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Interview with Allison Jackson

Hello, are you doing today? Hi, I'm good. How are you doing pretty good. How are you? How's your fine Sunday going? It is good. It's snowy. So we are. Where are you at now? I'm in New Jersey. Oh, that's cold as cold. Yeah. Where are you at? California? Yeah, it's not snowing there. Never snows here except for Mount Baldy. And then that disappears the next day. Ah, jealous. very jealous. What's the temperature there right now? 65 ish. Fahrenheit. That's nice. Yeah. Yeah, that's that's what we consider cold as what we consider balmy, seriously. Oh, my gosh. So you said you're a single mom, and you run your own business. I'm actually a married mom. But I read this and I work in corporate full time. So I have a like, passion side hustle that I also work on. Well, let's go into that right now. What's up? How does that work? Working the corporate and the side hustle for you? Yeah, so it's funny. I feel like my business found me because I had a bucket list item of competing and figure competitions, which is like bodybuilding meets beauty pageant. So I did that in 2012. I thought it would be one and done and got hooked and kept doing it year after year. And then people were like, what are you doing? Like, cuz every year I dropped like 20 pounds, you know, to get stage ready. So like, what are you doing? What are you eating? How are you working out? So I started coaching people and lo and behold, this business evolved in I do speaking and I have my own podcast. I wrote a book, I believe, wow. Yeah, yeah. So it's like, yeah, it's really it's been, I feel very blessed because I like I said, it kind of found me. I didn't like have to go looking for it. Right? Yeah. For me. God, like three years ago, I was still doing security was very stressful. So packing on weight, all I would do is literally just eat 711 like burritos kind of thing. Which now looking back, I'm like that, oh, that was chemicals. Maybe like one. Like the beans were the only organic ish thing. Everything else was preservatives. So I was just, I found this one guy named Vinnie, torta Lich, which was all about no sugars, no grain. But then he's like, it's kind of cute about you just literally don't eat sugars and grains kind of thing. I've already lost like 20 pounds, just following it again. That's awesome. That's huge. It is. It is one of those. I used to be the guy that I never liked long sleeves. Now I'm like, I'm freezing. Where's my long sleeve shirt? Yeah, it's one of those things people don't realize once you start losing weight that you can't stay warm. Right? It's just one of those. I'm like, okay, so I am losing weight because it's cold. That's good. Good for you. It is so for you for your kiddo. And how do you teach your clientele and your speaking? What's your approach to it? Sure. So my approach is all about macronutrients, which is what makes up calories. It's your protein, carbs and fat. Okay, and what I do is I tracked through My Fitness Pal, which is a free app and I target 40% protein. 40% carbs. 20% fat, so moderately high protein, low fat diet. Okay, yeah, that would work. Yeah, and you can eat whatever you want. I mean, obviously, you want to eat, processed for you know, 711 burritos. And you quickly realize when you do eat, like off track, you end up with no calories and your macros are all screwed up. Seriously, like I for a week, I was experimenting. And I'm like, Okay, I'm just gonna eat just rice like, kind of thing completely threw me out all week, I would just feel like shit. And I gained like five pounds. Yeah, yeah, cuz people don't realize too, like when you eat carbs, it makes you retain water. So it's like, on top of you know, eating the carbs and extra calories and you have the extra water on top of it. And I've already drinking like a gallon of water every night. So it's like it just kept packing and packing. I'm like, ah, alright. Alright, enough. That's awesome. That's great that you've kind of made the switch though. Yeah, and it's one of those I really don't want to go back I feel great. That's the key and that's I think people get so obsessed with that scale number that they forget about sleeping well your energy you know all that stuff. Well, I currently work a night shift job so caffeine used to be my crush to get me Sara night. But I also at one point was drinking a pot and a half of coffee. So I was one day of genuine curious I'm like, Wow, my my heart's been really hard. Like, I don't get it. And I'm as I'm staring at my cup. I'm like, Oh, you know, I've had about like 12 cups of coffee in about three hours. It probably is what's going on here? Yes, I'm going through that right now. Like I'm finding I'm like, why can't I sleep well, like I can fall asleep great, but I can't stay asleep. And to your point. I'm like, I think Have a pot of coffee. I'm drinking every day like, I need to. I've, I love coffee. Like I love the taste of it. Nothing's wrong with coffee. It's just it's like anything. You can even overdo it on carrots. Like if you eat too many carrots, you turn orange. My grandfather knew a guy who ate carrots for like three weeks and he literally turn like an unbeliever. They said everything in moderation, right? It is, you can make even the best thing the worst. So one thing I've noticed for coffee, if I keep it at two, even though if I'm groggy, I still can sleep and it's not a problem. But it's the you. I don't do you know about the half life cycle of caffeine? No. So you get the three hours of the peak alertness, but then there's eight hours of a half life in your system. You're not alert, but it's still triggering your nervous system. That's why it's hard for us to fall asleep. Interesting, then that makes a lot of sense. That makes a lot of sense. So yeah, that's my I'm testing that theory actually started to that. You're cutting out a, I had one cup of coffee. Interesting. Hey, can we cut the video you're cutting out? Yeah, you do that? Yeah. I thought you got frozen there for a second. Yeah, this should help now. Is that better? Yeah, it's not it was. Sucks. Um, so as you're, you were doing the bodybuilding to pageant training. What inspired it What made you want to do the bodybuilding pageants? So it's funny when actually, when I was back in my teens, I used to work out in our grungy, unfinished basement and read my dad's muscle fitness magazines. Okay. And I always thought it was incredible how people could transform their body through weights and exercise, I weights a diet. And I was like, could I ever do that? I didn't, it was always just in the back of my mind, like with that. And I've always been like a lifelong fitness enthusiast. I did marathons and triathlons. But nothing ever seemed to change my body the way I wanted it to. And then finally, I was just like, you know what, I'm married. I have kids, I need to do this. Like, I just need to see if I could do this. So that's what really kind of propelled me to do it. Because everyone always asked that, like, How the heck did you end up doing that? It was like a lifelong, like, bucket list thing that was hanging in the back of my head? Yeah. It's like your old man primed you at a young age to do it. Yeah, for sure. For sure. But it was so just like, at that time, it was like, you know, the 80s and 90s. It was, you know, that was something guys did like women weren't bodybuilders like that was just very manly and masculine and stuff. And I feel like it's really changed over the course of time, some of the female bodybuilders that are absolutely insane, like compared to some of the men, where it's like, how did you achieve that kind of thing? Absolutely. And it's amazing how difficult it is. I mean, obviously, I'm not a natural bodybuilder, and I know there's unnatural bodybuilders, but it's really, really hard for women to gain muscle. I know it's hard for men to naturally gain muscle, but it's really hard for women. Yeah. I think it's, it was an analogy to her in this lay man's like, paraphrasing, but essentially, men were built to like, pull the trees down, and the ladies were built to like, clean up the herbs kind of thing. They're like, Is there like, it wasn't anything back then. That's just how it worked. The men did all the dirty work. And the ladies came in and cleaned up everything. Exactly. And it's just, you know, kind of, you know, we're made to have babies, we're not, you know, made to lift heavy things, but and that's why we're limited in how much muscle we can build because they know estrogen and testosterone, that whole thing. So, you know, I it's, it gives me a whole new respect for people that are able to do that. And, you know, come back year after year trying to build to be bigger and stronger. Yeah. It Like you said, it does become an addiction. It's like, okay, I hit this step. Now I'm gonna do it again. But even more by by luck, whatever percent. Yeah, and you're really competing with yourself, right? I mean, you you know, it's, it's your genetics and what God's giving you so every year I'm like, yeah, look how I was last year and oh, my God, I work can I get better? Where can I focus? Like, do I need to do more bicep or tricep kind of thing? Exactly. Exactly. And it's nice to I mean, if you're open to obviously you get judged. I mean, literally get judged. If you're open to feedback and constructive criticism, the judges will tell you what you need to focus on and then you know what, you know, during offseason where you really need to target whether it's making your back broader, coming in leaner, having more muscularity in your legs. It's really it's fascinating. It is. And there's a whole art of how you have to pose to Hmm, oh my gosh, that is something I did not realize when I took on this hobby. It's the heels like that's five inch heels. I think that's the hardest part is the five inch heels and the tiny bikinis and then having to hold that pose is that's a workout in itself. It is. And like I had a trainer at one point but funny thing I learned more On YouTube from from my trainer from like different body like power lifters but they all said like if you want a bodybuilder to like you're better off coming in out of shape but knowing how to pose then immaculate shape and not know what to do yes because that that will make or break your placing is you could tell the people that are practicing and have given you know got an opposing coach like I have opposing coach there really refine and hone in on you know highlighting your best assets and trying to you know, you know not show you know what, where your weaknesses are and that comes across imposing but yeah, that that will definitely make or break your your placing. Because I was this guy I was listening to his his name's Alan Thrall. He's a power lifter. But he said, I have a lot of bodybuilder clients, so I know what to do with them. So here's the basics. And as he's explaining it, I'm like, Oh my god, there's like a whole like, finesse within this. Everyone thinks it's like, Oh, we got to eat your meat and your eggs and being gained the muscles like, well, that's great. But if you don't know how to do it, the it's the one where you arts see and hold your biceps up. I don't have the camera to show you. Yes. And exactly what we're talking about. Right? And he's like, that's the biggest one because he's like, you have to engage, but none engage certain muscles. And I'm like, how? Yeah, and then you have to look on your face. Like it's so easy. Like, I'm not even flexing. It's like, What are you talking about? I do this every day. In smile. Yeah. So with the ketosis was it? When you were offseason? Were you just like, pretty much eating whatever you could get your hands on? Or were you also controlling but increase your calorie intake. So for me, you know, I feel like I look at food and gain weight. So I have to be very careful. And generally speaking, yeah, I just eat the same foods. But in a larger quantity, maybe a little bit more carbs than normal, but try to keep it very clean. But still, you know, offseasons time to kind of relax the dieting and not be so strict with yourself. So you know, I'll have alcohol here and there. But nothing crazy. Because what happens is if you do go off the ranch and eat like the ship's going down, then then you're starting at a point that's going to be that much harder to come back to getting on the stage. Right? I think like one, one of the guys were saying how when he he's on offseason, he's very heavy protein for his weight loss. He's like, I'll have a bowl of pasta. He's like, I'm not worried about it kind of thing. He's like, that's my fringe of my diet when I'm offseason. Yeah, yeah, for sure. And then, you know, the more muscle you build, you know, muscle burns calories at rest, versus, you know, fat does not. So you're, you're hoping that your metabolism is still churning and doing what it needs to do so that it's not gonna take a lot to burn through those calories. Right? So, for utilizing the ketosis Do you also kind of indirectly fast because you're mainly using ketosis to get through. So well, it's funny because I don't really follow keto that much when I go, I go low carb, but I wouldn't say as low carb as keto, but I used fat. I use intermittent fasting because I'm a nighttime snack, or like, that's kind of my downfall when I'm bored at night. I'm like, What's there to eat? Like, I'm bored. Yeah, I'm bored. And it's like, I always tell my clients that like, Are you bored? Are you thirsty? Are you really hungry? So what I try to do is I do a circadian 13 hour fast, so I'll try to stop eating at seven or eight o'clock at night and then try to delay my breakfast a little bit. Usually, usually during the holidays, I'll try to do the 16 eight, but I know that that's a lot harder. That was that was for me. That was the hardest one even staying home with. I got COVID early December last year. So we Yeah, it was that was interesting right in and of itself. But we were all sad. So we were buying sugar and cookies to make ourselves feel better than we got the Christmas holiday like cake and it's like 10 pounds in like two weeks. Like oh, just sat there like oh my god, this is gonna be really painful to get rid of all that. Yes, for sure. And the holidays are tough. I mean, that's just a tough time in general. Especially with the lockdown season. All you really have is those cookies and soda. That you're locked up in the house of food. Yep. So I'm going on to the fasting the you'd like you said you're only 13 seven ish. Yeah, yeah. So um, I will try to keep my eating window between like, you know, a 12 hour I guess eating window like eight or 9am to seven or 8pm and then try to just like when I'm sleeping obviously fast and then I'll work out fast. Okay. So do you mainly just do weights or do you incorporate calisthenics and like cardio? So I do typically, six days a week, five to six days a week of weights and then three times a week of cardio, mainly for you know, heart health right? Not like crazy cardio obviously, as they get closer to a competition, the cardio increases, right? Yeah, like a like a hit workout but with weights. So what I typically do is I like the steady state. And then for my hit, I'll typically do a walk run interval. I used to do boot camps and stuff, but I try to just keep the weights to the weight training and then keep my cardio either biking, running, walking. Yeah, there was one point I did CrossFit and I somehow managed I didn't damage anything, but I messed up my knee trying to clean snatch. And so I just kind of told him like, I'm just gonna, I'm gonna just stick with deadlifts kind of thing. Yeah, I did. I tried CrossFit. So I was like, oh, that, you know, I see like, have these women really good to build muscle? Am I gonna try that? And I'm like, Oh, my gosh, this is not for me. workout by myself. Yeah, it's one of those you realize, once you're in it, it's like, it's just constant injury machine. Yeah, it's, you really need to know what you're doing. And it's one of those it probably be an insurance nightmare, too. Because, you know, going into CrossFit, there's probably going to be an injury at some point. Yeah. Yeah, I'd agree with that. So with your coaching do you have with COVID are you more online, and like sending PDFs or used to be in person, like you'd meet at a coffee shop and tell someone what to do? So I've always been online, and I realized after the pandemic, and COVID it just ramped up, you know, 150% more because people couldn't access gyms and we're looking for, you know, how do I how do I work out at home? What am I eating? How do I meal prep? How do I plan for my whole family now we're eating all of our meals together. So it's I've always been 100% online, but I've really seen, you know, an influx of people wanting more and not even just around the eating or working out, but even around mindfulness around burnout around how do I stay motivated? How do I keep keep my head in a good place? Because I know, it's been really hard for people not being able to see family members having to just limit everything. So yeah, it's been it's a blessing in disguise that it's been a kind of a wake up call for people that really have to prioritize their health. It really has, but I still missed the gym. I love lifting and I miss the gym too. I was not fortunate enough to build my own equipment in my house. So I had to use the TRS system. I bought, like, that's good. I bought like a knockoff. It's like vos vo SS. Okay. It was like $30 instead of like, 270 Nice. I never heard of that. I have to check that out. Think about getting a tr x i have a home. I mean, I've always had a home gym. Which I yeah, I feel blessed that I've always done that. But I do miss the some of the machines that he has, like the press the chest press alone. I mean, it's scary. If you're doing it by yourself, and you're going for a PR but it's like, it's so satisfying when you're done. Yeah. It's like yes, you could do like 100 push ups and you crawl away in URL jelly, but it's not the same satisfaction. Yeah, I'd agree with that. I miss I missed the leg press. And I'm not I'm not gonna be buying a leg press for my house anytime soon. Yeah, yeah. Those are big and very heavy. Yes. So, for your specific building, would you mainly do compound or very asymmetrical of the working out. So I do a little bit of everything. And then I do periodisation as well where you know, lift heavy for a period and then lift lighter. But I try to make them my bit you know, the basics. Obviously, the squat, the deadlift, the benchpress, the shoulder press, all those those standard compound movements and then you know, the smaller muscles. Yeah, I'll do a lot of accessory stuff for my biceps, my triceps, that sort of thing. And then I always tell people for your weakest areas, like mine is my butt. I will work my butt two to three times a week on top of my regular workouts. Yeah. Yeah, I agree. Cuz like mine actually is not. It's not my but it's my triceps. Like You I can curl like 100 pounds. No problem. You told me to do the same thing backwards. Like, do we have money on this? Because it's not gonna work. I know that feeling. That's how I feel about my quads, my hamstrings. I feel like my quads are so much stronger than my hamstrings are. Seriously. It's like the how do we even this out now once like, like, the whole thing together is like, a little leaf in the corner. Yeah, yeah. So for the workouts that you would give to your clients. Would it be something kind of like a just a basic bodyweight regime where it's like you do 10 push ups 100% rest for a minute like squats? 10 100% rest for a minute or be like, I don't know now, but can you is there weights in your area that you could buy from Walmart? Yeah, so I mean, it varies, right so Facebook marketplace, eBay local stores. There still are options for like dumbbells resistance bands. I always tell people you know, if you don't have anything start with bodyweight you know, just do a bodyweight circuit of like you said, push ups, squats, dips, that's easy to kind of get through. And really, I try to see where Where's Where are people starting points? What do they feel comfortable doing? Some people never lifted a weight in their lives, others, you know, how to stop going to the gym. So, you know, I always tell people, you could do a lot with just a set of dumbbells. And in your house, you know, it doesn't you don't need a full gym to still get a good workout. No, you know, you don't I remember when I was first going back to the gym, and I had my trainer, they had me do ice symmetrical holding my arm out, and then lift up and down with the other arm. And it was just a two pound weight. And the guy's like, I promise you by the end of this circuit, you will never realize that a two pound weight could kick your ass as hard. I'm like, Oh, sure. Whatever, by the end of it. Oh my Geez, you really don't need more than five pounds if you're just starting. Yes, it's so true. And it's funny because I've done something called iron yoga, where it's like yoga poses with really lightweight so like a one or two pound weight. And it is you know, you're doing like a warrior pose and holding your arms out with weights. I'm like, Oh my god, god damn. Yeah. Well, the wood wood. Okay. Do you know DDP diamond Dallas yoga or something like that? No. So he uses dynamic tension. But it's the same concept. Wow. Yeah. Like I actually I'm thinking of starting to do that again. Because it's all there's no way it's pure dynamic tension. At every time, even after like I did a whole two months regime of it. I got jelly every time I'm like, God, is not even there's no weights. That's amazing. It is it's really amazing. Just time under tension and volume. What you can do it is and the way he set up his program, you get like so many DVDs. But then I think now he's pivoted online because of COVID. But yeah, there's a whole one where he's like, Alright, the beginners this one workout a day. And then intermediate is one one and a half a day kind of thing. The expert is three workouts a day. Every day, the day a day and there's 30 minutes a shot. And then he has the like, insanity one where it's like four. And I'm like, dude, I'll get up to like two. Yes, sir. I gotta live here. I got a job. Dude, wait, it's like, it was like the, the original insanity where it was like a two and a half hour workout every day. Oh my gosh, yeah. Nobody's got time for that. No. I mean, the insanity program was great for us. Yeah, that's, that's so long. Yeah, that is long. And I sometimes tell people to is, I think people get caught up in like, Oh, I got to work out. I gotta kill myself. I got to work as hard as I can for as long as I can. And really 90% of your efforts are coming from your diet, like, exercise is great. And you need it. And it's good, you know, for your muscles and prevent entry injuries and heart health and all that. But really, the magic happens when you reign in your diet. Seriously, that will I haven't actually, like, seriously worked out in a month I still lost 20 pounds. See? So it's one of those like, I I totally agree. It's like I would say definitely in solid 90% is just diet for sure. And I you know, I know everyone's looking for that magic pill, the magic diet, the you know, the supplement the detox the reset its calories in versus calories out. So whatever diet you follow, whether it's keto, whole 30, Mediterranean, whatever it is, most likely you're reducing your calories. Right? But it's the how I look at it and explain people because they're like, how'd you lose so much weight so quick. I'm like, if I'm hungry and water and coffee, don't fix it. I'll just have a hard boiled egg. Man, I could just keep going. There you go. I say I realized I'm not starving, so I'll just need a horrible day and I'm good to go. And you're not gonna Something tells me you're not gonna overeat like you're not gonna have a dozen hard boiled eggs. Right? I could I could. But the the aftermath though, is not worth it. Yeah, that's true. People like chicken breast and broccoli or like fish and like you're not going to. I mean, you're not gonna like overeat that. No, you're not. If this were someone who's saying, oh, like you're gonna only eat me, I'm like, Yeah, but I'm only gonna need like a steak a day at that point kind of thing. Yeah, just like five bucks. Yep. Exactly. And it's gonna keep you fuller longer. It's gonna help you build muscle. There's, I feel like proteins, the unsung hero of the diet, protein and moderate, moderately more fat because you get more it's more healthy but calorie dense. Yeah, yeah. And I think a lot of women think oh fat. If I eat fat, I'll get fat. But as we get older, we need that for our hormones for this fat soluble vitamins. Like it's really important. Well how someone put it Mi was fat. When you eat fat, your body gets used to the idea of burning fat, even though it's like olive oil, whatever. So when it's not burning that it just looks at your body fat that's stored. It's like, Oh, I got that I can burn that now kind of thing. Yeah, exactly. So you were going on something else and I toured, the implementing of the workouts, how does that? Like? I think I've asked this, but I'm trying to rephrase it. The Is it a regime, like every day, no matter what or do they like, get a weekend off. So I always tell start people off at three, three times a week, like bodyweight training, and then cardio two times a week, so that you're working out five times a week, but you it might be 20 to 30 minutes, you want to just build that into your routine. So it gets to the point where it feels weird, if you're not getting some kind of movement during your day. That's what I've done for myself, like I work out first thing in the morning. And if I don't work out, even if it's just a slow walk on the treadmill or walk outside, I feel like I like haven't brushed my teeth or did something that is like so mandatory to my routine. Yeah, yeah. And wouldn't you say, building the habits more valuable than the actual quantity of it? to her? Sure. For sure. And, and I tell people, you know, it doesn't mean you have to work out for an hour, you could work out 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes and lunch, 10 minutes at night, even if it's walking. It doesn't have to be like some crazy killer workout every day. So actually, you brought up something I was, I've been thinking about myself is I wake up, I do like basic, like whatever. I do some push ups, some squats kind of thing. But my goal is 100 for the day, so maybe I'll do 10 in the morning. Before I go to work, I do an AR 10 on lunch, do an AR 10 it's just Vinci Code to it got 100 by the time I go to sleep, and it's one of those people like oh, but it's not a once I can't but I still did 100 pushups in one day kind of thing. Would you? Absolutely. Would you recommend something similar to that to your clients? Just like small chunk get the whole day or? Yeah, yeah. If somebody's like, Oh, I want to do 100 squat challenge, then yeah, do it throughout the day. It's not it still counts. I mean, it's almost like your calories you have for the day, right? You can eat them all at once one shot, or you could spread them throughout the day, you're still that same 24 hours, you're still accomplishing the same thing. Right? So then you probably are well versed in this would you think the omad style of eating the one meal a day is good because you're essentially trying to eat as much as you can for one meal and then leave it alone. Or do as a bodybuilder. Do you believe more eating throughout the day to keep your muscles filled. I personally I love to eat. So I think eating throughout the day is key especially the most important is around your workouts and making sure you eat before and after your workout. Especially if muscle building is your goal. I think unless you have unless you are super super busy that you're so distracted, you don't have time to eat that might work for you. And I love to eat till I'm totally full. So while I would love to just eat one giant meal, I don't think I could do it. I don't think I could go. And I just think it's gonna be better for you mentally even to know that every couple hours you're going to be eating. Yeah, it's when your mind knows something is scarce, even though you've chosen it kind of like counters you Yep, yep, for sure. So just for your website. How What is your marketing? I'm gonna try to pivots marketing now. Is your marketing. Are you running ads? Is it strictly just SEO kind of thing? Yeah, so right now, I've, I'm not in any kind of launch or marketing any kind of plan. I do one on one. One on one coaching, which it's interesting, the more speaking engagements I do, I seem to get one or two clients from those. When I am in a launch, I'm getting ready to launch a product next month, what I'll do is gear up the social media. That's a big, big component of my marketing, the social media, I'll start doing free challenges. I have a private Facebook group called corporate women getting fit, which is open to men and women but we'll do free challenges in there and then leading up to whatever offering I have, I'll do some free training to try to get folks in there but really, I don't, I can't stand. I'm horrible at sales I hate like pushy marketing. So I try to make it very, like kind of grassroots and natural. where, you know, I try to address the questions that people have through my social media content. Through the videos I put out, and especially my speaking engagements, like every time I talk I get more and more different Questions that also helps fuel my content. So that my podcast and just interacting with people online, through Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, I find that that that's probably the best and most authentic marketing, at least for me. Yeah, content creation is one of those. It's very timeless as long as you do it correctly. So for your social media, is it strictly just Facebook and like Instagram? Or is it like the gambit of everything, you're just ramping up. So I, I feel very comfortable with Facebook. And I feel like I kind of know the ins and outs of that I'm still I feel like, I'm getting my arms around Instagram. Because I was so against it for so long. I was there, I don't want to be on Instagram, but I'm finding, you know, half my clients are on there. So I'm like, Alright, I need to be on Instagram. So I'm trying to make Instagram my primary focus on LinkedIn, because I am in corporate, and that's kind of my target is like, busy working moms. So LinkedIn is a big piece of it. And again, you know, I have a private Facebook group that I really there's over 600 people in there. So I really tried hard here. And you know that I consider them my tribe, like they get all my exclusive stuff they are, you know, of like when I post like, my progress pictures like I you know, I'm starting to dye it down for my contest, I'll post my pictures in there, I'll post my weight my body fat like there along the journey with me. And then I have a newsletter as well, which I also try to put like discounts and recipes and just give as much value as I can. Absolutely. So for the your podcast, well, is it solo? Or is it interview or a combo of both? It's actually a combo of both. It's called fit to lead by Alison Jackson fitness. And I thought wholeheartedly, I was like, I'm just gonna do interviews, lots of interviews, but I'm finding that my solo episodes get more listens than my interviews do. So I'm trying to make that more equal. Before I was doing like one, you know, what, maybe once a month, once every other month, but now I'm trying to make a more even split of interviews and solo episodes. Yeah, that I've noticed that too. My first one was I was a babbling idiot. I didn't know what I was doing. That's just performing great. But the interviews I get a consistent like eight ish. Sometimes if it's good, like, the person shared it, I'll get up to 30. But it's like, I was babbling. I made no sense. Why is this doing so well? People love that. Yeah, I just it's just one of those. I'm sitting there. I'm like, maybe I have to incorporate something like that. Even if it's just like a Friday episode. Yeah. For sure. People. Yeah, people want to hear you and your voice right and what you're about. So I think that's why those kind of get that much more attention. Yeah, and especially if you can incorporate almost like a q&a and be like, hey, this Friday, I Allison will answer any of your fitness questions you send me on like Instagram kind of things to try to promote them to go to Instagram. Yeah, I love that idea. Like, oh, like a q&a, cuz I'm always like trying to figure out what's good content to share that people want to hear about. There's another one. I just finished his it's called a podcast therapist, he actually introduced me to the idea of speakpipe for your website. So someone can send you a voicemail? Like, if it's free, I think it's like 90 seconds kind of thing. But if you pay for it monthly, it's like they can send a five minute clip to you. Oh, wow. Like that, right? Yes. It's just one of those, then you can double the layer, you push them to your site, and they're like, Oh, my God, Allison has this kind of thing. I didn't even know she had this. Very cool. So definitely check that out. It's funny, cuz I've heard of speakpipe. And I was always like, I don't know what that is. Well, yeah, it was just one of those. I found a software A long time ago, like you pay 20 bucks for like a lifetime. And you can embed a thing to your website. And I'm like, Okay, cool. Because I was really into drop shipping. I was like, Oh, I'm gonna be a drop shipper make my money. But I'll add my extra layer where you can send me a voice clip kind of thing for customer service. Then it came to realize like, Oh, wait, it's super unstable. I don't know. I don't know what I'm actually doing. So money. So for a year without getting you in trouble. What kind of corporate position Are you in? So I work for one of the big four consulting firms in their corporate communications department. Okay. I don't know any of those four. So this is important. Yeah, yeah. So there's like the big four is like PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, so they're all big giant consulting firms and within their they have communications team, so we help the leaders communicate within the organization. So Corporate Communications is a field I've been in all my life. And I feel very blessed that the company that I'm with actually lets me pursue my passion as well as my day job. So they actually let me present To the employees around wellness, and why it's beneficial. Wow, that Wow, that is awesome. Like most companies, right? Oh, that's great. You do it on the side, but like not here. Yeah, yeah. And it's been I mean, it's been an evolution like it didn't happen overnight for sure. I mean, I've been there seven years. And literally over the past probably two years, this has really been building more and more. Well, it's probably because they can literally see how you're changing. And it's like, how does she do that? She goes from certain buildings, she just super lean but muscular. So they're probably like Allison's the health person and weightlifter, we probably should ask her a few questions like I'm the business guy at my place, or like Josh, his business and like, statistics, just go talk to him about that. Exactly, exactly. So, okay, I'm curious. And I've asked this to different people. How do you after working seven years in your corporate position? I'm assuming it's a very stressful job. How do you just detach correctly without like, completely rejecting reality? and still have been stressed fi? Yeah, yeah, no, that's a great one. So one way, which is a complete game changer for me. And I highly recommend, I know that people are like, I don't know how to do that I've tried it doesn't work. Meditation is, will blow your mind, once you start doing it on a regular basis. It's like working out, right, you have to put in the sets and the reps. But it's a great way to clear your mind to get grounded and focus. And it will help you to deal with stress and overwhelm, and burnout and all that stuff, whether it's at work or with your family. So I meditate every morning for five to 10 minutes, and I've been trying to do it actually after work or before bed for five to 10 minutes. That really helps. And then the other tip I would have is to set boundaries and schedule your day or your day will schedule you. So you need to set aside time to work out to clear your head to even just catch up like you know, whether it's writing or emails, blocking time to really address the priorities in your life. That's been a huge one for me, because it is it's all about time management when you're trying to juggle, you know, a career, a business, a family, all that stuff. Everybody has the same 24 hours. It's just what you do with them. Exactly. So one of my recent things is actually I've, I've always done meditation, but not like the active lotus position, I'm too stiff to cross my legs that way. And I can't hold my finger still for half a second. So what I do is I just I sit on my bed and I just kind of like sit and relax and I but I do the same thing. I just like Okay, calm down, and I want to and it is it's a huge game team material. And a lot of people like Oh, that's a bunch of Buddhists who you know, it's it's legit kind of thing, like you should really consider it totally. And they're actually their studies now, it says actually physically changes your brain. Like the the way your brain is composed, and how it deals with, you know, stressful situations. And I always tell people, if you feel like you don't know what you're doing, or it's not for you use, there's so many free apps, there's insight timer, start with a guided meditation, and I'll walk you through it. Yeah, yeah, it's one of those. There's so so many. And I think most of them are free, or it's like you get like access to a small pool, and then you want a bigger one to save five bucks a month. Nothing. Exactly, exactly. But it's a starting point. And if you can't find anything there, go on YouTube. Go on Google. You could. That's the beauty of the time we live in now. Everything is so accessible and at your fingertips. Now YouTube is just a killer resource. Like I've found so many just free audio books. Probably the channel itself is in trouble for posting it but but so many free, so much free content that normally was like behind a paywall, and it's like oh my god, like I've miracle mindfulness. I just finished it. And it but then I just found it on youtube for free. I'm like, Okay, I'm gonna listen to it again. Oh, that's awesome. I have to check that one out. Miracle mindfulness. Yes, it's an older book. But it's bait. I think it was based off a Buddhist monk, it tried to explain it to a Westerner kind of thing of what is meditation. Now he's like, is not even religious. Just what is meditation? How it can actually help you clear your mind and different approaches to it. Wow, I love it. I'm like that. It's funny, because during the pandemic last year, you know, to kill time, because it's a really had a lot of time and I got my yoga teacher certification. So it was really fascinating trying to learn more about the mindfulness meditation mindset, that whole thing. So I've been really kind of leaning into that more. So within the mindfulness, I'm assuming you haven't partake, but would you think a type of psychedelics like light dosing to enhance the mind would be helpful to Oh, that's interesting. I never thought about that. But I think I think possible Because it's funny, the thing about mindfulness is focusing on any one thing, right? So it could be light or music or something else. But I think it's really just practicing how to focus on one thing at a time, because I think we're so caught up in being on our phones and doing something else, whether it's eating, watching TV, talking to people, that it's kind of a lost art to be mindful. It is it is, especially with the phone. I was talking to an old British entrepreneur who retired early. And I asked him like, honest, do you think, like work ethic has gone down with time? And he's like, no, humans pretty much work the same. He's like, they're just distracted cell phones. Now. That's all. It's true. But it makes it makes it feel like you have that much work. And you're that much more stressed, because you're trying to focus on two things at once and not doing either one well, right. So within the cell phones and the distractions, as much as we praise social media, do you think it's also like the double edged sword where it's also causing a lot of problems for people to? Oh, yeah, for sure. So I don't know if you've watched the social dilemma, but it's actually scary how manipulative social media is and how it's just basically a giant marketing ploy. But yeah, I feel like from being a distraction from causing people to feel like inadequate or not worthy. For Kids, it's like, you know, everyone looks so beautiful and perfect on Instagram and the filters. It's, you know, it was told was hard to imagine a time when it wasn't around. Yes, absolutely. And it's not even that old. I think it's like 10 years now. Yeah, it's not that old. It's really not like I don't remember not having a cell phone. And I'm like, how can we live without cell phones? Literally, I so I born in 92. So I remember when flip phones were the thing? Ah, hot is all the rage. And I don't know if it was in your area. But Trac phone the service? Yes. Guy. You figured they were the original like pay as you go kind of plan back? Yes. So yeah, I bought my track phone, flip phone. And my like $10 a month and only like 10 messages for the month. Oh my gosh, I totally remember I remember when cell phones were like a brick. It was like a giant brick and you would pull the antenna out? Yes. The Nokia. Oh, my God are really go back. Oh, yeah. We've really dated ourselves on that one. But the one I remember though, is my friend had a Nokia. And somehow he broke it. The indestructible phone. He somehow broke kind of thing. I don't like oh, you know, I got this flip phone when like, you know, I just like jokingly was flipping it open and closed. Well, the scream snapped off. It's still working. Are you kidding? No, I'm not like it was at the time. I should have thought about it. I flushed it down the toilet. I'm like, Okay, I'll get a new one. Like later today. They're like 50 bucks. But back then that was a lot of money. No, it still worked. I broke the SIM card. It still worked. I hooked it like 100 yards. It still worked on like, I think I have it around here somewhere. But it's the this phone I literally couldn't kill. Oh my gosh, that is so funny. But yeah, but now you look at it now like I have two kids. So I have a 14 year old daughter and a 17 year old son. They don't really know what life was like without having a phone. Or so one of the people I've talked to you they were they work in like a nursery. And so the toddler didn't know how to walk, but the toddler knew how to operate the iPad for YouTube. I just I just sat there and I'm like, what should Yeah, the toddler doesn't know how to walk. But the toddler knows how to operate an iPad and watch YouTube. Wow. I didn't just sat there. And I'm like, so that's literally we're just giving kids screens and brainwashing them into whatever. Great. Yeah, I always say that my kids are being raised by Google YouTube and Tiktok Yeah, tick tock. Now that's that's a huge thing for them. Everything. Everything is on Tick Tock. I almost say that was it. Since we mentioned it. Are you thinking of implementing that for your marketing? Well, I've been banished by my daughter to get a tick tock account but I but then other people are like, Oh, you need to be on Tick Tock and post workouts and I was just like, that is not what my target market is saying. That is not where my target market is. But I'm just like, I can't do another platform and others clubhouse which I like that's not open iPhone. You will see it's one of those. It's not open to everyone right now. So don't worry about that. But yeah, so Tick tock, just as a test I was just posting videos, and it did well. I was only expecting like two views it tick tock found me like 300 people. Wow. And it's just one of those I'm like, really like this. me just sitting in a corner talking about goldfish. I was joking kind of thing. There were 300 people out of the however many billion on your servers actually want to watch this to my interesting. That's crazy. Yeah. All the all Tiktok asked us to post and then like the proper trending tags for whatever, they'll find you, they'll find you your audience. That's repel. Yeah, it's one of those. Tell your daughters because the workout community is insane. I would the algorithm they are constantly changing. But the workout once the like one of them was to hold a push up for 60 seconds, which that in and of itself wasn't hard. So someone's like, I'm gonna do a one armed. And another person's like, I'm gonna do it one armed while the other arms holding like a 10 pound weight. By the end of it like this one guy is doing a head handstand on the board with the roll in the middle. Oh my gosh. It's just this long, like, reacting Jade. And I'm like, they're super into it. So like if you start a challenge on and be like, hey, I want to see you like progressive. Who can beat each other kind of thing politely. Yeah, you will find such a huge market real quick. Wow. All right, I might at night it piqued my interest. I might have to go against my daughter's wishes and just don't post any like sing a song once and you probably should be fine. Okay, good. Singing aren't my thing. Alyssa just like, you gotta tell her unless the audience is asking me to then I'm sorry, honey, I gotta do it. The people want it. There's a 10,000 people demanding. You never know. You could beat your own kid. There you go, then I'd really be that's what she's worried about that you're exactly right. She's her 500 core, because actually, it's one of those once you get to like 200 people see the bigger number and they just start following you to follow you. Oh my gosh, that's so funny. So yeah, you just got to break that 100 point and then you're solid. You're you're out for the racist. Then you hit your pork hits like Mama. everyone's asking you to do tic tocs with me now. Okay, you. God, so funny. So, other than that, I think we could cut it there. I definitely need to get you on again in the future. Yeah, I would love that. It's been so I loved chatting with you. It was it's been a pleasure and a blast. Yeah, same here. Same here. And if there's anything else you need, just let me know. Of course you want to plug anything on your way out for your stuff. That would be great. If I could just plug my, my website. Okay. And my podcast. That'd be awesome. All right. I don't have your podcast link. So I'll talk to you. Yeah. And it's after about Tad. Cool. All right. Thank you, Alison. I appreciate you coming on. And I appreciate you. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure and I look forward to connecting with you. Absolutely. Bye.

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