want to see butterflies, we want to hear beautiful sounds, we want to look at beauty. So when you take a woman, take your girl and you prepare a bath. This is why it works. Because she needs to get out of her head and her body is estrogen based. That's a feeling a hormone. When I say that's a feeling hormone, you need to understand that a girl processes and absorbs feelings all day long. So Josh, let's say you say to your girlfriend, bye, babe. I'll see you later. She's like this perky daffodil in the morning. On the way to on Okay, she's really all happy. And then you go to your work, she goes to her work. And then during the day, she talks to her BFF and oh my god, her BFF guy cheated on her with her sister or whatever. It was like, really, really bad. And so now she's got this bad feeling. Okay, and then she goes to work and she sees the boss cup of fuel of this new girl. That's like half his age. So now she's like, God, oh, my God, that's so bad. And then on the way home, she sees this little old lady and maybe a guy's driving beside with the bicycle. And he splashes her with mud. And now she's like, Guys are decks. They're just decks. And then you and then Joss, you call? And you're like, Hey, babe. And she's like, what? And you're like, Whoa, what? What? What? What? Oh, well, that ain't your bad time. What's wrong? Nothing. Nothing. What do you want? See? So that's what I'm saying. Because we're estrogen base, we're going to process and absorb feelings from everywhere and whoever we're around. We think it's our own. Most girls are not that aware. So guys, heads up. If you don't check for a few hours at a time, things could have drastically changed and it's not you. So I would just like get a good text in there every hour and a half ish, or just touch it at least you need you don't go every like 30 minutes. No, no, but you know what? Say you're saying needy Josh, because that's your nature. If I may be more bold. Are you just just where you are right now? Maybe there's been a bit of a deficit and maybe that's why you keep away because you're afraid you may be too clingy or too needy. And again, that would tell the guy that he doesn't feel 100% on his own. He feels uplifted with the girl, which is nothing wrong with that provider. If you're ready, as uplifted as That girl is, then you're a powerful couple. If you are slightly low, because let's say your mother was not that type, then you've got a bit of a hole. Let's say you've never got it in a right way, a nurturing free mother, a lot of guys happen that way. And it's just the family you rolled into. And it would be another discussion because you actually wanted to do that, because it's going to chisel a very special part of you, it's going to make that part of you stronger than it would have been. Had you had a mother that gave you a lot, because this is going to push you into a certain field and to a certain way to connect you with a certain girl to learn the certain things that you have to learn. Okay. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. So the same thing for the girls, girls who tend to see a boyfriend is too much work is because they didn't have the father around is because they didn't have the father acknowledge or cherish the beauty in them without them having to really work hard for his attention. What that means is that they've confused they've been conditioned to feel that being in love is working for love. So they'll hook up with the guy who Nicola needed a lot of fixing. Oh, sorry. Hear me now. Are we your internet suddenly went red. I was to say, Can we cut the video? It would probably even it out. Okay. Okay, it doesn't look okay. Well, it looks okay. Right now. It just came back. Okay, awesome. Sorry, I didn't. It's been going in and out. But it's usually just like a half a second, but this one was a little longer. Oh, okay. Maybe it's on your end, dude. Because I haven't had that. But that's cool. Okay, so keep going. Okay, um, so it was a, it was a great parallel question that you brought up, you know, what about the guys who don't want to text every 30 minutes. And if the guy is really healthy, into his training of a sport, to anchor him, and he's got a goal in his project, he's busy. Now, the fact that he has a girl in his life, that's an added cherry on top that makes this whole Sunday, you know, banana split, or whatever, no pun intended. But yeah, so but the point is, when it's that kind of a guy, she's an added magic in his life. But if he's thirsty, if he's in drought, if he doesn't have a career that he's aiming for, if he's not working, if he's not in touch with this purpose, if he's got no way of training his body to make him maximizes energy for what he's supposed to do in this world, then he's going to be thirsty. So he's gonna attract a girl that has a lot. But then that girl who has a lot is going to be drained as anything by giving you too much. So a lot of those girls who are very intellectual, will connect with guys who are overly emotional. Because just as the guy who has to text every 30 minutes is overly needy and emotional, opposites attract, he will only attract a girl who's overly intellectual and too much in her head, not connected to her feelings. And so he will be her feelings. She will be focused too much on you see how that goes on, on his feelings. And those are the girls who are like, I don't want a guy in my life. Oh, my god, there's so much work, can you and you know why there's so much work, because she can't focus on herself anymore because she's lopsided, because she's just intellectually full. Just like the guy is emotionally empty. But intellectually, he's not grounded. emotionally. She's not grounded. They'll connect to each other. She'll be inspired to do a lot of work and fix. This is a codependent relationship. A codependent person is not just someone who's clinging. It's the other person who's a fixer. That's why they connect. I have had clients who said, You know what, I don't know why. Oh, my girlfriend's so clingy or my boyfriend so clingy. And I'll and I'll be like, dude, girl, you have to let's not look at them for a second. You have to look at yourself. Why do you have to fix them? Oh my god. How did you Oh, yeah, I have to fix them. Because fixers attract cleaners. No, absolutely. They attract each other because they're supposed to. They're meant to learn lessons. The guy is meant to learn. I don't want a mommy anymore. I don't want someone telling me how to do everything and And leaning on them, because she's gonna end up being resentful. So the resentful energy is that of a tired mother telling a guy to clean up his room. It's no longer a magical romantic energy of what you first got connected with the beginning. But it's very interesting with the energies, they don't miss. Right? They they get what they need to get. So a person who's starving in one way will connect with the person who has that. And the other person starving will connect with person who has what they're missing. Interesting. Very interesting. Yeah, so sorry, just to interject one other thing. And because the media is encouraging girls to work predominantly out of their masculine energy, it's forcing them more in their head. And they're going to be stuck there. So not only are they going to be disconnected from where they need to be vulnerable, because now they see it as a weakness. They're going to bypass all the leaders out there. Okay, all the guys that are true guys that are healthy, and they're going to be pulled two guys who need a mother. Yeah, I see that trend, too. So I completely agree. Yeah, well, I guess I just didn't have a lady like you to explain it that way. It's a lot to take in. But all I'm saying is that it's a domino effect. And especially, you see, you guys depend on a girl for inspiration. A guy's even if you want to build a multibillion dollar Empire, you do it for what, at the end of the day, when you get on top of the tunnel, or the thing you're building or the mountain for what for to be whole to share it with a woman. Okay, or if you're the same sex to share it with a female energy, it's to share, because a masculine energy likes to share a masculine energy is responsible, masculine energy is logical, and a masculine energy is and here's a key word sacrificial. That's why he'll grind and grind to fucking make it to his heights. The problem is, is that girls are not allowed to be sacrificial. And I'll tell you why. Because they're primarily estrogen, and it's a feeling hormone. If a girl sacrifices the way she feels, in order to work long hours in order to help a guy and forget herself. Her body will shut down her energy. Not so with a guy. But estrogen when you dismiss your feeling because it's an estrogen is a feeling hormone. And you say, Sorry, you come last, it will say, Well, sorry, you get no energy, you get no sleep, and you're not gonna feel like having sex either, because I'm taking that away, too. So bear. That's funny. Yes, but it's true. But do you notice the second and I know this because I'm a prime candidate. And I was, and it and it's very, because I was a champion athlete. I'm like a very driven entrepreneur. This is my passion. And so what's gonna happen is if I don't remember to leave that, and that overspill to a man, I'm going to steamroll him in every frickin direction. And so, yeah, as we talked about that earlier, poor guy. So the thing is, I that's why I wrote about it, because the trend is, is that every woman is an entrepreneur now, practically. And for sure, in the last 15 years, every woman is fitness oriented. And what happens is that the fitness era has made girls predominately masculine energy. And then the media went by side and said, Now, let's not, you know, hold back, let's show this new charge way that we're dealing in life. And let's go after the guy's alastor guy, the guy's cart to give to a girl is a gift from him. You can't snatch it. You can snatch his dick, but that will last long. You can't snatch a guy's heart. You can't coax it. You can fool it. But after a while, he'll catch on. But a guy's heart is a very precious commodity. You cannot trifled with the guy's heart. When a guy gives you his heart. It's like he's made the mental decision in his mind. Oh my god, I'm I think I'm I'm in love with her. I'm in love. Oh my god, this is bad. This is so bad. The guy feel like he's in love with a girl. He knows he's a goner. He knows. There's nothing you can do anymore. You see, because he bonds through his mind. If this is why a guy can have a lot of sex not get attached to anybody. We see the way girls are designed it girls date, most girls and even the girls who do have fuck buddies. Believe me after a month of fucking your big bad wolf, you're gonna wonder why haven't you text me? Like oh my god, okay, I know. He's just a fuck, buddy. But like, have I? I've been waiting like three hours. Oh, because now he's just talking to your best friend who used to be your best friend. Now she looks like you know, vampire too, because she's sucking all the energy out of your fuck buddy. Because girls bond. Physically. They bond physically, they don't fall in love by deciding they bond. Which means if they're with the same guy, and they're having sex with him, they're going to fall in love. It's really that simple. Same guy. Same guy. Okay, good question. Yeah, because if they're numb inside, they're just doing a fucker Rama thing. And not to mention all the different energies that they're getting inside. And that's a whole other show. But they're going to see that they're going to start thinking him more, they're going to start being jealous, they're gonna want to know his whereabouts all of a sudden, and they're supposed to be just friends. It's not what the guy signed up for. He was just gonna be a fuck buddy, I did my job. You know, my dick was there it did its job, I'm out. But the girls emotions will grow. And they will bond because of the oxytocin hormone that is released, which is much more in a girl than it is a guy. And that's a love drug. And if we could put that in a bottle and market it to our politicians, this whole world would be different because it makes you feel trust. It makes you feel love. But that's what's going on. And so it's not only taking away the divine feminine energy that the girls that were born into, it was an inherited birthright of the girls born into this lifetime. It's your birthright being a girl is a privilege. Do you know how many guys have spoken to says oh my god, if I was a girl, I just fuck the richest guy and have it made me like that's why you're not a girl. That's why you're not a girl. The girls who are born into this time, have a very special mission here. They're light. And without sounding too woowoo when you see a girl that's very bright, that's filled with energy doesn't matter age or her culture or what she looks like or what she's into. You want to be around her because that energy feeds your soul. And when girls disconnect from their divine energy by being plugged up into their brain, not that the brains not a bonus, but 99% nine in the brain. It means their feelings are going to be on mute. It means when they go to meet a guy and they're like, okay, doesn't feel right. Oh, but he's rich. Oh buddy does this or you came through the family or it came through a friend. I had all these but their gut feeling speaks feels bad. They're not going to listen to it. And then they're going to get screwed up later. Okay, because you got will never be off and the best way to trigger your gut is to be in the gym or in again a sport and that's why I'm harping on it because when you're doing any kind of sport, your body's instincts light up like a Christmas tree. They're always on you know, the other thing is because society is having us they're taking the book Jesus Christ what happened I don't know I check it. No, no, no, it's it's not in my apartment. So on is no No, no, I was a piece of furniture that dropped. Oh sound like a gun from this side? No, no, no. Oh my god. Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. We'll take that part up. What what I was saying was the I will tell asked my landlord What happened? Where was I steamroll energy. That was before. Oh, with with the way with the way society is making is making the girls who were privileged enough to be born with a divine feminine energy which is law of attraction, law divine emoji is alluring and magnetic, it pulls things to us. So instead of the media or society saying, let's work on our feminine energy girls, let's bring that guy to us by enhancing our femininity. And our values because a guy can always sniff skank, and he can also sniff, it doesn't have to be smart. He can always tell when a girl is worthy of his time or she's going to be a fly by night. He has those instincts. And when the media is taking a girl out of her feminine energy by plugging her into her head, which is a masculine energy, because it's in logic, she is now a stuck in her head. She is more and more each day disconnected from her divine feminine energy, which pulls all the things she wants into her life. And because she's stuck in her head, she asked a question, well, maybe I don't deserve. Maybe I should work harder. And what's law of attraction about? It's about deserving to have a good life. So if a girl is stuck in his head, her head, she's going to have the dark side of the ego say, Well, I don't know, maybe you should work harder for this. Because if the media is having us work for a guy, you think she's going to just accept life being easy without her having to struggle for it? No, it's part of her mechanics. Now. If a girl feels she has to work up for a guy CP likes, you know, email him, tell him something nice about him. Be patient. She's not going to then switch that off in her career and go, I deserve ease. I deserve all the clients that come to me now because I'm so good at my shit. Right? Yeah, it's it's, you know what I mean? Absolutely. Yeah, it's one of those. I've been talking with people during the podcast, but in general, and I've come to realize it's not just like TV media, it's social media to where they say they're, they're fighting for your rights to do this movement. But right, it's not anywhere close to what they wanted. It's not because you know, what it's making the girls feel. When it's like girls rights. Let's just look at women's rights. Okay. Okay, women's rights, is going to make a woman feel that she is separated from her counterpart of the other half, which is the man you know, I'm not like going to cover all transgenders and all the different sexes and energies. Well, this one. Yeah. big basket. Yeah, one big basket. So when they make us believe that we need to stand up for our rights, by default, you're against us. By default, we're isolated. And by default, we're all alone. Fighting, when, when you're our counter half, it's not, you know, it shouldn't be called feminism. It should be called humanism. When a girl is not getting paid normal amount. It's not feminism, the guys are not to blame. It's humanism. This is not what you pay a human being. And what they're doing is they're like separating the guys from the girls, which keeps the girls feeling weaker, and keeps the guys without their inspiration. Because see, now, the girls think they have to fend for themselves. Guys don't have the inspiration. We're not, we're not twirled together anymore. We're like this parallel. And the other thing is by the so called quality overlapping into the romantic realm, and going equal, like two soldiers, the guys are going to start to be competitive with girls making more making less or making more and girls are going to be competitive. Because it's not about Oh, great, honey, you've got this sports show. And I'm still building my business. Now because it's equality. Equality puts us in a competitive mindset, does it not? No, absolutely. And why would you want to equal and level the playing field when you're dealing with the hills and valleys of a woman? You do not want to level the playing field? You know, you don't want to have sex with the road. It's a woman. Do you mean? Yes. So yeah, but so I think it's and I love that you're bold enough, Josh. You're very advanced in your thinking. It's really good to be on this show with you because I feel honored because most guys are so swept up with trying to do the right thing when they hear the media say Yes, women's rights and and Billy and I've talked to some guys I've been in events where a guy sat next to me and his girlfriend sat in a girlfriend is saying, you know, there's all these new feminine feminism courses at university. I don't understand why Tom doesn't want to take it. And I'm looking at Tom way to go Tom, like hang on to your balls. Why are you pacifying our men? instead of building up our men and a noble worrier of a man is rare. These toxic men is not men. They're damaged, broken semi men. They're, they're men who, who have chips on the shoulders and missing pieces. So they need to collect pieces. They're not whole. And so the good men are becoming soft, pacified. Let me just let my girlfriend run the show. They're like, a woman in a guy's body. It's just and then you see the girl acting in her behavior and her mannerisms like guy. I'm surprised she's not scratching her vagina in public. I mean, you know? Oh, my God. Oh, my God has gone to that Elise's. Sweating pants and a sweatshirt. And you could see it seems and everything. Okay, you know what? Yeah, I remembered working. I remember when I was in LA, I was so annoyed with all the guys coming out of the bathroom. One by one. It was just one of those days where every single guy is coming out. And I just watch him coming out. Because I was always studying behavior while I was working my book, and I see the guy talking to conversation and shift is not. And I'm like, Do you not see me looking at you. And, and then I go, Okay, I like forget, forget you. And then I see another guy. And he's like, I don't know, he shoving it in a different place. And another guy, another guy. And you guys are really actually lucky that way. It's like, just as a side note, you, you This is why us girls, we have something to say we have to just like talk it all out. Because our organ can't hold anything in. You notice it has a split, but to you, you can tuck it in the back, you can put it up down sideways in your back pocket, you can hold on to shit, we cannot. It's just an interesting parallel. I in my book, I make a lot of viewpoints with the science of the body. And biologically, I think there's a blueprint in it. So and so what when I saw a couple more guys do this scratch and shovin tuck in stuff. I I went up to each one of them. I said, I want you to imagine me coming out of the bathroom and he's like, yo, okay, I said, and me doing this and massaging my breasts right in front of him. And he's like, whoa. And I'm like, yeah, so can you imagine every girl coming out of the bathroom, massaging her breasts as she comes out of the bathroom? And he's like, yo, we would love that. And I'm like, okay, wrong example. But wrong example. But, um, and even that example, do you see that we can't get back at guys for doing their things? Because a masculine You see, just like girls, I talked with a couple of girls, a few of my clients were saying, Nicole, don't worry, I didn't let him fuck me. I fucked him. I said Really? How did you do that? Did you sprout a Kaka to your forehead, you don't fuck a guy, he goes into your hole to understand. And when a guy enters you use the other crucial thing the girls don't understand. I'm so glad we're on this topic. When a guy goes into a girl. He is also entering her soul. She's entering your soul until you give her your heart and that's a mental decision. And it's and which brings me to topic number two, why girls love to just try and like get to know you and like talk all about you know, they want to know all your stuff. Because girls between each other, like a girl will tell you her whole life story. Like it's very easy. guys would kind of like sit quiet thinking great. Please don't ask me about that. I don't want to get into that in a while. Just keep listening and keep asking questions. There is a reason and I try to explain you know, my girlfriend's like he doesn't want to open up he doesn't want to open up well, there's a reason what girls need to understand today. Excuse me. What girls need to understand today is that when a guy is born, He is born from a creature unlike himself. It's like, Can you imagine for the ladies listening for the girls listening? Can you imagine if you came out of your father? Like, forget the hearing on both sides that like, like you? Okay? First of all, image wise, it's gross. But what I'm saying is, what I'm saying is, is that girls do not give credit where credit is due, you have come from a creature unlike your own. So when even though the mother bonds to you, she's not like, so there's an innate part of a man that is like, he's on a separate Island. When he's about five, he has his own secrets, and he's has his own space. And he wants that separation from Mommy, if he's healthy. He's not he's right up your ass until he's like 34. But hopefully not. Because a lot of hemorrhoids, bro, you guys do have hemorrhoids. That's why so, but the girls don't understand that if we came out of a sex that was completely different from us, we would be, we would love our father. But we would be kind of withdrawn, we would not be that open. Because we're used to being that open with a mother, who is intuitively reads our thought because she sustained sex. So she gives us a bridge to this communication gap. There's no bridge with you guys. So unless you have lowered the drawing bridge, and are prepared and anchored on your island that you want this girl to come on your island and you're prepared for her. You don't want to divulge shit. It's not free and easy for you. Do you know what I'm saying? And most girls don't understand why it's so easy for her to tell him everything. But why doesn't he tell me everything? It's because they were born from something different. And so there's a bit of a gap. There's a bit of they don't like probing. They don't like let me just dive in before they're ready to tell. And so I say back the fuck off and draw him in with your sensuality, not with your questioning, because he will feel like he's under a spotlight of interrogation. draw him in with your sense. When two guys speak, when do they share their emotions when they're having sex with you. When they're emotional, that's when they're, that's when they share their feelings. When either you're about to break up, or they're having sex with you. It's like these peak times where they share how they really feel with you. But to probe into their mind, you need to respect the guy's mind to have it when he opens the door for you to come in. And really what would really help him is for you to get him out of where he ever he is. And you can only do that with your feminine energy because when a guy sees a girl who's girly, it just does something to him. I'm not saying that she's like a helpless dip with walking into a tree because she doesn't know it's not a street. I'm talking about a girl who takes care of herself, who loves to. She loves how she dresses she loves her nails. She loves her hair. It's not that she has to wear makeup. She might just like gloss. But she loves herself. She loves tinkering and things that make her smell good and look good and feel good. And when she does these things to her body notice that's not her mind. Her body pays her back by giving her this magical energy. Because there's many girls that will sit in the corner of Starbucks and just read and feed their mind. But they don't have this exuberant energy. When I say exuberant. I don't mean like they're bouncing off the walls. I mean that like this. Have you ever walked into a place where you feel like are you you you go meet someone and they're like, they have a good vibe. This place feels good. I like this person. It's because of their energy. It's inviting. Inviting, so I have a side question. I have a co worker I've thankfully I don't have to deal with her for the next few months but literally when she knocks at the door She's not even in the building you instantly feel bad, right? Instant like dread is like can I just I don't drink Oh go on as I can I get it like a coolers on the layout is fucking terrible. Is it because she has a pattern of complaining or a pattern? Is it anything verbally? She says? If it's not anything verbally, she says that you're expecting again and again and again. Then it's her heavy energy. That means when she's been by herself, she's been flustered. She's been reminiscing bad feelings. Perhaps she has no one to talk to, that's for sure. Or the person she or she's belongs to these groups that look at how bad bad can be better. But she's definitely locked in her head. She's definitely the type of girl that probably take a shower and say I can do it in three seconds point five, as opposed to give her the luxury. Why are you laughing? She would do. Yeah, that's what I'm saying, she's girls that are locked in their head will try to be efficient, no. And then when they're in a relationship, they will need to have the last word, because they will need to be right, they won't need to be happy. So being happy, since it's not a prerequisite to them, they're always going to be miserable as fuck, because they need validation of being efficient, of being right and of being on top. And every time they strive for that they get more and more tired, because they're still pushing to be up and they're not feeding the body. They were born with the estrogen based body that needs things to be done to the skin, to the hair, to feel good to sound good. to taste good. They're not indulging. See, the feminine energy is the indulging energy, it's a pampering energy. And when it gets fed, it's very highly receptive to it's kind of like, it's a princess energy. It's kind of like, I am going to let you come to me. And you're going to feel really good. But what are you bringing? It's like that and you don't mind to bring you're like, Okay, I'll bring this I'll bring this because I just want to be around you. And you may have some listeners that will say, Oh, no, that's wack because I know girls like that they're all about themselves. That's not what I'm talking about. There are two distinct energies, there's an energy of a girl, that's just yourself, that's a narcissistic energy. Because there are those that receive to get, and those that receive to give back. But it's not that they give back by trying to be your mother, they give back because of their generosity of their heart of their smile of their laughter. of their, you know, people don't know that listening to a person is not just hearing them. It's not having your mind anywhere anywhere else. But 100% present with them. And it's very easy to do with someone you're in love with. But can you imagine meeting a stranger and and you know, they're upset or some and you just really, really listen? You're not thinking about I gotta go, I hope this isn't gonna take long and this and that. And that's also why By the way, for all you guys that have been with a girl, I'll say two plus years, when your girl's upset. And you're probably thinking, Okay, I have listened to her, but she keeps mentioning it over and over and again. For all you guys that are upset with your girl, you've got to understand. When a girl has words, when a girl has words inside her, the words are attached to feelings, which are heavy. You just froze there. Okay? The word the words are attached to feelings that are heavy. So it's like she needs to be in a rinse cycle. Right now. She's soiled with a lot of soap and things like that. She needs to spin and spin and spin. The spinning is a talking. Okay, now, so if your girl's upset. Don't Don't tell her to calm down. Don't ever do that. Don't Yeah, I know that one. Jesus. All right, you're good. Oh, you're so good. Yeah, because literally, a girl when she's upset is like a volcano with booms. She's fucking okay. Totally. Okay, yeah. So, yeah, totally. So uh, don't say the R word. Relax, either. Don't touch her on the shoulder. Don't touch her on the hips on the knee on the low back or on your on her wrist. Unless you want to know for risk. Don't do that either. The only thing? Oh, and don't know and don't say let's go have sex. You'll feel better. That'll just make you feel better. Okay, like, there are still a bunch of doing that, Josh, because a lot of people don't know that. A lot of guys are like, Honey, let's go have sex. You'll feel better. And that's why also they're like, oh, right after a fight. Do you want to go down on me? No, I'm still mad at you. But hey, you know what? I got like a vacuum outlet in my room. You can stick your dick in there. Like what the hell, you know, you just do not do this kind of shit. So when, when a girl's upset for a girl she has to be like a runaway train with lips. As soon as she takes out all those millions of words. That are it's kind of like the equivalent of you wearing a chain with a 25 pound plate walking around with it all day. Because we're Yeah, because we're primarily estrogen based words carry feelings. So all these words of you know, we're still talking to the boss that pistol soft because unless you actually give the anger back to the person that it came from. You're going to continue that conversation in bed. This is especially girls, there's going to be 25 Seven, unless you disconnect. So you as our boyfriend to say, not What's wrong? We don't fucking know, at this point, there's too many things just say, Tell me. Tell me talk to me. And she'll start talking. Now this could be like 25 minutes straight. And I mean, she's talking, and you're not even following anymore because there's too many tangents. Because when a girl is mad, it's never about what happened right at the second. It's just that you triggered it. It's never about what happened. The second it's about what happened a few days ago, a few weeks ago, maybe even years ago, that was triggered. Now, she just got back into the past sucked from the future type of thing she got sucked into the past. So talk to me. So after the first 25 minutes, she'll be like, she'll be golfing, like, you know, trying to get more out. And you'll say, Tell me more. This might be painful for you guys, as you've already stood there. 20 minutes. Now, if you're standing there, thinking, the game is on and 10 more minutes, I am praying that she will be done. Don't, don't even try. Don't even try because even though she may not catch it, the words that came out at the time where you were thinking, and so only a bit of you was there and more of you was concerned, she will have the same conversation she will be angry in another week or two. And she'll you'll say talk to me. And then she'll say everything as a repeat and you'll go, but we talked about this already. That's why because just like when you give a gun, well, not you guys a lot, but when girls give hugs, okay, you notice when someone gives you a hug and it says, pat pat should at the back with the hands. That's not how you that that is so fucking, like wet fish bullshit shaking hands. You know, there's no transfer of energy. So if that happens, and you're thinking about the game, and I'm really impressed with how emotionally evolved you are, you're really impressing me here. Thank you. When when, when you are not 1,000% there for you girl taking it in, going emotionally through it with her. Okay, she will have to talk about it again. Because those words will still be there, you have the ability to make them vanish by absorbing the words, you don't have to try. You just have to be 100% focus, your body will absorb the words, and then she'll feel light and fluffy. And then it's like nothing ever happened. So that is the best way to deal with the girl when she's pissed. I am taking so many thorough notes in my head right now about this. Yes. And I invite your audience if they want to just email you or send you a message about any questions regarding this. And you know if they want any pinpointed issues, we would be glad to like look at that perhaps another time? Oh, yeah, absolutely got to get you on in future. So I do want to get into so you we've talked about the therapy and the mindset and all that. Or do you have an a meeting or something after this? Dude, like, well, I'm good. Thank you for asking. I assumed like we're gonna go to two hours because just listening two hours? Well, I can't believe you thought that that is so awesome. You know what? I just want to say to your listeners, you are such a refined blend of a man. Because not only are you you were because guys who are really driven, wouldn't care if they overspill into your time, because they're like, you're on my show the privilege, but you asked me. The other thing is when you talked about, you know, not texting a girl every 30 minutes. And I said, Well, given that you've mentioned that, I can see that that that portion is probably in you. And you're like, yeah, yeah. Guilty. Like, I've done that. And you were not deterred, that tells me this, I want to say the strength of your balls, but more politely I will say, the strength of the warrior inside you, you know where you've been wounded. And this was not an appropriate thing to do. You're aware of it, you're not quite sure. How are you were not quite quite sure how to detach from that type of action. Just that you were you were grounded. And you were very decisive. Um, no, I cannot do that. Because I don't want to appear that way, even though I still feel that way. But now you have. You have a lot of food to chew on and to digest the next couple of days. And I'm sure there'll be a lot more question I just want to say to your audiences, how professional out of the people that I have also been blessed on to appear on, you have been by far the most enjoyable and the most thorough. And it's such a pleasure to talk to a pure breed. Thank you. Thank you very much. That means a lot. You're welcome. So, what I wanted to go into we we went pretty much right past it when we were mentioning drugs and anxiety. And I said I was a byproduct of that. So my byproduct was back in the 90s. They didn't know what ADHD was. So they thought I was bipolar. Because that was happening one moment and sad. So they put me long story Gambit. I since he had got drugs it can I interject? Absolutely. Can I just interject, because while my instincts are coming, I want to hit it for you. I would check your iron and your iron absorption. I would also I would also, are you familiar with dermal dermal electrical testing? I'm familiar with the phrase but not what it is. What's that? Okay. Are you in the States? Yes. Okay. It is a non invasive way to test blood work without blood. Okay, for vitamin deficiencies. Okay. And for you, there are several that you have that I'm feeling off the gate. One, I believe that either you did not eat a lot of protein before with the a DD bipolar, whatever mishap at that point in time. If now, if. If you did have protein, say once a day, I will say that i would i would test your rbcs which is your red blood cells. Because just because you have protein doesn't mean you can absorb you might have an absorption problem. When people have an absorption problem. Their iron levels go low. When your iron levels are low. You can't sleep when your iron levels. Yeah, okay. So there was a sleep issue that I see. Now, sleep issue will cause an adrenal issue of taxation. So adrenals need sleep. adrenals are glands that we are blessed with, they help us adapt to stress. Without it, we're fucked. So if your adrenals are smashed to juice, or just been clobbered a little bit here and there, then the only way you can cope with stress is two things. Well to two other things as a side note, but don't caffeine, sugar, alcohol fried foods. Now, the reason why I say cope with stress is that if your iron is low and you're not sleeping and your your adrenals are going to be tired, it's going to put you in fight or flight mode. It's gonna make your brain think you're in trouble. So you're going to have racy thoughts. And then you're going to have anxiety. Because your body, nothing wrong with you, your body's just because your adrenals are not functioning properly. They're saying, okay, Warzone we got to look at everything, you become hyper vigilant. Okay, what did he mean by that? Okay, I got to do that. Okay. I don't know, is this the right thing to do? not the right thing. Okay, I can't sleep, and then all the problems, the racy thoughts, because you notice when people don't sleep a whole night? Why are they thinking about what it'll be like when they go on vacation? Why aren't they thinking about what it'll be? Like, when they finally fall in love? Why aren't they thinking about? What what it'll be like when they finally move away from where they are, and they're happy? Why is it always thoughts that are scary. And that's because the problematic thoughts come as a result of the adrenals being taxed or wiped out and tired because you're not sleeping, and you're not sleeping, because if you have an iron absorption problem, that will also lead to add whatever. Those are the primary things, children who are raised there are protein deficient, their ferritin levels are super low. The other thing I think is super low with you is because when you don't sleep, your body shuts off your ability to absorb calcium. So at that point, you either may get cramps or but for sure, I know your magnesium levels are going to be low. Because that inner calm if you don't feel that your magnesium is low, this is why chocolate is a big deal. Because chocolate is covered in magnesium. It Yes, and it a couple other chemicals that make you feel love and trust and all those things. That's why we've been drugged by the Chocolate Factory on Valentine's Day, because it actually makes you feel safe inside. There's a couple of complicated the very long chemicals but yeah, they're aminos Yeah, and, and our brain produces that when we fall in love. Well, they put it in chocolate long time ago. Oh, of course, I think, Hershey's that did it first? Well, I don't know who did it. But I write about it in my book, like we, you know, we've been drugged by the Chocolate Factory. But it's funny, but it's it really makes sense that we're very smart. So just a couple things. And then to let you continue with this, because it's fascinating ferritin levels, I would check when you get to the dermal, the electrical dermal test, you hold the rod, it's copper, it's wet, and then there will be a scale, and it will show the energy levels of where the minerals are deficient in your body. And you will see a list of them. Yeah. And then that will, you know, when people come to me to do all this, the first thing is I send them there, you cannot test and I repeat, you cannot test the blood levels of these minerals. Why? Because although you can get blood work to see your d3 levels, or your magnesium level, you cannot test the level in the cell, you can only test the level in the blood. Now another another thing that most people don't understand, which makes all of us susceptible to COVID is that when you don't sleep, because your adrenals feel fear. So your cortisol level is too low or too spiked. And you're scared, what will happen is your pancreas will release insulin, because it thinks you need energy because you're scared because your adrenals aren't working. If the adrenals are impaired, it's like you're wounded. So the body will shoot insulin, in order to take the glucose and put it in your blood, then you become insulin resistant. Because the glucose is energy shoved in your blood. So you can run 100 miles from the big dinosaur behind your ass. Okay, that's fight or flight. But what happens and this is how a lot of people get diabetes to during this whole pandemic thing with the fear with the media, with painting Doom, and people being isolated and not getting fresh energy to drown out the bad energy. Glucose kept being shoved into the blood, but not into the cells of the body. It keeps out you just froze for a minute. Oh, there we go. It it freezes every now and then. So we'll take that part out. So when the insulin level, when the insulin keeps shoving sugar in the blood, it doesn't go to the cells which you need to work on your body. So you start to feel fatigue. That's why but when you get too much blood sugar, you become diabetic. And diabetics, big thing is, this is why they can't have an infection. They could die. Interesting. Now you see the connection. So they are really high at risk with the COVID because they've got too much blood sugar. And this is why at times like this, we shouldn't really be eating pizza. We should be eating fresh juices. You should be eating we'd got the time to cook at home, these really good things. And so I would say to most of your viewers, magnesium powder is very definitely needed in your water. The other thing is electrolytes. Because if you're not sleeping and you're blocking calcium, you'll find you get cramps, you'll find you'll have you'll be insomnia, for sure. And you'll find you might get skin rashes, those are the three things that happen when your cortisol level is too low to sleep. It's because your body's like, something's going to happen. And so you eat and you eat or you eat sugar or you eat some, you know, whatever, or ice cream or cheese or this or that. That's the whole thing about fear. So moving on with your story, the iron, the magnesium electrolytes. If your protein is not being absorbed, your red blood cells are not functioning you won't have energy and if your adrenal see you have no energy, they're going to take that as Warzone. And so now they're not going to let you sleep because you need to be alert for war. Right? No, absolutely. Oh, one other thing. One other thing. When you don't sleep your melatonin will be low because you get that okay. So if that's low, it means your serotonin levels are also low and serotonin levels for those who are not aware or needed to be high in order for you just to have a happy disposition. There are a couple of supplements one is called semi sh M dash E. Another one is called called Five HTP that raise your serotonin levels easily. Again, check with your doctor, if he even knows about this. If you're on medication, do not take it. You know, because I don't see you're not my client right now or yet. But at least I would love you to just make yourself familiar that there are supplements that raise your serotonin levels. People that are on antidepressants are going down the drain at a very steady rate because, yes, they don't feel the darkness, but they don't feel the magic of life and everything that's possible. They're on this even keel, a deadness? I think this is where zombie was like created that word. I really do. Yes, it is the worst thing to get on an antidepressant it is just, it's not the root of the problem. And so every medication is going to create a need for you to have two other medications in two, three years, because it is breaking down the circuits of the body and how it communicates to you. And it's not the root problem. So one of the things that I do, so let's say, Josh, you were my client, and you start telling me about the add in the non sleep is let's say it was just the sleep thing, or even the ADD, I would first research the emotional thought pattern, the one sentence that you Josh are thinking over and over, you're not aware, you're thinking the feeling of that sentence that's playing in the back is what caused the ADD and saying, okay, yes. And so I would tell you what that is, we would flip the thought. And a lot of things would start working. Because as long as you're not aware that this was either an adopted thought from a mother or father, or an ancestral trauma bond, which means you can look up the word epigenetics, which means trauma inherited through your DNA of another generation ago or two generations ago. It's inside you. So when you get to the certain age of where that ancestor was also where they were inflicted in pain, or whatever it is, they went through in their history, it will activate. Interesting, isn't it? To have genetics look into that? Yes, happened to genetics? Close epigenetics. Okay. I will I will Google that later. Okay. I'll do it. Proper voice search on my phone. Yeah, carry on. So all it was is essentially the 90s data. Like we don't understand what ADHD was. He's bipolar. He's a problem. He's gonna hurt everyone. Your choice. You have a choice. Oh, drugs, or we're gonna kick him out. So my parents kind of Hendra force, they would they do that retinol thing? Yep. We did Ritalin. Oh, my God. All they needed to do was give you protein and check your ferritin levels. Yep. Ritalin, and it was how many years were you on that for Ritalin? Only three days, because I was literally I literally was sitting there going, Mom, there's spiders are under my skin. And I'm holding my flesh off myself. Oh, my God. Oh my God. So God, it's so good that that happened to you. That's so good that that happened. And then it was it was a D drug. It was like not dopamine, but it sounded similar to it. That's where I gained like 80 pounds in six months for a kid. And this were I thought I was the problem. I was the one that gained the weight kind of thing. So for years, I was the Oh, I'm worthless. I did this and my body grows very fast. That's I can pack on muscle. I can lose it quickly. I can tell my teeth grew and crooked. A little bit a little bit. But when I was younger, apparently it looked like a shark. There was like three layers. Oh my god. So the doctor had to pull out a few kind of thing. Wow, law. So how old were you at this point? That was around six same time, by the way. Okay. That's a lot for kid. And it was it's not again, it's not them. And they weren't given a thing from my parents. But I thought it was me. I thought I was the problem. I was the monster kind of thing. And now that I'm older reading and studying, I realized oh, it's just shit. I couldn't control my life kind of thing. Wow. That was so go back. Say that again. Which part? How far back? You want to go? No. The last sentence I just realized it was just stuff I couldn't control in my life. And then I just accepted it and now happy. So in other words, you accepted it with the phrase. I'm okay. Right. I'm not the monster. Yes, that was the biggest healing thing. That is the biggest Hill. That's why you have the extra sensitivity and the extra humbleness because you will Really crawled yourself out of a gutter? Yes, out of soul. Right? Yeah. And I was never given a map, I wasn't given anything. I just assumed points out there. And I'm like, okay, because the drugs they had me on near the end, my anxiety was so high that I was seeing things that weren't there. It was almost like a schizophrenic. So, when you say at the end, what was the age at the end? What was that age? I was around six is when the whole thing played out. It was like between six to 10. Okay, so and, and then when they took you off the Ritalin, they put you on something else. They start with a deal. It's not dopamine, but it sounds very similar to it. Okay. And, yeah, and so that produces anxiety for sure. That's an offshoot off the drug, for sure. And then what happened after 10 I found what I perceived as a good balance, I wasn't completely I felt I wasn't crazy anymore. So it was vyvanse, which is medical speed trintellix x, which is a doping agent. And then something else, it was a essentially anti seizure medicine with the side effect of anxiety because the the one that was slowing me down, I was taking a medical speed. But then it was my brain was going too fast. So I took the third one kind of thing. And that's what I mean by one medication makes you need another medication to make up for how it's screwing you up. And that's where when I got my health insurance, my current job, I went to the medical doctor, mental doctor, cuz I needed my pills. I thought, and he's like, how long have you been on this? and professional Indian man, he's like, seriously, how long have you been on this shit? And I just literally I stopped at like, okay, you said this word in your professional? What's going on? Get the thing. Yeah. Oh, he really cared. Oh, he did. And that's pretty much the essentially He's like, I'm surprised you're still functioning. Because how long you've been on your medicine? It should fried your brain. Yeah. Wow. So which, which tells me you have more. You know, you know how some people bald early, it means they lack certain vitamins for the hair. Okay, so, and other people have thicker hair, it means they have extra vitamins for the hair. So you have you were born with extra vitamins for your mind and your brain? Fortunately, so yes. Or it would have fried you? Oh, absolutely. Yeah, like, this is literally one day of shaved not shaving. And I already have a full beard and why it's super annoying, just like it like I said, my body overcompensates for everything. But it works fast. But you know what we can leverage that if we can think about where to make the most use of it. Like if you were into hardcore training. And that is also one thing that I do virtually. So God, I would train your ass. Yeah. Then your body would change. And you would just come into more of your own because you know what? Another? When people are heavier. It's for only one reason. Excuse me, emotionally speaking, it's to protect the sensitivity of their heart. extra fat is for cushion of emotions. So as you would train, and you would get leaner, your heart muscle will get stronger in its own emotions, that transfer would occur. It's not like okay, I'm going to get leaner. This is why it's really it's really good. That weight doesn't just like can you imagine a person 200 pounds overweight because he's used to being enslaved all of a sudden he's like, super lean and fit and he wouldn't be able to handle it. No, this is this is why it's really good that it takes its time to to melt away. Yes. And to melt away as you build up as well. Yeah, yeah. And also very good diet helps Guess what, like I was saying earlier, I was dead lifting 300 pounds a day anything I could get my hands on. But I was still I still was consistent. 36% body fat because you're eating everything. Yes. Yeah. Because you're eating everything and and were you taking protein drinks at all? Oh my god. I think it was taking too much. I was like doing two scoops because I would do like an hour of hit an hour of just weights. Was it a weight gainer a protein drink or was it like lean carbs and and was whatever the bill Phillips protein one was? Okay. Well, whatever doesn't cut it, depending on what you're trying to do, because for all we know, you could have been on a weight gainer that had That's true. Yeah, that got that actually has to put fat on you too. For the skinny boys, that's true. Yeah. It was whatever the gold like gold standard or whatever one that bill Phillips made? Well, I'm sure it's a good one. I'm just not sure that it was for what you had in mind with your goals and and now I recently realized other than the last 48 hours I for some reason you just have unfillable hunger. I've been doing keto. That's why because if you've been doing keto it's because you're not having any complex carbs. keto is a very tricky thing to get into. You really have to load up on the fat. And if you are coming off being when I say sick, like you, you're not who Ghannouchi was, but you're like, you know, you're here and they're a little Yeah, it's not here and there. It's evenly distributed, which I'm happy to see. But when you're used to that level of fat to go right to protein, you'll be starving everywhere. I I we might people off slowly. But even if you introduced healthy carbs, like know that, that's a simple carb, complex. Okay. Complex would be a sweet potato or rice. Interesting not. And a bread would be a soft. See, imagine this if you want to look like bread, eat bread. Sweet potatoes nice and hard. Okay, that's so rice and sweet potato would be my complex carb choice of the day for you. Yes, that literally what I've been eating less like, I've been eating just rice cakes, and no, oh, don't do that. Okay, I'll cut that rice cakes is eating air. And it will not. It will not suffice your quota for a man of your size. Because whenever your body is given less than what it needs to function on, it will burn muscle. Hang on to your fat. Remember, you tried to fuck with it. And then when you binge, even for an hour, it will gain all the weight, but it will make you binge put back all the weight you lost artificially, okay? Because the only way you can lose weight, and you're a really good looking guy, and you being lean would be dangerous. So I don't know if you can handle it. No, seriously, you being lean with your mixture of tenderness and humbleness and nobleness. And fuckness would be a dangerous combination in a wonderful way. And the world needs a lot more of you. If I could mark up a bottle I would. But the the the if you're having rice cake, it's mostly just sugars. It's simple carbs is a sugar. So you don't even want to have a rice cake. You want to have real food. And you you want to make sure that you train really hard because there's only one thing that will burn fat. Do you know what that is? So I there's multiple versions, but I'm believing it's the exertion one. Is it the exertion of energy. Okay, what is it? muscle? Interesting, okay. Muscle burns fat. So what you want to do is you want to train as hard and as heavy with clean food as you possibly can. Okay, now I don't. Now, with you, in me just assessing your body really quickly here. I would not just go with heavy deadlifts heavy chest heavy this. If it was me, I would train you in such a way where you're always winded. So in other words, I would I would make you do heavy. You know, three, four sets, say 15 1210 eight, have you know declining downs, do a warm up for a bench press. And in between each of those. I would have you do burpees or skip rope. So I have martial arts. Oh, wow that okay, but but here's the thing, love. You're doing martial arts all in the hour that you're doing martial arts to combine heavy weights. Oh, that means it'd be insane. And that's how you would be in friggin awesome shape in three months. All right. Oh, yeah. I used to eat just meat and potatoes but I think it was the rest sets and it was too much sugar. Because it's a white potato, right? Sweet potato is an amino. It gives your body aminos and white potato is it When it goes in the body, it does transformed to sugar. Then I will switch over to wood yams or to you know what yams are very sweet. They would work. I would. And if you need that, if you've got a sweet tooth, do you know what blood type you are? A negative eight. Okay, so I'll tell you right now your hydrochloric acid in your stomach is very low, which is why you don't handle a lot of protein. Well, especially if you're not training. So that's one thing for people on a when they're training. You're not. Can you imagine? Like, think back to when you had a really intense training? When you finish? Did you? Did you want a doughnut? Like Did you want like a pizza? you when you train that hard and you're sweating? Your body doesn't crave shit. It actually really craves food that just the muscle can can eat which is meat which is this and that? If I was you I would you need to raise your higher hydrochloric acid in your stomach because blood type A's are more pasta people and Brady's types. That was literally me I do all the best I can get my hands on Yes. Yeah, and and sweet tooth. You're gonna have a sweet tooth because there's not a lot of protein there to begin with. I will say sweet sweet tooth. Not really very my thing. Soda, though. If that counts within it. That was my kryptonite. Yeah, so soda with well, soda. What? Playing soda or soda didn't matter. I just wanted to carbonation. So you you you wanted the caffeine in the carbonation, which has sugar. So if you're drinking a lot of soda, you don't need a chocolate. Right? You have caffeine. Exactly. Right. And sugar. Now that I'm older, more knowledgeable, I realized that but it's just one of those. When I was me, I think my worst I was 290 ish. I'm about 250 right now. So 50 right now oh my god at 210 you'd look at Okay, a 210 of training really hard with just like muscle. You would look amazing. I have one point hit 190. And I was just skin and bones. Yeah, yeah, no, that's way too low. Yeah, even. Yeah, to 10 to 220 even to 2030 pounds. But it's if you just lose weight now and don't work with weights. You won't look as good as you training hard. Right? Yeah, so I was gonna say I have the you know, the TRS system because I'm in LA County in California. The gyms are still closed. I'm so where do you go? I used to go to Gold's Gym. Where do you train? LA Fitness? Oh, LA. is literally like half a mile from my house. Okay, okay. But but the gyms are still closed. Our our county manager won't open for them. Oh, I've been using trs body we don't need You don't? Well, there's okay. The only thing I can say is the people that I have that I do virtually, they just really what I'm really good at taking a few dumbbells and making it really hard on you. Okay, it's not like a so it's not like a guy needs to have his 90 pound dumbbells. I can kill him with 35 pound dumbbells because of the angles of which he'll do it at and how I pre exhaust him. So you just need to make a little room and it's you know, you don't have to like wait till the gym with the TR x thing. I I would have to see it in totality to understand it's like the rings for gymnastics, except you can just draw. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so that's a lot of resistance work. See? That's a lot of resistance. And I know that that became very popular in the last three to five years. Yeah. But you know what, because I am a bodybuilding champion. I just have never seen anything better than hardcore weights I they will make they will make different ramifications of different things. I just mixed even the the I have a pro fighter. He does all those newest things when he trains me trains with weights and then I stretch them. So it's, it's about angles, it's about angles, making it difficult with lighter so you don't hurt your joints eventually. And everything. Everything physically active is good swimming in the ocean with the shark is good. Everything. As long as you're ahead of the game is everything. Yeah, everything is good. But you just have to make sure you know what you're doing. And you have to make sure that you're also investing your time and energy and doing it the right way from the get go. Your body doesn't have to unlearn. And a body doesn't get used to it doing under the rug. You know, I still have people who come to me who goes on the Bernstein diet or whatever, we're all they're just fucking starving themselves and like they got saggy skin and then they come to me to train. Well, I lost my bulk. I don't know you didn't lose your bulk. You lost what little 2% muscle you had. We're starting from scratch, because the body will use your muscle first. Interesting. Okay, I want your inject intermittent fasting. if done right, is it good? I think it has a lot of potential if you don't have a thyroid issue and you're not anemic. So if you have blood sugar level issues, if you can't eat, be without food for an hour and a half, I would not recommend it. Okay, because that's actually how I fixed my thyroid. How did you fix it? Rudy was mostly just fasting the 16 eight rule easily so go over it. Tell me how you did it. So I do eat whatever I was eating. For the last month. A lot of eggs, a lot of meat. A lot of cruciferous vegetables. I didn't eat the potatoes, but I will incorporate that now. But because it was so full and I would take like some coconut oil and just put it in my cheek and leave it there kind of thing. Like a chewing tobacco pot. Oh, inside. Yeah, just leave it like chewing tobacco. So a lot of calories. And then just when the 16 hour things hit, just ate nothing. Just drink a shitload of water. What do you mean when the 16 hour thing hit? 16 hours straight? No, you eat for eight meter, whatever calories than your regular day, right? But you don't eat for the next 16 hours after your eight. So in other words, you lead from eight in the morning, till late at night, or it would be like nine to five. Okay, so you eat from nine to five and then the following day you eat at 12? No, nine. So you eat from nine to five. So you're just basically cut off time is at five. Correct? If you don't get it in? That's it. You can't get it in next tomorrow. You can. But you said you held coconut oil all night? Is that after? No, no, that was just like near the end. Before the passwords start I just put some coconut oil in there and just go about my business with the computer. You mean so like at 430 or 5pm? is when you put the coconut in? Yeah. And then you'd sleep okay. slept like a baby the last month. Okay, so so with you What worked? Is that you? Did you have like, a normal good meal like for breakfast? And did you have like three meals or did you eat throughout the whole day? It would probably be two solid meals. So I would make myself like a six egg omelet. And that would just be my first one add whatever extra to get the extra calories and wait about four or five hours. no carbs. For the first first one. No. Okay, I mean, unless you count like bell peppers and mushrooms and yeah, okay. second one was just mainly just meat. And I would do like broccoli, like a chicken and broccoli kind of thing. And still no complex carbs. No, because I was following this one guy named Vinnie torial, which he said cut all sugars cut all grains out. carbs, complex, sweet potatoes known as sugar. And he says sweet potato is okay, but like maybe a half a potato instead of one. I see. I see. Wow. Because see fivefold that I would never be able to hold on to your mass. No, no, no, it's not my mass. No, it would be it would be my sugar levels. And I think that like I said 48 hours. I think that was what kicked in it because I just I'm literally looking my mom my sister made nice cupcakes. There's nice like pasta in the fridge. And I'm sitting there and finally my body just went Nope. That I literally just pain. I could not control it. pain, pain. Pain in my stomach felt like I hadn't eaten like two years. Wow. And you could sleep with that pain. I'm very good at ignoring pain. That's one of my weird talents. Oh, wow. When you say you had a thyroid issue like did you have to eat every hour like a serious thyroid issue or is it just pretty much pretty much Wow, I mean now I'm like a living let like I said the last 48 hours. I don't really I'm not hungry. I'm not worried. I don't have to keep eating a bowl of whatever. Every 30 it was 30 minutes by the way for me that's why I kept getting wait. Okay, but you're drinking water I'll do right? Oh yeah, gallon minimum pee like a horse. Yeah, no, that that's so you would eat from nine to five and then after, so you would just not have a dinner thing. You just cut off early cut either breakfast or dinner out, but that's it everything else correctly. But you also don't have carbs during that like complex carbs. You have basically vegetables, cleanse fat, and fats. Yes. But you see if there is anybody who has an inflammation of the gallbladder, and a lot of people don't know when they have gallbladder stones, eggs, eggs will trigger an gallbladder attack. Interesting. Yeah, that was my go to cheat protein high go cut back on notice then. Yeah, yeah. A lot of people don't know that. But that's good for you that you've made that headway. Really nice. Good job. Thank you. Yeah, it's just it's what triggered it for me was because I got COVID. Were you when you were talking about like, you know, God, all right. So long story short, we had a bunch of shitty co workers come in to remodel the store. And they 25 of them knew they had COVID. And to all 25 never wore masks. They're supposed to wear masks. I know. They're these are the drugs of the earth. I didn't expect much from them. Oh, my God, that is so messed up. Yeah. And then they went to like three other stores got them all sick. I need to get one of those now. And essentially, finally, the company is like, okay, okay, and they paid me for my time off. But it's only just recently, my lungs were shot. I could barely walk half a mile. And I've literally was gonna say, oh my god. Thank God, you're okay. Oh my god. Yeah. But it was just one of those. The martial arts earlier when I was mentioning it. My instructor he thinks he got it like when it first came to America like a year ago. Cuz he's like, I was down for like, 10 months. I couldn't breathe. I'd like nothing. Like Yeah, you probably had it. Where do you live in LA about? What part of la de No. Oh, every part I was in Beverly Hills that was in Santa Monica. Venice. I lived in Venice also. I'm aware of Brentwood. I'm aware of Malibu. La Jolla was my favorite go to play. I'm 30 miles south of LA. Do you know where like Azusa is or Lovebird? No Claremont Claremont rings a bell of near Clermont. Okay, so you're on the way to La Jolla. San Diego. Yeah. Oh, wow. That's awesome. Yeah, so it was just it was it was it is what it is. Whatever was my motto during the whole thing. Because like, when I had COVID, I was down for two days. Apparently I was functional. I was talking to everyone eating going restroom. I don't remember it. I fell asleep Wednesday, the 16th. I woke up the 19th the 18th. And I'm just like, wow, wait, what happened? So yeah, it's one of those I know that I got it. I just really don't want to get it again. But it's the we we really should treat this as a bit of a problem is not that we should go on complete hot lockdown and hide from everyone. But well, what we need to treat this is is a call to action to build up our immune system get rid of inflammation. Because Do you know what caused your thyroid? I actually think I think it was just the sodas because I've cut it out nearly no. The only thing that turns off your thyroid is inflammation in the body. So that means either you have EBV, which most of the population has is its epstein barr virus, which is mononucleosis. If you you may have caught it back when and not known it and may have laid dormant for you and it may have laid dormant and then when you get if the thyroid flares up it means the inflammation is in the body that's when the thyroid turns off. Interesting. So it would make sense with intermittent fasting. That the that if you're getting rid of all your grains which cause inflammation because lyso fight is on it the pesticides which I'm trying to get rid of. I actually have an idea on how to develop pesticide that is natural from a waste product of a food. Then I'm waiting for an investor to hook up with me so that we can get rid of lice of phosphate because that is it's an indoctrination disturber it disturbs your hormones it sucks you up so bad and it's all our fucking food. It is guy we're going to grocery store and I know it's one of those I just talked to the fruit guy I'm just like, Hey, you know we got a sale on apples. That He just jokingly picked up an apple takes his nail and you see white stuff come off. He's like, these are caked in wax. Why do you want this? And I'm like, because I'm peeling off the fruit off the skin. How long is that Apple been there? He's like, because of the wax. It gets an extra five months shelf life. I'm like, Alright, well, I'm just gonna grow my own vegetables. That's what this guy Yes. You know? Yeah, like, I don't trust it. That's awesome. Like, screw that. I don't eat your chemically enhanced food. Yeah, yeah, that's one of the projects that I want to do. I have an idea on how to replace that. So they don't have to do that. And the materna group, though, would not be very happy with that I many people would not be I would be incognito. No one, no, it would be me. But I just, I just, I just need a very powerful investor. The other thing I've created is I have a recipe that I would design that is like these little chocolate cubes that would have certain vitamins in it, that when you would eat it, you would you would no longer have a craving for sugar. Interesting. And it would for those people who are diabetic and those people who insulin are insulin resistant, it would stop the insulin spiking, putting the blood sugar in the system. Okay, yeah, that comes? Well, because there are three supplements that I'm aware of. And when you mix that in, that's what happens. I have given for people that, that have a real big sweet tooth, I have given them one supplement. Plus given them a certain diet worked like a charm. And so I know it works. And it's amazing. And I don't want to tell a lot of people about it. Because as soon as you tell the industry, oh, if you eat this one natural plant vitamin, you're no longer going to feel like you want candy. And they want to exploit the shit out of it. Well, in three months, it would be off the shelf. That's what happens here in bumfuck. Canada. Really off the shelf? Yes. l carnitine. Which is needed to take the fat out of the liver was off the shelf because the word spread around that it was taking the fat out of the liver. It makes you pee like a racehorse. Recently, they brought it back because a Canadian doctor started writing about Oh, l carnitine. is gonna make you drop weight. It It makes you dry. It does get rid of the fat, but he doesn't mention that it gets rid of the fat in the liver. So a whole bunch of stuff like that. Let us America that I think that's just anyone now the world health industry. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, true. cuz I've talked to a couple British guys and Australian and New Zealand and they've all said the same thing. I'm like, Oh, you know, California schools have screwed up. They're like, no, we're just a screwed up to avoid Oh, where do we do this? Like, nope, no, we're just not as vocal about it. No, Canadians are more screwed up than America. That's why I want to go back. So. Okay. But But anyway, when will When will the editing of the version come up? in about a month. Okay. Cool. All right. I definitely need to get you on in the future. You know what I'd love to be on again. And you know, what, what? I have a little suggestion, why don't you? So I'm not all over the place. Because you can see I'm going to go off one tangent another. Maybe you can, we can fire back and forth. But you can give me a set of questions and say, I want you to talk about this, Nicole, I want you then I want you to talk about this and that. And we can throw it back and forth and see if it's interesting. And then I can prep for it. Wonderful. I still like your tangents, though. It was a great story. Do you like that? though? Well, you know what, then then then I love how you love those things, or you're so comfortable. Then when you're making it an editing, why don't you jot down? Well, she talked about this, but what about this? jot down any other questions that I can elaborate more on or where it started? Or where I think it's heading or what's the benefit of what's not the benefit? How does the guy know this? How does it girl know this? So we can give your listeners a lot more information? Absolutely. Yes, I will. I'll leave when I edit this up. I'll send it to my instructor because he's very much into this mindset and different things. So it's good to have his critique on it too. Yeah. Yeah. So that would be amazing. Wonderful. Well, thanks for having me. Thank you. I fucking bang I gotta find out what the fuck happened. Man, that was interesting. It it. It wasn't that they banged on the door. It was something dropped. Like the Yeah, it was like a piece of flat wood or something. Yeah, that was it. It just it was just a loud clap through your mind. I'm like, yeah. frickin Canadians. I know. Josh, I love you. Thank you. Let's say this. They are so you know, what? Can you write this down? How are you? How is Shmoop? How are you? How is smooth? Yeah. And write down the hazards of saying how are you? And I can talk about that. That's a topic I really like. Okay, I'm going to talk about how that fucks us up. That's my first idea. Let's do it. Yeah, okay, go drink club. Okay, we'll do get any other ideas or anything? Oh, let me give you my email. Oh, you have my email, right? Yeah, you have the contact with the calendar. I got it. So I'll send you a quick message. Okay.

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