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hydroelectric cars | aquaponics for farming


Our first episode so let's just simple introduction of myself when I'm I have planned for you guys potential teaser of how ADHD. I am so I'm Josh. I'm just turned 28 kind of starting this as a Corona project and I've also just always wanted to do a podcast but never had to go on a to do it.


So I do martial arts. I've been doing it for 14 years. I'm a black bill. I'm trying to go for my second degree now but you know Corona permitting it's kind of hard to go in. And then. I've recently gotten really into trading and investing I kind of business too like the whole fire movement.


I'm really into right now. I like I've opened a Roth IRA and normal taxable accounts and super exciting stuff very yeah, it's just gonna this stuff you're on the edge of your scene, like I need to hear more no but, So within that I've also just been really into philosophy and mindset thinking and.


Good alternative for people for anxiety so whether it's meditation like a philosophy of thinking like still wisdom. I think that's what it is or it's like a diesel disease man just. Yeah mindset let's go with that and with that it also didn't ties into the other two the ladder of investing and.


Martial arts wow, that was a that was a hard pull. So just good vibes thinking what you. Want in life and how can you achieve it like leaving the rat race kind of thing how everyone we all can just help each other even if it's just small so the first topic I want to talk about is a Tesla have you guys just seen how insane that is it's just going up it makes no sense.


I mean, the the trend lines are saying it's gonna keep going up for a while but eventually they're like, it's gonna have to come down. And it might be really painful to but one thing oh I would love to pick Elon's must opinion about it. I is I think yes he's onto something the electric cars absolutely I'm not dissing him on that but how are we gonna get off like oil burning fuel they they like the extra green moving how are we gonna do that?


I think we use his concept of electric cars to power hydrogen generators in our cars for the old combustion ones. It makes sense water is everywhere and actually you could pour it in like the king around him is himself made three variants of hydrogen generator, he even used a solar panel for one of the last few so this is achievable on smaller scales to produce.


I think like that would be a good one to look into and have to model and emulate with his brain, he's he definitely can figure out the man's running like four huge companies. To figure out how to use his his Tesla technology to blend both hydrogen and electricity together, he if anyone could figure out it would be him plus.


I don't know any of the consequences for burning hydrogen there could be a consequence we're like if it's burned in metal it somehow picks up metal and his cat stuck there. I'm no scientist. I definitely gonna have to get like an actual expert on the show for that but uh, I I think that could be a good trick we definitely gonna have to look into getting some people on a show for this speaking of water and consequences I think because at least here in California, there's a huge drought problem with people trying to tell farmers not to grow the crops because it takes a ton of water.


But I'm thinking I've gotten into like aquaponics okay, it's kind of one of those it's fascinating because it takes yes a lot of resources up from. But the benefit is so good like crops are healthier they grow faster, they're more efficient if done right can be grown vertically and be spacious so the size of a small hangar for like those like one big seven forty seven.


Boeing could fit enough plants in there to sustain that city kind of thing maybe depending on the city, it might be too much food and we have to you would have to sell to other companies like for companies cash. I'm about like sorry this is this is the thing.


I need I think too fast, um, I sell to other like counties, so let's say like. I in northern San Bernardino County, let's say they produce enough to sustain themselves, but like a smaller county like LA. County might be producing too much so they sell to someone else kind of thing so all the foods equally distributed.


I think that could be potentially another good one boat definitely an expert on the head. And one thing within all that. I've recently seen I don't I can't confirm it but I've seen people use like wood chips and growing mushrooms. And that would be a interesting added bonus to like if you can extra clean your water with myself siren, oh my gosh, that would be insane.


Speaking of my suicidal there was a like article on a Snapchat discovery, so yeah of a coffin a living coffin of mushrooms that completely decompose the body's toxins. I mean think about that we have them like in case all the bodies at least in California. I don't know anywhere else we got like put in a nice fancy coffin cost a fortune to get then you have to seal it and concrete what if we start using micellipsipin coffins what's then feeds to a healthier trees which grow I don't know of the consequences law-wise so I'm not gonna be like we gotta do this but, It might be one of those as hippy dippy as it is it could be a good thing.


Speaking of hippie dippy and goods things. I've again it's not one of those. I can reference anything but I've recently read. On a like Google article recommendation that actually coffee surprisingly is not helping with global working either apparently produces an insane amount of methane when it's in the dumps again.


I don't know the article. I just read it like scrolling really quick. I think I forgot to take a link. I'm sorry over number in the future kind of thing. Which is sad for me because I really like coffee. I mean, I had just finished my cup of coffee and oh my god, I need to make a podcast kind of thing.


Which might pull into like the the other stuff I've been talking about like mushrooms well could use vermin vermin compost compost it's easy worms to decompose vegetables. I mean that alone could they probably the worms alone could probably like handle a coffee and dispose of it correctly plus then you know, you can feed it to the ground healthy with this healthy crops, it's a whole circle thing.


Yeah. Before I get too far down a random rabbit hole. I like to just say that if you have any questions comments concerns critiques or recommendations hit me up on twitter at j r b o l t o n under dash just anything. I'll try to reply as fast as I can.


I I currently work night shift so if I reply randomly a 3 am you totally understand that. Yeah back to coffee and worms wow that's something I never thought I'd say once things. The the different aspects of combining two things seems it's just a seem very important something we need to do and what's like the composting of the food like grocery stores, there's so much waste because there's so many.


In the best interest of the customer but not necessarily the environment the rules on the vegetables what they have to look like what size is they're expired or not and there are times some stores don't work down their vegetables like a week before they're bad they just run into the end and just throw them away.


I recently talked to him like a produce guy at like Sam's Club and essentially he told me he's like a farmers by the veggies and compost them for their crops for the next round, so that's good but I still doesn't salt the problem that there's still a lot of people out there hungry and we're just hopefully thrown into dirt kind of thing.


Yeah. I think they're there should be a more efficient manner when X action happens, you call up. Called 1800 got junk and they come out and they pick up your food for a small fee and you just give it to them they run it and then the compost. I don't know it's delivered back to the farmers the logistics of that would be insane yeah.


I can see that okay that actually why people don't do that but um yeah, it's there's a lot of inefficiencies that would be greatly beneficial for society in general if we can figure out just how to fix it so. Yeah, I'm gonna I'm gonna call it there a little 12-ish minute ran and thank you for listening again any questions comments concerns critiques, hit me up on Twitter have a good one and see you next time my friends bye.

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