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Unknown: 0:01Welcome to the Josh Bolton show. Interesting and inspiring conversations. And now your host, Josh Bolton. Oh, virtual background. Did you get a patos plant? That's awesome. No, here's this I'll show you this. This is my actual living room, but my life is good. So, anyway. It's fine. Okay. So, yeah, I don't usually post a video so no worries about that. Okay. I'm so used to being ready cuz sometimes I'm shown the last second is like, Oh, no, we were gonna video and other times it's not. And through my practice, and through training, they may well got to set up the green screen grade, much of the vein to take up and down. They're the ones that do the bookcase. So right now I see apostles in the back. Yeah, I do have labs and things. And so all around the house. Yeah, love to have the plant grows, like the vine wise, but it's not actually a vine. Yes. So let's, let's get right into it. Tell me about yourself. Oh, you have a coffee too. It's water. Oh, my burning coffee. Oh, hey, Daniel. Tell me about yourself. And what you do. I'm considered a mind whisperer. What I really do with that is I help you uncoloured discover the hidden subconscious energy that is stopping you from creating and using the law of attraction, released it and transform it to a different higher frequency. But formally, I'm a financial advisor and a managing principal. And I enjoy doing that. So here's the business aspect side. Then when my whole life turned upside down, I went into my own business, I started an S corporation called the healing heart and became an as an energy healer for a number of years. And the last two years, I've been bridging the gap between the financial world and the energy body with the goals essence, I just finished a book it's published called financially fit. It is number one on Amazon. It's an international bestseller, bringing together the world of money, who you are as an energy beam. That's awesome. So much to impact there. So let's get into the mind whisper. How does that work? How does it work? I tell you all my secrets. Oh my god. Yeah, I'm sorry, for being quite yet. Or if you are recording, yeah. Okay, um, mine was screen, what I do is I go and utilize a meditation technique. And I alter my brainwave patterns, I enter another person's space. And by doing that, I can do a complete fool energy read of the person to see what it is that is stopping them from creating the life that they truly want. You know, most of the time, we want to live in happiness, prosperity and love, right. And we live in anxiety, depression, and fear. And we're not living in the state that we should be in. And so through the process, and by asking questions, I start with your conscious thought. And we go down to the subconscious to the root of the problem of holding it in the here's how it works. You have over 60,000 thoughts a day. And you're only aware of about 10% of them, right, or remaining 90% is hidden in the subconscious. And the law of attraction says, hold a thought, it creates your reality, your thoughts create your reality? Well, that thought is only going to come into existence about 30 to 40% of the time. The only way the thought comes into existence is if you give it an energy or a fuel, meaning that you have to give it fuel like you would give your car to propel that thought forward. And it's the emotions and the feelings that we have that gives the thought the fuel. So if you have a thought and it's filled with anger, you're going to have anger returned to you in any situation. If you feel the thought with happiness, you're going to have happiness returned to you in any situation, regardless of what you're talking about. Because it's an emotional vibrational world. Yeah, and that's actually so I had a conversation with one of my co workers because they're like, wow, Josh, you're, you're, you seem more approachable. Michael. One of his helpful is I'm doing a podcast talking to all these different walks of lives and realizing that we all think the same just our culture's presented us in a different way. Presented also, the second thing is, I'm just comfortable in my skin now. kind of thing said before I could not I, I just couldn't vibe with my own body. Now it's just like I am, but I am. Yep, absolutely. And I think that's what we're meant to do here in this life is live as our divine authentic self and be who we are sharing our messages help other people. Right? So going down a little bit of rabbit hole, how would you let's say, without going to a full session, slowly just pick away at me and figure out because I would assume it's better in person. Because you can actually feel the energy, I would assume a zoom, it's a little harder, but you can still be done. Um, I actually have an international private practice. And I all the time on the phone or on zoom, because it works the same whether we're in person, or we are not interested, how would it work for you? So I would just say, Can I enter your space? For you? And if you could shift or change one thing about you, what would that be? What would you want to have? My teeth? Okay, and what about your teeth? You want to have straightened out? Okay, and how would it feel for you? If it was? Wonderful? loads of confidence? And how does it feel to be now? I actually feel very happy about it. Think about the thought. And not having your teeth perfectly straight in this moment, or even yesterday, what does that bring up? sadness. low self esteem. Okay, so what I would do in an actual session is we would dig down on the sadness and the low self esteem, we would find where it's located in the body and go back to an event where that person originated from, it may or may not be sadness or low self esteem. But that was a triggering point that started a pattern. And that's what I mean by digging down deep in the subconscious on the surface. low self esteem. And when we get back to the original event, it might be something a little bit different. And then what I do, because I'm in your space is I uncover what it is that you did need from that event from that moment. And then we watch it shift and change inside of you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, it shifts and changes your DNA, you will fill a chemical response in your body because how it works. And then what happens is that 90% worry of sadness, and low self esteem just got re encoded to some other frequency that was hired. So instead of you holding the conscious thought of, you know, self confidence, it just happens naturally. And that 90% of the energy leaves your building that was cut out for the last few words. And when that energy leaves your body, and it comes back to you, you don't even have to think about it. Interesting. All right. So would you say it is also would like EFT be a good pairing for what you do, too. There's a lot of different techniques. I'm familiar a little bit with EFT but not 100%. The way I came up with this method, I am certified in a couple of different methods. But I've also studied with medicine, woman, shamans, a yoga healer, I lived in Australia, which is a spiritual living community for over a year learning some of the skill set. So what I put together is 25 years of accumulated experience to do so I can't really say that it's like this modality or like that modality or like this over here, because it is so many different places and all the little bit of the pieces have come from different avenues and from non traditional healing methods as well. Wood, Chinese herbal medicine and like not the psychedelic, but magic mushrooms be also something you would have prescribed to your people. Um, no, I wouldn't really do tell. Because what some of those things we'll do after watching, studying and seeing things with clients is inaccurate, open up. And when that happens, the amygdala gets triggered, fear center and a bunch of other things. What I have seen with people who have done psychedelics and different things is that when they do come and they asked me what's happening, my skin is like this. And it's like, well, your livers compromised? Yes, but I do iOS good. I do a ceremony every week. Great. Well They don't know how to properly transmuted out of the body. And anything that the liver doesn't process to go out the auditory system will come out of their skin. Over time, there's a buildup and it scars, the liver. And if you can just follow and keep a meditation practice, which is embodying meditation, doing something for pineal gland will actually open up naturally without the aid of anything within the plant. So I've known several people that have come to me with really interesting experiences after using and then asking, how do they get off all this other energy they absorb, because they decided to make it themselves. And it's been really interesting watching that and how the body reacts. Now, if you're in an actual ceremony, and you were taught, transmuted out of body like they did, or might be interesting. Yeah. So I personally have not taken heavy psychedelics like that. But I've I've one of those, as I've talked to different people like this one guy, no, ritualistically, once a year, it takes a very heavy dose. But he's like, that's it, I won't take it again. For the same reason, as you were saying, it's like, it just messes with my body. So one and he's like, it's a one and done for the year. It does. And even just simple things, like a lot of people as they do pottery, they do marijuana or things like that. It does the exact same thing and what it feels like inside the body, the heaviness, how it messes with it, and inaccurately connects brain neurons gather trying to get to the table. Yeah, then it's one of those, as I've talked to different people, like the avid users, they don't realize that part of the reason why things are falling off is like your liver, kind of like eating too much sugar, it doesn't know what to do with it, it just kind of just holds it or just like forces it to be fat kind of thing. It does. But um, there are people who use different things, because there are some feeling properties that you can ignore it is not for me, and you know, moderation. Anything in moderation is fine resume when you do it too much, then anything can be also bad. So for you do. So you said you went from financials to teaching, the mindset and the meditation, right. Go into that story. Well, how did that work? How did you go from corporate America to starting your own Corporation? What happened for me was at the time that I was a financial advisor, Principal, was I wasn't able to digest to the last couple of years that I was here. And it's a very painful process. That's Yeah, being able to do that. But I went through the normal route that we do here in our western world. And I went to my doctor and I went to my health practitioner and an ology specialist. And I went to people and after two years, not one person could tell me what was wrong. And I maxed out my health insurances two years, and I had everything from a stomach virus infection to actually otitis, even one time, they wanted to see how long it would take to digest food. I didn't eat for a day and a half, and then I got to eat eggs, with sprinkled with nuclear powdered and you get glow. And that every half an hour's in front of the x ray machines are my glowing eggs, the data don't do that. They even took out my gallbladder it was perfectly healthy. There was a false Jones's cancer, those go anything. And every time I went for something, or the next, well, if it doesn't get any better. After two years, I didn't Please come back. And I chose a different alternative field. And I went to a naturopathic doctor who did practice Chinese medicine, energetically, and she did a vastly different intake for me. And she asked me about my home life, she asked me about my work life. And then she did energy work on me gave me some enzymes that I did this every couple of weeks. And then one day, three months later, I realized and that was when I realized my marriage totally fallen apart. And that there was a lot of anger in the household, a lot of anger in the corporate world, right after 911. There was a lot of different things going on and moving parts. And she said to me, Well, in Chinese medicine, the stomach is not is about digesting food, which means there was something in your life you couldn't digest and I was just blind to see it. This is that hidden subconscious part. I physically couldn't see it. And what it was was what was happening in marriage and the anger. So my marriage ended. I left the corporate world and I went and moved to an ashram, which is pretty living community. Alright, let's see what was going on because I was obviously. Yeah. So what I'm trying to think of the question for when you were the financial advisor, you said it was it was too stressful. I'm assuming you are very fluent and well versed in business and the markets and stuff like that. Okay. It's very few people, I could have actually talked about that no set. So I'll come back to that later. As you were saying, you couldn't face your problem and digested, the funny thing is, I actually after you, I'm going to go to a herb shop just down the street from me, and this is Chinese herbal lady, but she's predominantly energy. She uses your acupuncture. And so I had a terrible injury when I was 20. It hit me to the back of my neck, and all the nerves on the back of it, were completely destroyed. So as she's been working with me, now, it's like before, you could barely tap my shoulder and I would literally cripple over in pain. Now, like, because I do martial arts, they can actually hit me and I won't fall over. And that's that's the thing that people are, oh, it's, you took medicines, like, no, literally, the lady just redirected energy within me. And it just fixed me. Yeah, there's an all ears, it has all the different plants for the meridians that run through the entire body. And because she's been doing the process, it's been opening up those channels. Allowing energy to flow through again, why you don't have as much if at all, because it's when it's blocked. Right. It's just the only problem is there is a bit of a permanent damage. So if you tapped me right on the face of the school, I'm done. But other than that, it used to be like, they literally couldn't tap me on a show by Good job, or I would really cripple over and pain and the base of the skull one to it Well, first, and then it'll go into virgin. Okay. Okay, yeah, I'm gonna, I'll, uh, I do a Gambit. I like to help her out. So I buy extra services. And I just gonna be like, three hours with her is still awesome, awesome lady. crazy story, Sue. But that was the one thing she said just your mind is more powerful than you give it credit for. So, for you going from corporate america now to a mind whisperer. How did you go about forming your corporation? And how many do you have employed under your corporation? I'm a single owner S corporation. Okay, but I do have staff that works with me in various capacity. They do. Yeah. Um, when I was in the financial world, in corporate America, I had a dual relationship. I was partially 1099. And I was partially the financial advisors for all 1099. They were independent contractors. So you ran yourself as your own business under the corporation heading. So for me, I had a part of it. That was my private clients. That was my personal practice. And then a part of it that I was at work in the company for doing movies. I took that same skill set, because I have a bachelor in business, Administration and Finance and marketing. And when I decided to start my own business, I started out as a sole proprietor, and then within a year or two, changed it to a single owner S corporation, because of the tax benefits. I grew and filled in my Yeah, just what I learned before. Right, which is your financial advisor information and you realize like, an LLC, or even an S corp is way more powerful than sole anything. So then what would without like explaining all the boring legal stuff, how would you go from source proprietorship to S Corp. Um, I use my help, who is interesting, and he helped me fill out all the paperwork and put it all together and set it up correctly. And then registered as an S Corp. And then they're the whole first year guiding me. So I guess it's like, because reporting is different, right? quarterly? Our taxes are due March 15, instead of April 15. I have to be ahead. I use accounting software, that books thing and I do and I keep it all categorized at the end of the year, like an hour to to give them my composite numbers and then he can do my taxes within a day. Yeah, yeah. was some my martial arts instructor he says that he's like, as much as I love the marketing the building of the students He's like, paperwork is the pain of Amman, if you don't do it, right. He's like, it's gonna take your account way longer and might be a little late. I got down the system. I remember the whole first year, I just wanted to blow out my own hair because of the frustration I had. And I remember talking to him, and I said, I just want to quit. I'm going to end. I'll go back to the sole proprietorship Can I end this? He's like, remember, you started a new entity? So it's like divorcing the government. You don't want to divorce the government? Oh, god, no. Fine, we'll have it your way. So I kept it. And it was very beneficial. It was a pretty big learning curve. I won't say that. Especially being even for you well versed. It's the no minute, different details that go in and you're like, What? I'm supposed to do that too. Yeah. And when you realize you didn't file a report, and you're like, Did anybody tell me? There's no playbook for those guys? No, there isn't. And when it changes, I don't even want to. So he takes care of all of that. Yeah. Yeah. I was talking to one of my first few interviews, Was this an accountant CEO. And he even said that he's like, you're better off just paying the extra for a good accountant. Because he's like me. Yeah, you paid me 1000. He's like, but I'll figure out a way to make you write off 2000. And a couple other things. He's like, I'll get you He's like, a true account will save you more than you actually pay. I don't think believes in paint. They will learn Oh, yeah. And that's the that's the one thing he said he's like, I even if I get minimal pays, like, my thing, my like passion is to find all the details and cross the i's and dot the T's. And I looked at him like, well, he said, they're wrong. He's like, ah, see, you got it that time. Like, all right, all right, Charles. So as far as the journey towards this was it is, would meditation have played a big role in calming your mind in centering yourself? It is the basis for everything that I did today, I was taught by a Zen Buddhist, how to do a walking. And he had us all stand up, walk in a circle that was raised far away with all of these factors that we had to be mindful of and get rolling. And then he sat us down and he said, this is a mental meditation isn't something that you do or something that you participate in for five minutes, or 10 or even 20 minutes a day. It's something that you embody, and, and you live this way, you live in a state of peace, we live in the state office. And that's what really solidified me moving to the ashram really learn about embodiment as the way I live in this state. It's not that I sit around and go own pretending that doesn't really exist in my world. But it's an everything that I do, whether it's car, cleaning, house working, whatever it is. Okay, just a quick question. Is your mic through your computer? Or do you have like a USB sitting around? I have a podcast? Is there a chance you could bring it a little closer you cut out every so often? Sure. Is that any better? Oh, much better. Okay, yeah. And that was just that was the only thing. So actually, one thing for one point in my life, I was not trying to like, convert, but I was just studying the Buddhist mindset, the meditation, like, I finished the miracle mindfulness A while ago, kind of thing. And it's just one of those. It's like, wow, this is not just like, help people like, Oh, it's Buddhist, who he is like, no, this is deeper, it's more layered, more onion than we realize. Absolutely. And meditation is a way to unconditioned the mind. Because we're always learning in all of our environments, whether we're watching TV, we're reading everything programs, your subconscious brain, and because that's the function of the subconscious, it requires the moment you were born to the moment that you're in now, every events and everything that you do is in there somewhere. And meditation done right and properly, is a way to unconditioned the mind so that the conditioned belief systems are not there or that you don't create patterns from something that isn't to give you an example, listening to a story, and it's the same story over and over and over and say you've heard it times over the summer, your subconscious starts creating that same story, even if it's somebody else's as their own true, because they heard it so many times, they accept it as a true. If you meditate and have that meditative practice, then what happens is, is that story doesn't anchor and become your truth. You don't live that lives. Right? Right. That's that. So that's one thing I've picked up on. So my like, back when the march market crash happened, I didn't have no idea about the market, I was just like, oh, you just buy this and you hope for the best. So I'm hearing people who are like praising This is the best thing since chocolate pudding kind of thing. And then other people are crying in the street. And I'm like, so I've literally devoted because it's locked down. There's nothing much else to do. Just studying the market this and that. And at a certain point, people were yelling, because they're like, your podcasts are boring what I like, but it's good shit. Like I'm forced feeding myself the information. And essentially, it got to the point like now as I look at the market before, like, last year, it's like, oh, you're doing like, it's like a person? I Oh, you're doing you're turning left? Right. Is that okay? But it was because of the force feeding and forcing my subconscious to think of that. Absolutely, absolutely. And all of that with everything that you're doing with what you're learning, what works for one person may not work for another person. And it all depends on the power of the belief, the energy you put behind your belief. A friend of mine believed that if they ordered steak from a restaurant, that they had to order it medium for it to come to them medium rep, because this was trained to over or excuse me to under cook the meat of it wasn't right, they could cook it a little bit longer. But if it was overdone, they would have to start over and it would be waste. And I looked at them. And I thought that was the silliest belief ever. Because if I ordered steak, and it was, and I wanted it medium rare, the cook would know the chef would know to cook it medium rare and bring it to me medium rare, right? There's like there's times and rules that you like, you don't cook it past whatever, like two minutes per side kind of thing. Right? Because of the belief that each of us had. We wanted to figure out well, whose belief is right. So they ordered their steak medium. And I ordered my medium rare, and they both came medium rare. Interesting, because it was the power of what they thought and how they felt behind the belief. So was their viewpoint wrong? Or my viewpoint? Well, neither it was the power of the belief that allowed it to come into existence. So I assume you've read the book power of positive thinking and thinking grow rich? Yeah. So that's one of those few things where I, when you combine those two, it's like, as much as we because we can't see it our thoughts. We don't think they're a thing. But it's like, it's absolutely a thing. It's one of those you should care more about your mind, then it, of course, don't discard your body, but you care more about your mind and like your body if like you lose something, it's like, it sucks. But at least this is still taking correctly. Absolutely, absolutely. And it's how and what you feed your mind. But not just what you put into it. But the fuel that emotions, the feelings that you register, and that energy sends out. So it works kind of like pheromones, you know, pheromones, we can't smell them. But we know that some people are attracted to us and other people get repelled from us. But it's all based on the chemicals or hormones and the pheromones, your energy field works the same way. It's going to allow some of your thoughts to come into existence, based on the energy that you're putting out. That if you're sending out the negative frequency behind the thought, sometimes we don't even know it. That's what's going to return. And if you send out something and it has a happiness or a fire lighter feeling behind it, it's going to bring that into everything. Yes. So touching on that. When you were saying what you watch is what you become would you say social media has also become a bit of a negative feedback loop. Social media is a little bit differently, because it has an based on AI technology. Because what you pay attention to in social media is an artificial intelligence. Working like the law of attraction. It keeps showing you what it is that you are looking at from your viewpoint and beliefs. And that's why two people who look at and use social media can have two vastly different experiences with what shows up in their feed. Because it's based on the AI technology, it's registering how long you looked at a post, which post you clicked on, if you've commented, all of those things, and it's artificially feeding you, what you've looked at and what you want to see more of, and it's registering all of that it's recording all of it and storing it for you. Okay, I guess what I was trying to go for is it does all that. But did you think it also was intentionally feeding negative because negative, gets more interactions kind of thing. If you are looking at it from the viewpoint of the negativity, it's gonna feed you more of that negativity. I don't do that. And I only look at certain things. And if something negative comes up, I either scroll right past it, or I look at something else, or I don't, and I'm always putting out something positive. So my feed is going to return to me that positively. Are they doing it intentionally? No, based off your interactions? No, or not. But is it a negative feedback loop? If you want it to be it will be and it will program the brain that way? What you see, and how you see it might shift and change to remember, there's this one post and it shows Yoda. And it's the master has failed more times than someone has began or, you know, the apprentice has began or something like that. And I looked at that from the standpoint of beliefs, and it said the master has failed more times. What is that programming the subconscious mind to do? Well, if you want to be a master of something or master your craft, it means that you have to fail to be a master. And that subconscious, hidden part of that meme, and I went, Whoa, because one day was like, Well, yeah, you keep doing it. You keep doing it until you master it. And then one day, I'm like, how can I tell daily? Yeah. Yeah. But it's very true. I've done martial arts for 14 years, and I've literally have seen more punches than one person will in their life. I've fallen 1000s of times. And I've failed 1000 times. But now I have achieved blackville. And but when I look back, it's just like, oh, but that was just the process kind of thing. You had to fail to learn to fix something. It's really, it is. So my favorite send off question for people is during this COVID time, what do you what are you currently doing? Has anything shifted? Or is it just business as usual? last last year, I returned from teaching in Brazil. I flew out of Canada, because I live very close to the Canadian border, and looser Chicago into Brazil. I had to fly home the same route. And I was guided like days to fly home. So I did choose those days. And flying home was really interesting, because it was the day everything started shutting down. And airports are saying, and communities we're going on lockdown. And I remember getting home Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon getting messages from school system saying schools kind of canceled for a while. Well, wow, I made it home, just in the brink of time flying through all of these countries that were experiencing all kinds of things trying to get back home. And so all of my events after that were canceled for the next several months, because everything I did was like, right, I took the summer off, I reformulated thought about a lot of things, and finished my book which was financially fit, and went onto a virtual stage in my own program. And now I'm doing podcasts and on some other speaking platforms, internet live streaming TV is coming. And a few things like that. So business, yes, as usual, done in a different way to still get the message out there. Okay, yeah, you had a lot of people had a pivot last year. And if you didn't pivot, you were not gonna survive. So then, so for me, my The one thing I remember is, I would I don't want to be rude, but like what state are you in? I live in bigfork, Montana, Montana. I love that place. I still need to visit it. I went up to Minnesota and we went through Montana for a little bit. We have a big state. Yeah. So here in California, the bobcat fires last year around October ish. It was one of those that's when we were still in the heat of lockdown. No one's moving kind of thing. And I'm still working away at my grocery store kind of thing. And it's the Erie no one's on the street and it's raining ash. And it's like the it's the this is this is horror movie shit. This is not real. Like, we're like what it was going on here. I did do one trip last year. I went to that area of California. Just before the fires started in August. I came home. Three weeks later the fires started. I'm like, I don't think that was supposed to happen. I was just there. Sacramento, San Francisco wind Valley, that whole area. Yeah. And it was eerie. Um, I don't know if you've watched it. It's a bit of a depressing one. The Book of Eli. I have seen it. Oh, okay. So it reminds me of the moment when he's hunting the Siamese hairless cat. Or he's just completely covered. And it's just he's acting like it's normal. That's what it reminded me the whole time. Like, we're in the book, Eli, this is not real. I thought that was actually a very good movie, especially Andy and I did not expect that mean, either. But now knowing it and you rewatch you like, Oh, that makes sense. The certain hacks and C's do it because he doesn't need to see he just needs to hear them kind of thing. Yes, absolutely. Because he had all of his other senses. Yeah. Well, finishing this up, wrapping up. Is there anything you want to plug social media, your website? podcasts books? Oh, okay. The best way to find me is that Donna Campbell, calm and a Campbell. And if you wanted to follow me on social media, whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, type in my name, Donna Campbell. Okay, I'll definitely talk to you more on the website to get the proper links to perfect, wonderful and no books you the the wonderful, yeah, the financially fit book, you can certainly get that at Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or if you wanted to go to my own website, I didn't do they get a discount for going to your website? Or is it about the same for both? It's the same. Okay. It's one of those. It's like that maybe? Yeah, yeah, that's what happens with books. All right. Thank you, Donna. I appreciate you. And I appreciate your time. Thank you and stay safe during this interesting era where and? Yes, thank you for having me. It's a pleasure. It was a pleasure. Bye.

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