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Yeah. Yeah, just turn them on, man. It's okay. Yeah, it's so it's six o'clock in the morning. So while you're trying to adjust to time and space Are you good? Yeah, I'm good. All right, let me see if I can just do this and then I'm ready to rumble. I'm ready to do to do this. Hey, man, what's, what's news? What's been happening? Not much. Just been working away during this pandemic and starting a podcast. So, yeah, that's, that's do, right. Yeah. But I think everybody's kind of fed up for kind of like, Alright, it's time to get back to work kind of thing. Yeah, it's right. It's alright, I'm just gonna I'm just gonna live mine. We love it. My now. A live now. Oh, I'm just recording audio if you want to go live? Yeah, just make sure I get it down. Sorry, one second. No worries. If you want to get started now, I'm more than happy to just to just jam it out. keyboard is are you using like stream yard or something like that? So he's stream labs. Okay. Yeah. So it was just so initially I started off in, I was like, gaming. Right? I bought a pet. Like, I enjoy gaming. Then I bought a PC, all my friends sort of talked me into getting a PC. And so I was like, all right, and then I don't know, one of my friends is, is a really good friend of mine. He was like, dude, you should stream my life. You should stream stream yourself video play video games. I was like, Yeah, okay, that's cool. Um, so initially, I started off on on Facebook gaming did reasonably well. Viewer type for that. It did vary, depending on times, like I really didn't, I only did it for about four or five months. And it did fluctuate between, you know, like, yeah, like 10. And maybe it also depends on what game you're playing to. And if people like it or not, that's right. It's, it's such a it's a weak community, the gaming community. But so then I went, I sort of got to the level where it's like, your partner, another partner, like you're affiliated with Facebook, and you can have like a partnership. But yeah, and then. So did that. And then I was like, well, well, what's next? And then I was like, well, I'll just jump on Twitch, give Twitch and go get featured go. Same thing, like hit affiliate. And I was like, okay, it's one of those. Unless you have a certain niche. It's fun as a hobby, but it's not gonna be anything extravagant. Yeah, and it's one of those things it's like, it's something that I use is like a sort of killed time where then I, I, I play with my friends and just sort of hanging out and whatnot. It was one of those things where it was really just sucking fun out of that, because he had to sort of be like, switched on and like, try to talk to people in the meantime, and I just wanted to play it again to my friends really seriously. Yeah, me and my one buddy. Were talking about starting a gaming channel. Then I told him like, the amount of Alec absolutely rude jokes we crack. Like it only can stay between us. And if we're streaming this show, we're gonna get in so much trouble. Yeah, so that's, that's another thing you have to be you have to be ultra wary. And like you said, you just kind of want to have fun with the mates. But there's a long list of rules of how much fun you can have. Yeah, they're really it's not really having fun. It's just doing as he told them in a you know, very open setting and I get it like I understand it. You know, there's there has to be rules to everything. Otherwise, you know, she could just fall apart but I don't know. It's You just turned yourself off. No your mics off. You hear me? Yes. Now I can hear you should not be going to my desk Mike. Can you hear me clearly? It's a little more staticky now. All right. We're just working on some tech issues. So usually usually when I do this, I do it through. This will be a zoom thing. I usually do it to Discord. That's what Yeah, gaming background of what I've done. I'm just going to change it over. Let me know if it's too bad. Okay. Oh, that's Chris from good now. Yeah. All right. There we go. We're doing all right. This is the broadcast it sounds like not the other one. The other ones my my gaming mic. wasn't bad, though. It's good. It's not bad. my headphones, it's good. But it's because the USB is much better. Yeah, it's a it's a slippery slope. This streaming stuff, isn't it? It's a regardless if you're like, if you want to do podcast or video games. Yeah, it's expensive. It is already $1,000 into this. Yeah, there's a there's really no limit to it is that you know, you could spend a lot of money. Yeah, and if it's but if it's a business and LLC, at least in America, you can write all that shit off. Yeah. Can I? What? So what are you doing the podcast? But are you planning to do are you so that's kind of what I've been working out. I'm still like a month old, very little downloads. But I'm thinking like an interview at least once a week. Maybe twice if I have a lot. And then just Friday is just me going at it. different topics. Yeah, I had a I had a look at your, your podcast, and it's good. I think it's it's sort of a similar way that I do mine. I wanted to sort of like, keep it open. It's really hard to talk to people about it like nothing. It's just talking to people like I was trying to get a haircut lined up. And the lady's like, oh, what do you talk about my honest, like, my first two big names are like at a CEO of an accounting firm, and chief marketing executive of a bank. Yeah, it's interesting to hear their point of view, but it's not exhilarating. Yeah, it's very, it's very sort of nation is very hard to like, get just, you know, somebody cutting your head, like, you should listen to it. I don't want to do that. Yeah, I know, I did tell him like, I know, everyone at my work is not going to listen to it kind of thing. So it's like, I'm not gonna even tell you about it. Yeah, so like, I think I started mine with like, the whole like, shit, if anybody listens, like it's sick of people. Listen, I like the fact that I can watch numbers grow a little bit. Right, but I like doing it for myself. Like I'd like really to enjoy talking to other people I enjoy, like having people on that a have might have a different view or might have, you know, been through some shit. And it sort of gives them like an open forum to just to discuss what they're going through and, and and really, you know, not be held back. I feel like some of the people that I have on, had on or I'm having on, they get really restricted in talking about things because whether it'd be like political views or just just blatantly disagrees with them. It's a it's a it's a good way of just opening the door. So that I think, yeah, and like, I like a day or two ago, I interviewed a PR lady. And she was so scared to talk about Corona. I'm like, I'm like, I don't care. I got it back in December. My shit lungs are still fucked up from it. Let's just talk about it kind of thing is, it's just been everyone's been too selfish. Yeah, I think it's like, we're a little painful for the world that we created. We created this is like an obsessive witch hunt, which is canceled culture where it's like, I'm told about it because you're gonna get in trouble. It's like you want to get canceled. It's like, Okay, if you bring it up, you can get fired if you talk but it's it's a complete of correction. You know what I mean? It's, it's instead of being like, Alright, let's discuss something to bring awareness to it. It's, it's completely buffed out. And obviously, the things that we can't talk about. Yeah, there's obvious topics that you probably shouldn't be talking in public forum. But once again, it's it is very obvious. But it's, it's once again, it's out of the so I did I had a friend Come on. I've known him for a while and she's she she gotta subscribe to the whole 5g thing and it's bad for you. And she's a bit anti Vax. And interesting, too. It's a it's one of those things and I got banned from a lot of shit. I really banned from Twitter. I got taken off YouTube, like I had to fight to get it back on YouTube, I think it's just like she just expressing her opinion on it was no blatant. Like she wasn't trying to change people's minds. She just wanted to, you know, just tell people that point. Right. And that was it. It was though, you know, and it was as soon as you mentioned, 5g and an anti vaxxer the sentence. Fucking everybody loses their mind. podcast. Go for it. I don't fucking care. Yeah. So yeah, it was just like it was an immediate I'm pretty sure that they didn't watch or they didn't listen. They just say 5g, any vaccine. Yep. Yeah. I tried doing like the tick tock thing where you just film yourself. I just I had one of those British Porter hats. That literally they're like, oh, you're 18 you're white and a male and you're wearing a hat instantly. You're a pedophile? I'm like, right. And like, Jesus Christ, I deleted everything. And they're like, we're gonna tell the admins and we're gonna before you know Twitter. Isn't it? Crazy? How it's like your immediate oldest, just shut it down. So this is why the fuck that like, I've had I just I don't I don't read the comments. I don't, I don't care about the comments. But it was just one of those. Like, the thing was blowing up and I just left for like an hour. I had 300 messages in my comments. Holy shit. I just wonder. I'm like, What the hell is going on here? Like, I am not that popular? Yeah, it's like, That's scary shit, isn't it? Like you, you post something, you see it blow up. And it's either one or two things. You're either getting praised, or you get blasted. They're just lynching you up to the tree. It's uh, yeah, it's weird, though. And it's weird what people perceive as certain things and I think once again, this thing that we've created, it's thought of enables them to do it, right. No enables them at a rewards and then after, like afterwards. So it's like, you see something that you don't like, you label it, demonize it, you attack it, and then everyone gives you praise. Yeah. Yeah, that's right. And then they go to their friends. And they're like, Oh, look at this guy. Look at this. Yeah, like, I'm hot shit now. And then they just move on doing nothing with their lives because they live in these fucking restraints that they created, that they're enforcing on everybody else. Cool. And idiotic. And I've actually talked about this with a couple other people where I'm like, kancil culture itself initially was a good mission kind of thing. They were trying to point out the things that were bad. Yeah, now it's turned into a monster that they are trying they became the monster they were fighting. And but that's, that's exactly what what happens. And it's, it's not to say that things can't shouldn't change. They definitely should. We all need to be better as human. But having once again, is fucking just complete overcorrection. And let's shut it all down. And everybody, everybody's and everybody's that and go this know that. What it does, it does create that a greatest sense of equality can't do anything, can't say anything. But not only to the people that are doing and saying it eventually reverts back to the people accusing people of doing and saying no, that was the longest like the biggest reason why I wouldn't start podcasts because I'm like, oh, what if like, I get in trouble and I can't get a normal job. But then it's just like, I do martial arts in my area. So one of those big Yeah, I'm a black belt. Now. I'm trying to go for second but Corona permitting, it's hard to go into the studio. But one of the head guides, I was telling him about the show and what my mission was, he's like, Oh, yeah, there's people that are not gonna like you and they're gonna yell at you. He's that Mike What if I lose my job? He's like, Oh, no, someone will hire you. Trust me, it's not gonna be the best job in the world. But they'll hire you. Yeah, you love the job. But that's I think that's hard to get. It's it's avoiding information isn't gonna help because I think it's like shutting everything down, doesn't bring awareness doesn't educate. I think that was the biggest thing of me starting the podcast and I I try and make it abundantly clear in every every one that I do. It's, this is a it's a podcast for me to educate myself. And if I like for instance, I have transposes from one and Sunday to Oh, nice. Talk about it because they, especially here in Australia, they don't have much of a voice. I would think so I think Isn't it just mainly England and America, they have a very predominant voice. I might get seen the demographics wrong for the other side. It's definitely not as strong here. They still go through a world of shape. And I had like a bit of a pre interview yesterday. And I was like, Look, anything I say and do, literally, it's just me trying to understand that, that there's not a lot of information. It's not readily available, you can find it. But it's like, if I look it up in America, it's very filtered to their view, but it's not like trying to explain it to mind kind of thing. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So and it's, it's, it's one of those things, and I know, I'm gonna say something stupid. It's like, I think I like next week. Yeah, I think next week, I got like an LGBTQ couple that are all about quantitative relationship. I'm like, I don't even know what that is. So like, let's just talk about that kind of thing. Yeah. That's what it should be about what we should be doing. And I think, I think a lot of people are paving the way. Rogen has a, an excellent model, because he obviously does something similar. He's a bit more on the edge of like, just getting smart people and to educate him. He's just baking on weed. Yeah, you know what I mean? Like, but he's definitely, like a movement like Oz, where it's like, Alright, well, fuck it. I'm just gonna have it on. No worries. If you don't like it, don't fucking watch it and listen to it. You can easily hit unsubscribe and blocking and never see me again. And it's, like I said, I'm very big on like, if you don't like it, don't message me. I'm gonna ignore it, or we're going to shut it down. Yeah, like, if you feel offended, or if you feel bothered by it, maybe look at yourself before attacking the person trying to try to put information out there. You know, take a big, long, hard look at yourself and be like, Why does a trans person bother me? Because maybe there's something wrong with you. It's not the person bringing the information out there or trying to learn about it. It's fucking you. So? Yeah. Like, very big on that. Oh, trying to be well, we'll say I will say how to come by and then I'll have to be like, Josh, are you okay? Yeah, yeah. messaged me in six months. I was like, I had to leave my country. I had to go out to the neatest area with all those beauty dragons and other reptiles are gonna kill me. Right? You guys have the craziest reptiles over there? We're crazy. It's like everything wants to kill you. Even though water for some reason wants to kill you. Don't do anything. Because then you're home. It's not even safe. There might be senate Peters ranch. Let's get you. So I remember. I was in Portland a few years back and I was driving to me. I was with one of my bandmates. And we were two girls and we're headed to the beach. Okay, like breaking a spider in the car. I fucking hate spiders. Oh, yeah. Usually hate them. Right? They suck the cop car over. Get out. And I'm like, Where is it? And they pointed a tiny spider ever. And I was like, that's, that's not a that's not a spider. I thought you're talking about that six to eight inch motherfucker. Yeah, what we do is we just and you know, let's, let's get on with it. But yeah, Australia is a different. I don't know. I think it's like, if you grow up in it, you don't know anything different. So, right. So it's just it's just there that you'd learn certain things. Like when you're out push, like don't go in the water because it could be crocodiles. The actual bush because there's lots of spiders. You know? Things like that. Like, don't do it. Because there's something dangerous there. Yeah. So you just don't do it. You just don't go in the water when you're told not to go in the water. Because this shocks pretty simple stuff. If you listen to the people who who've been around to do their job, you're fucking fun. Yeah, if you don't you get stuck in a rib. Yeah. I don't understand it. Like I do understand it. I think it's I think it's what we're seeing. Now. It's a lot of people with 30 issues. Like split between the flags. I don't assume between the flags. Fuck you. I'm gonna go swim over here. stocking. Yeah. Yep. Super simple stuff. It's like it's like it's common sense. But common sense is not as common as it used to be. Yeah, that's right. It's a it's a it's a bizarre time we live in. I know. Undoubtedly. It happened. prayers, and it's gonna happen post us. Yeah. People just don't wanna listen. People don't. People don't do their thing, man. You notice you live in America man How is it over there? Are you guys going hey doing he's doing I don't really follow that anymore I just it's it is what it is. But no i'm not i actually I didn't vote for any of them I voted for the Green Party his name was Howie Hawkins alley set up let's try get we'll do a hell yeah. An American interview of Howie Hawkins like so. Here's the Americans like us like so. How many gators Have you wrestled? Yeah, that's a really dumb question. shit like it's honestly just It tastes like piss piss water. You guys have a crazy brew system over there too. I remember like let's just go to the server that's that's crazy. And then you buy the beer and it is ultra cheap. Oh yeah. It is so fucking cheap. I remember coming back from the States and for what you could buy a case a Corona for you can only get a six pack in Australia yeah cuz you have the import tax right? So wouldn't your brewers in the island itself be cheaper than or is importing Corona cheaper? they do is they label it under a cross via so it is the old dry expensive? Yes like both ways. Yeah. This is an Australian via we're gonna make it cheap. I thought it's an Australian You know what's funny Foster's like their big one for me it's only like two bucks but I'm assuming it might be more for you guys then. Huh? You don't know is that an American like joke thing started here obviously. And then I think as soon as like America got hold of it right it's not that good anyway it's like your Bud Light just piss Yeah, that's right. So you guys have it we have an abnormal amount of shit that we can drink name names but you know Yeah, yeah. So we have a we have a heap of like peace water heaters. Hey, yeah, that Fisher Bob Lutz. Have you Oh loco. I asked every American is no cuz like monster energies literally can give me a heart attack. Trying to take a Four Loko and that it's like, jeez. I'm obsessed with him. I want to want to get him here in a scrap. Having said that, that was like 24 year old Josh not 32 year old. It is essentially it's like a monster and a half. And then like eight shots of tequila. Yeah, that's what I try and explain to people. I'm like, just say, okay, you literally need like one solid like four ounce and you're good for the night. And it's like three bucks. By some anyway. And then just give it to everyone else and be like don't kill yourself. Yeah, that's right. Good to go. We I remember trying to do a like there was like five of us over there. And we'll see how many we can get. We bought like, bought a ton. I think we got through like two and a half. And that was it. Yeah, well done. We have we have at least in California, I don't know if it's anywhere else. It's called a buzz bowl. Essentially they just mix everything in. There was a shittiest like syrup and make it kind of go down. Yeah. And literally it's like a Four Loko but just pure alcohol like six shots all called Good luck. Guys are really obsessed with getting fucked up. Oh, we are fucked up is like yeah, you get fucked up as well. And it's one of those like my co workers when the pandemic like hit hit, like, Oh, I can't go to the bar. I can't drink and I'm like, Well, why would you want to in general kind of things I Oh, just we get shit faced this and that and crazy stuff. And we figure it out on like Facebook, what we did and I'm like, Alright, well, you go you go have fun. It's exciting. And you can just be stuck with your nightshift job the rest of your life if you keep that up. It's a it's Yeah. It's I guess like every major city sort of has it. It's you work Monday to Friday. And then you try and forget your route. Yeah, it's just I don't want to. I don't want to do any of that. Then you wake up Monday and you do it again? Yeah. under five Friday afternoon, five o'clock heats. Go out. You get as belted as you possibly can you recover Saturday. If it's really bad. There's a sort of Sunday, Dan? Yeah. Sunday then yeah, you got work that you do. You should that you should have done Friday night and Saturday. On Sunday. Saturday is like repairing the damage that you did. Yeah. Freaking like, fucking like two liters of Powerade try and get yourself again. You know what's funny? Might at least in my area, no one knew about that, that you needed electrolytes when you get drunk. Yeah. I like this one of my mom's good friends. He's an avid partier. And he was like, hey, pro tip, he's a good again rate, put two or three aspirin in. He's like, Advil, Tylenol, whatever you feel like, and he's like, let it dissolve. And just if you can remember chug it before you go to sleep. Yeah, he's like, he's like, instantly your hangover you to cut in half. We're pretty much gone. Yeah, yeah. It's crazy part about that is creating systems that feel like shit, rather than just being like, I'm not gonna drink. Like, I'm gonna drink all of this shit. This concoction and shit. Like probably could kill me. Yeah, that's right. It's, I can tell what we're doing here. Um, yeah, cool. I am assisted to do a podcast to get like a who's a speaker on? How did you? Oh, Brandon. I think so. Yeah. And he teaches people how to speak. Yeah. Properly pronouncing all that. How did that? How did that come about this? I guess like being on such a like, on a level where you need to learn how to. Because it's fucking genius. Right? He's like, I was trying to get him to say which CEO but he wouldn't do it. But yeah, he um, I guess it's just one of those. He's very good at presenting. And sometimes he's got it in, you know? Yeah. Yeah, cool story as well, which is, which kind of adds the flavor of it. I guess. It does. Everybody likes hearing about that. Huh? Yeah, I thought I thought his ending where he was dancing in his mom's basement to Justin Bieber was just like, Alright, buddy. Um, yeah. Like I said, I think that's what it's about, right? Are you gonna sort of go down the more executive level of yours consider like, yes, I'm pretty like, I I just, it's one of those the way I do it, it just seems easier to pitch to an executive than it is to just the average person. Yeah, right. I find that odd because it's probably backwards. Yeah. It's a like a false to be like, executive of whatever might Hey, come on my podcast. So you might, there's actually a need to finish up with the lady. She's gonna go live next week on it. She's a PR lady. And she actually is a PR for a farm in Australia. Oh, really? I know. She's an awesome guy. And like, well, he's Australian. So like, he's already gonna be awesome. Yeah, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I've just, I just cracked the the fringes of society. I don't mind. I want to say like this, like you, it's like, they give you a lot of tension sometimes more than you would want. That's right. That's exactly right. I got a I got a flat earther coming up next week. Yeah, yeah, I think it's gonna be fun. Like, I don't want to, I don't have to, like cuz I'm like, Well, I can, I can see their logic a little bit. But it's the literally, we have math now. And it's like, there's a curve right in front of you. Like, if you go on a flat field, you can't see like, their definition of flat earth. I could be like here and I could see you if I had the eyesight. kind of thing. You should notice it seems very far away. No. Yeah. Which is, it's crazy. I want to get more of the psychological side behind it. There has to be a reasoning. Gathering. I understand the reason it's more like a community rather than a cause. Yeah, I I think it's kind of like kancil culture. It's just an art cult kind of thing. Yeah. I try not to use the word cult. It isn't cold. Yeah. But I think as soon as you label something that cult you just like the bad ones like the Jim Jones's and not Yeah. And you're like, Fuck, everybody's gonna die. Whereas I think they're just spun out incredibly well. And I think I think the people at the top of it. I think they've been like, I think they're cashing in on something. It shouldn't be. I guess that makes it a cult. Right? Yeah. I mean, like some multilevel marketing is completely occult. There's no it's like there's there's no reason this should exist, but it's crazy multi level marketing. What a water system. I came up with it as a fucking genius right? They're horrible well they're fucking genius. Well all they're just saying is like we'll take 3% of whatever you make and whoever you recruit make that's it that's all we want kind of thing and 3% itself doesn't seem like anything you're like whatever it is a day you know, if I sell $100 worth they'll just take like three bucks for me it's like whatever I spend on coffee but it adds up insane. So I think like 98 98% of the people who are in multi level marketing make $0 I almost got recruited for one what a bizarre and fuck that pitches good there right. It is freaking brilliant. like it I like how they I think in terms of sales, they probably some of the best salesman in the world. Yeah, and I think this this unguided loyalty to the brand that they think they own and I like, zit This is the stuff if you rub this oil on you, you can get rid of it. If you rub this right over your asshole you will I promise you your colon cancer is going away. It's going fuck that medicine. Oh. chemo sucks. sit in a chair for hours. But take this weird coconut oil mixture and it will just gone. Just infuses right into your eye and I think you should be fine. You'll see it coming. We promise. I like all of these things. Like none of them is like have really I'm sure they have caught on to the fact that it's always like attached to something else like Flat Earth is like it's attached to religion and then like some sort of like you have to come all where it's like a you know these heart high up people are trying to control us, you know? And then like oils are like well let's attack the attached to some other sort of conspiracy as well. Like I think that's a compound conspiracies to push an agenda. I don't understand how most people say it, but not all people see it. Like, oh, this is fun. This makes sense. You know, flat earth. Jesus is coming back. I I honestly thought it was gone. But I guess with the advent of the Internet, it came back. Well, yeah, it's been gone for 2000 years. I figured it out pretty early on that it's it's not looking at ships sail away. Yeah. Autumn says, he kind of go, oh, there's something not right here. You know, when they sail around the world, and they go on edge. I don't know. Like, I figured it out pretty early on once again, it's it's a I think at a time where there's a lot of like, he can't build social groups like we used to, like our social groups have fairly fucking easy back in the day you go to school, that your friends, it's like you like fit against, like video games, we're friends. Yet, same town. You know, same workplace. We're all fucking friends. Now. The doors have just been kicked open. Right? And it's like, I will mean you could be friends and then we have to find a common ground to be friends. Right? Right. So and it's giving people too much fucking option with the Tinder society where it's there's so much fucking option that we don't know what to pick and choose. So we try and grab things that kind of fit the brief of what we consider friends. And then we just we fucking to dive into it headfirst with complete disregard for what we know and what we feel. It's just like, it's a workout. It's totally fine. These guys. So I watched the if we're gonna stay on the flat earth documentary, and I don't want to bash them, especially because it's it's may having one on next week. He might do some homework and listen up. It's just like, watch a documentary and it seems to be one of the higher up guys. And you kind of look at his life. And then you go Alright, well, what's happened to you? And now he's getting attention from people that he's getting attention from girls and like he's lost sight of the hidden a different direction and you have to go like you like you jumping onto something has it enabled you to to find that thing that you're missing that you couldn't do before without the the you know, the flatter the spin enabler of it. You know what I mean? It's like you've You know, I think it's like if you go play soccer and you start to make friends playing soccer, regardless if you're good at it or not, and then you start to make friends and co bond over kicking the ball. Yeah, exactly. And then fucking like soccer becomes the biggest thing in your life and you start watching it stops. I sing over because it's it's attributed to you having a better social status and having a bit more social currency that you can trade with people. And you're like, I'm the fifth best soccer player on my team. You know what I mean? use that as a trade off to make friends and out of fucking, I don't know what's happening. It's kind of like House of Cards where he says everything revolves around power. It definitely does. And once again, humans a very fucking simple, we need very few things. We need water, food. And then beyond that, we need social structures. That's it. We actually need them. Like they if you don't have social structures or structures in your life. So say, if you sit at home, you have no friends. You become depressed. Is this. Oh, yeah. It I mean, we just had the basis case study last year. Exactly. And that is exactly right. And you can the proof is in the pudding. If you keep people at home, they go fucking crazy. Saying because their social structures have now become zero. Regardless of zoom, you still don't get that you need touch and feel you need sensory things that could relate to these. It's just like, just the energy alone of the person being in the room. You don't have to talk to them or touch them. You just immediately get that vibe. And you're like, Oh, this guy's this this is that that guy kind of thing? Or is that long term relationship? Like somebody just didn't want to give a talk. They didn't even touch me and upset and it's nice. It's just knowing someone's in the room is comforting. You know what I mean? Though, for a week in New Aachen crazy, you go absolutely bonkers because you're like, I gotta get out. And if you have nowhere to put that I need to go out energy. Crazy. Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's a it's once again, we're very simple. And then this is how you can apply these these things to calls is we believe it's just people wanting to fit in the brain wanting to associate something with their gender and unlike minded people. Yeah. Like, God, I was 20 ish. I was going to college. And there was it was obvious group we all knew like that was the the like Coke guy. You don't go talk to him kind of thing. Because he was a smooth seller. Like he isn't that the crazy thing? It's like, they're all really good. Oh, and literally, this is the part where we felt bad. And we would interrupt the people who would target emotionally vulnerable people. Yeah, the emotionally vulnerable and lonely. And I was just it's one of those. It's like, come on, dude. Like, she's just because it was the one I stopped to mine was like, she's just lost like her boyfriend. Laughter kind of thing. Just like, don't do this whole. It wasn't even Mormon or Jehovah Witness. It was just like some weird like, the green leaf of God kind of thing. Oh, man. I'm like, Dude, don't know. Don't Don't do that to her. Yeah, and it's, but that's what these people pray on. Like, if you like, if you can sort of divide, like, what's the difference between a colt gym that just I think somebody said it's like, just 1000 you know what I mean? Yeah, 100 years, something ridiculous like that. If you can keep it cold for 100 years, it becomes a religion. Scientology. Exactly. Exactly. You know what I mean? And and that's how you have to prey on these people who are looking for somewhere to go. Again, Nazis. Nazis back. Everybody knows that bad you don't get any credit for for being a Nazi. You don't get any sort of positive response. But it sort of fits in agenda. It gives you a place so you can call home look at gangs and gang. Can they asked you don't know where you're going? You don't know you're doing and these people go We'll give you a home and you go that's fucking sick and no, but you have to believe this. And you go to small price to pay and and being lonely. Yeah. Being shit on being nice to being that. So you get where it comes from? How do we solve it? I don't know. It's just there's always the the problem of you can't stop it because it's just it is who we are. Once again, it's just like a mental health. And that's it. I think it is overvolt back around to this culture that we crave rather than live in a very tribalistic world. And whether we want to admit it or not, some people are better at things than they are and it's always going to be stopped and everybody wants to be the top of that pile. Absolutely. Work structures with your friends structures. Like it's ingrained in the children. There's always a popular kid, always a pretty person. It's always the ugly, there's always a spotlight. Yeah. And there's always somebody wanting to be always somebody wanted to be to be top of the pile. And we chase it and chase the fuck out of it. And if we can't get it, we create something. And then this is another thing. And I'll probably talk about it on the podcast. And there's a numerous romance cases of people going through a transition in terms of trans and then regretting it. Yes, is the major movement might get you cancelling and coming out who have jumped on a bandwagon, and it had nothing to do with them. And it's taken, taking focus away from from what started because like, yeah, there's a lot of people will Well, this happened to me once and you're like, it's not the same, you just all you do, all you've done is wanted to feel accepted, and you've made up a story to do it. But then all you're doing is ruin that person's life kind of thing. You're ruining both sides of the story, when you run into the person that you're choosing, or you're ruining your own lives by going through a transition to fit a brace that you thought you'd be accepted. Come back from he can't put it back on. Yeah, you know, it's expensive, but it may not work either. And it's once again, is doesn't. And I think people once again, hear this and they go touching get me to, you don't know what it's like, on one, you don't know that to Ken. And this is why we should feel good trans people, you don't know, they didn't want to plenty of cases of people going through the procedure and regretting it. There's a couple of documentaries I've seen at least on normal TV god, that was a year ago, like a long time ago. But it was just these people talking about how they were excited and happy that they transition. But then they're like, but my, because one went from male to woman. So she was like, I regret it though. I still have male tendencies. And it's one of those. It's hard to take it out. But then once again, does it come down to the health system, we're not providing whatever, like I don't, I think the thing is too broad. There's too many variables first and fully fucking understand it. And it's something that's really kicked off. And once again, is people who are going to go through it, we really need to go through it. And I'll adjust time. And there's people who really need to go through it who want to just go. But then there's the opposite where there's people going through it. Don't need it. Don't want it going. Going to abuse it. Like it's just fucking society. There's always going to be people trying to put on a glove that doesn't put them. Yeah, yeah. One of my co workers it was God, right before the pandemic hit in 2020. And we were talking about how his daughter at like, 12 is thinking she wants to be do a start the transition. And he and that's where he's like, What do I do? I don't want to be that asshole. They get sued. I'm like, dude, you're the father. She's still technically under age. You're in charge, at least in California kind of thing. And, and. And I just kind of offhandedly said to Mike, Julie, your kid watching YouTube without monitoring anything she does. And he's like, yeah, like, it's not a bad thing. But YouTube pushes the LGBTQ plus community because they're very vocal, and they're very interactive. Yeah. I said, she may have never thought about this. But because YouTube force fed it to her. You. Yeah. And I think it's that once again that that force feeding and it's how they doing it, I think, once again, is this complete overcorrection development. And if you're not doing it, you're the problem. You know what I mean? You're not meant to stand up. You're the problem. If you are not black, you're the problem if you're not a cop, you know what I mean? And yeah, once again, is it's it's the release the fringes, the bottom 10% the top 10% that middle at the center, aka you guys know what it's like, would you let your 12 year old get a tattoo? Oh, no, no. Because whatever they pick is gonna be fucking stupid. He's gonna be a shitty unicorn with like a dick as a warren k thing. And I know people are gonna bug because you can't compare the two the two different things. Yeah. Very, very young. And I think it's once again everybody should have a right. It's everybody has a right to say and do what they need to. Obviously there's consequences of it. But I think if if these communities that have allowed us and especially those like malicious ones, are they going at attacking other people? Yeah, that Nick. Maybe let the other people speak To adjust, it's not just we are right, we are this and say, Okay, well, well, what about the other person kind of thing? Maybe that one person that you're saying is actually not what you say. It's, that's exactly like, let's talk about it. I'm on a podcast. Yeah. You wanted to Josh and Josh podcast. Yeah, the dosage. Just that. Double Jason. Come on, like, have a chat about it. Don't fucking yell. Like, we don't need to be screaming at each other. Let's have a chat. Like, even with mine, I try make my my podcast is like, I'm gonna start doing home shows where I've got like a, just here, set up, okay. And I was like, if you guys want to come on, you want to have a drink, have a drink, whatever social lubricant need. If you're naturally good at talking, if you want coffee, I have coffee, you need to go take some practice, whatever you need. Know what I mean? And it's there's no judgement, right? Whatever makes you feel open and calm enough to talk about it. Because I guess these things are like, when you speak to these people who have these very strong and firm belief as soon as you bring something like something up, or ask a question that doesn't. It 100 1000 times it doesn't completely agree. They immediately react. And most of the time those reactions of anger, sadness. Yeah, we hit an emotional limit where your brain goes, alright. Logically, my brain can't handle this, but emotionally. Let's see what we got. So emotionally, your brain goes Fuck you. And then somehow you just have to say it out loud. Yeah, and it just comes out when you react. You can't control it. Like how many? Everybody fucking does this? How many times have you been doing something? Driving? driving is a probably a prime example where it's fucking it's super simple. Everybody knows how to do it. Somebody merges into your lane by accident, right? Yeah. Why don't you go by giving it a little finger and like, it's your logical brain is driving the car. And then it's at its limit. Because you like I'm driving this fucking two ton vehicle down the road. And there's another two ton vehicle next to me that could kill me. Like logically like I'm keeping in check here. And then anything outside of that where you know, there's a discrepancy in what's happening in you. You commute. You go motional brain take care of it. He's like, I got this man. And it takes over and you just do some stupid shit. And then you drive down the road. You're like, yeah, yeah, I showed that guy and then your brain keeps backing you, man. Like, right? I made a mistake. You know? how that happens. every aspect of life I guess. This one guy. I don't know if it's crazy like this over in your side. But I cut him off and he grabbed some change from his cup holder. And just threw it out the window at me. I don't like what I like I saw his hands. I immediately like ducked out, but I'm like, dude, you're you're literally throwing weapons now at me. Yeah. Oh, where I live? You don't do that? No, some tourist drivers. Oh my god. So like, I don't know if you know much about Australia, but like I lived in Sydney. Sydney is like the biggest city. Right? driving is crazy. Imagine if you've been in Oregon, Portland. Portland, Oregon. Right? We're in LA. Yeah, San Francisco in San Francisco. It is la it's definitely la where people are in a hurry. Do they really fucking busy either? No. Are you going to fuck yeah. And then coming back to Canberra where I live now which is it's a very small city or a very large town that people have no hurry getting anyway you know, both lanes are taken up by people doing under the speed limit like that and so when you come back you immediately heightened on the road because in a big city you have to be fucking switched on the fight or flight like if you're not in that mode, you're gonna get crushed kind of thing. Yeah, you're gonna you're gonna fucking beat that screamed at people so enhance lives and change in the car. So it's, it's, it's one of those things and it's something that I try and buff out now. It's come down. You don't know what they're going through. You know, they're obviously fucking stressed because they're doing under the speed limit. their perception of of the road is much different to yours, which is great. Bit Yeah. Well, once again, a lot of people don't get it. Men, older men. They don't get it. All dudes just chill the fuck out. Your Life isn't that much more important than mine just like chill out suck don't fucking change. I seen I saw a video the other day of it was these two I don't know where in America and they just fucking road raging. This guy's filming it right? So he's driving and filming they're fucking screaming at each other and the guy driving and filming pulls up a gun with no hands on the road at this stage and he's just watch the other guy's brakes. And it's like, what the fuck man? Like, what? We're wearing your point of life? Have you gone? This is a good idea. Yeah, like I worked security for like a hot year and a half of truckers. So in general, they're like politically incorrect and a can. And they are and they've told me this. That's the funny part. But it was we had to, like go through their cab not like invasively just like casually look like do you have a weapon kind of thing? So I just the trigger was like, why are you doing that? Like, well, I gotta make sure you don't have a gun kind of thing. He just pulls a desert he got like, like this. I just looked at him. I'm like, Oh shit. I really thought I was like, I had a driver's license everything there's a camera next to me watching the whole thing. I'm like, dude, like, even if you kill me, there's a camera that's recording this is saved on the server kind of thing. And he's like, well, I'll delete everything. I'm like, No, that's it's a server like I don't even know how to delete it kind of thing. So how that works buddy tape. And I just literally had to call the client Mike so this motherfucker on sending in just like pull the gun on me. I don't know if you want to let him fully and kind of thing. Yeah, I don't like nope. Just turn him around. That is it is. It is absolutely absurd. Ah, you guys need to get up. Yeah. Or he's needed to get a little more drunk than usual. Yeah, let's let's combine the two smoke some weed we're good to go kind of thing. 100% combine the two. Why do you guys like so when I was over? They might the people that I was like talking to whether they be not so not very big or not giving. They're giving a what I'm getting with a guns. Oh, isn't a big, big gun issue. Yeah, label what you need. And then infuse that with a mental health issue or being paranoid about everybody having guns. I don't know. I've never been allowed to have guns in my house that I'm at. So I've never had the hold my right kind of thing. I've never had it so I don't really care kind of thing. I think it's just the the act of you have a dangerous weapon in your hand. I'm like, well, car can be the same thing. Just saying. That's what it is. And like I think it's a little statistic I've heard is like for every one person per household. There is seven guns for that one person. There's more guns than humans in America. protection. Its protection of course. You can get cancer. Obviously, if anything, so many fucking What is the gumpy? The National Rifle Association? NRA? Yeah, they, they can they can come to Australia, they can pick it out the front of my house. You should I remember having an argument with somebody over their body. And they're like, No, we need guns to protect those things that you definitely do not need guns. How would you know? spray guns? Get rid of them. And look at all the killings and say yeah, but those are the crazy people when we knew it now stopped. I was like you can't do you feel that a lockdown or you are locked down? Oh, oh, no lockdown. I was working through the whole time and I because I work night shift. I was already kind of like socially isolated. So I didn't really care. Yeah. Do you believe in the craziness? Like are you like you guys are obviously very different if you guys got told something and then told something and literally they're still counseling like they're correcting themselves I think something Newson was talking about something today and it's like Dude, just fucking make your mind up already. I like I get where they come like there's a there's it's very different. It's very different places. Like always like it's very hard to like sort of conceptualize the whole thing and try and put it into something that makes sense. This is what I saw the the guild that I had on the five gene or any vaccine should vary from the whole life and she will be left out. And I was like, okay, it really comes down to is a virus that It's brand new, you don't know anything about it. Right? It's released. And you you sort of take it for, for what it is at the start. And then you learn a little bit more. And you're like, well, maybe it isn't what we thought it was at the start. And it's forever evolving and changing. So I kind of get where like, people have come out, and they've gone Look, it's okay. Like, we should be able to work through it, and then they're gone. It's not okay. Like, this is not, it's, it's fucking insane. And it's killing it is killing people. But at the rate, they say it's killing people. And I'm not ignoring the how many hundreds of 1000s of deaths globally kind of thing. Yeah, but I think it was something like there's 57. Last I checked, I think it was like 50 million people's survived. And only like a total of, I guess, like 2 million died. That's like, fractions of a percent. Yeah, I guess. But like I said, it's like, whether you want to believe whatever you want to believe, I think everybody has to weigh in on on a personal level. So for me, and this is what I said, My dad has lung cancer just don't work. Oh, whether like, real or not, whether it's you know, I have an elderly grandma that I love daily. It's just not worth it. I guess what, that's what my point of view comes from where it's like, just play the fucking home, we'll ride it out. I get where other people come from where they're like, it's really not going to affect me. Let me just go back to work. Right. I understand that point of view as well. I don't understand why people get mad about needing haircut. And that, I don't understand how you like that. I think that's the level that I don't get this is really selfish in that they're like, I've got this small need, over over, say, a big need that kills old people. Yeah. You know that? Well, one of my co workers because we had a group of people like remodel our store. So like 100 random people came in, and we all got it. But my one of my co workers mom literally died because of that. I mean, Now granted, she was very bad shape, bad lungs. Asthma already had some like flu symptoms. So he even said like, she was already gonna die in like two months kind of thing. It's just Corona really sped it up. So good. Yeah. Yeah, he's like, and it was just one of those and like, I told him like, you get Oh, you're hopefully your mom like before she died, like told you it's not your fault. Because like, you will get a complete survivor like paradox right there. Yeah. It's a once again, it's a weird time. We're all doing shit that. Yeah. have you dealt with 100 genes or something? Wasn't it like the Spanish Flu last time? How do you deal with it? And once again, even in America, it's so many people on the one hand, it's very fucking hard to control that, that amount of people and their thoughts and opinions. Ah, yeah, that's it. That's a tough one. Hey, it really but like you said, it really plays into social dynamics in terms of social groups. Awesome feelings. White people join things like things. So I guess it's all just a big study, right? It is. Like it's it we're all learning as we go. Americans is providing some data. Yeah, that's all it is. Okay, well, like New Zealand being like the best of it. They just shut it down America big dollar and have it. Let's see what happens. We'll figure I heard I think the poor is doing amazing. Right now, like during the whole thing to places that are doing better than than others. And you can understand why like, so is like, well, New Zealand, shut everything down. And they closed this thing. But then once again, using only tiny, yeah, they can afford it. They gave everybody seven grand at the start. He has $7,000 stay home for two weeks, I think. I think it was one of those. They also I was either Vietnam or something else where they essentially said you got one week, get as much food as you can because we're closed down for a month. That's what I was like. I thought we were gonna do that. Yeah, same here to get the toilet paper thing. I don't. And I still think people don't fucking understand if you're one of those people, anybody if anyone listened to this, and you were the people who bought 1000 rolls of toilet paper, you're an idiot. You're You're adopt a piece of shit. And you can't even sell it for the value that it's worth. Let's say the roll is like $1 you barely get 25 cents now. You're talking made poor choices. A good job. Like I literally put that jack in the box during the height of the first because we had two waves here in California, of toilet paper buying. And the first one so the guy who tries to pay for a meal and jack in the box what's on the paper. God, the only reason he even worked it was because it's the height It so the managers like alright, I'll give them I'll just pay 10 bucks kind of thing. Give me like, give me like the four rolls. I would, I would slap somebody. I literally sat there and I'm like, Damn, I miss my phone. No one's gonna believe me kind of thing. Like, fucking hell, man. Like I own a small business and as somebody is like, Look man, give me some give me some of that and I'll give you some toilet paper. Like I will open you know, it's just as much as like cryptocurrency it's like no, I'm happy with that fucking hell man. Yeah, it's such a bizarre space just fucking need everything we do is fucking weed a legend looking back in 10 years being that guy that bought fucking $8,000 sitting on your on your wife has left you fucking your kids don't talk to you anymore and you're like I got my toilet paper though that I'm sorted to fucking aeons and toilet paper. This so oh my god. So even here at the shop that I lived across the road from that college, which is a regular supermarket sold out of toilet paper right and they had to put restriction on and can't prove this. Like it's just fun. rice pasta, right? fresh fresh food and and the meats sold out like that will last you one week. He's like get your pork and beans and call it like that'll last for What a fucking eternity. You could stock up on kandra did it last fucking aeons and these people like you know what we need? Toilet paper? fresh food. Fresh meat. fresh veggies. Yep. freeze it. freeze it for like six months. I still have some chicken from the big first buying and it's now like it's kind of freezer burn. Do I really want it? I just tried to do a bucket ship very fucking quickly. And it's I think maybe it's just like what overprivileged and we go. You know, we don't we grasp bad things. And they happen to us now because bad she doesn't happen. It's not like, no, it's only and it's one of those. This is the kind of bad isn't third world countries. bad shit happens all the time. But it's like, but they don't have the technology like us. So you say but they don't have plumbing. They don't have running water. They don't have electricity. Like it's them old school. They got to go hunt for their food they they may go for weeks without food because their crops growing and well Where the hell are they going to get food camping? And they didn't go out and buy all the fucking No, no, they just use the community rag. What do we do? What what are we really doing here? I think I think my thing is like we are just a TV show for aliens. They've come here. They come and crash and come to fix something like a satellite. Or a camera. And update kittens have laughing because they're like, these guys are fucking idiots. These guys are the dumbest fucking people I've seen ever in the whole galaxy. Watch this. We're gonna put we're just gonna we will make people sick and watch and watch more or less fun stuff. They don't need to get on it. But you one planet if they buy all of this. Like fuck that I'll give you 10 planets as they buy all this toilet paper. And they buy all the toilet paper and told you they're idiots. They're out there buying things that they don't eat. related. It's like Well, have you heard the conspiracy theory that there's actually aliens amongst us? Are they lizard men? Well, yeah, there's it's like the I guess there's, how's the guy phrasing on YouTube. There's like four of them. But the two most common are Lizard Man. And like the Norwegian blonde, which is their blonde. But it's like a strict color and their eyes are all blue. And I'm like, okay, so you're saying all Norwegian people are aliens? kind of thing. Different face. They're all tool. It's all and it's not just a just a one off where it's just like the odd person is a single one of them. And that's not natural. Right? It's not human. You know what I mean? They're not from me. I don't know. Like I mean, really that ignorant to believe that with a The only things yeah, I'm sure there's like a setup. Maybe that didn't come in because sucks. Like, it sucks. You probably just we're all crazy. And they're like, Yeah, I don't just tell her to leave a light that says I'm sorry. It's okay. I'm sorry. Just say we just, I was just saying tougher delights, however. But yeah, it's just crazy how we think that we're the only ones but it's like no like this. Our galaxy alone, let's not ignore the others. Yeah, there's within the big belt that we're in, there's how many hundreds of 1000s of stars, and we're the only ones here. We're the only people who figure out how to fucking get around. Yeah, it's a it's idiotic. But like I said, I think it's a, an arrogance that humans are like, the best at everything. You know, we know everything I don't like you can I guess you can so to subscribe to both you can go with a with a first and whether we're the ones who are going to populate the the planets and whatever and, and we're going to do it. And that's a fun belief because once again, it makes us a tip of the spear. But as soon as you go, but here's the thing about aliens, right? So it's like as soon as you are, well why haven't they come here yet? And you go because we're fucking idiots. Why would they come here? You know what I mean? It's like, would you provide people who dominate their own countries, a vessel to get off the planet to go conquer other places, right doesn't make any sense. It doesn't take a lot of work to figure if you can figure out how to get a spaceship off your planet to another planet. Pretty smart enough to figure out that humans will fucking take over anything. Yeah, I will, that will invade countries that will invade fucking themselves. Like we will do anything. And they're like, well, we don't want to go there. Because as soon they got these things that can shoot us out of the sky. As soon as they figure out how to fucking get off that planet. They're just gonna do it the rest of the fucking over everything. Yeah, I had a chat to my friend about it. And I was like, we have the all sorts of the we are all those bad guys that you see in in fucking Star Trek and Star Wars and that's us. Yeah. I think I honestly I think like Star Trek alone. They were on it. They they called this by the way. 50 fucking years ago, where they said there was a global crisis. We went in debt. We did a global debt Jubilee. And I'm like, back in the 90s. When I was listening as a kid, I'm like, okay, whatever. Like big fancy talk. Now listen to me. My Holy shit. They called it Elan out the eight. He owns an alien. But he's the bad aliens. The spawn of half alien half human. They're saying that about him Mark Bezos. Yeah, he's got the knowledge of alien but then he also has an attitude of human where he's fucking take care of everything. Yeah, I think on the MAS. Mas change it each name for Mazda Ilan town. And you guys are gonna come and say we're gonna just cryptocurrency only currency there. It's just nothing but Tesla's have to buy him. And I'm gonna be the richest person. That's that's where we're headed. We are. And that's actually the funny part is when learning stock market stuff because it's like how they get rich through the stock market. Well, it's like, if I put my money and now I can kind of ride their coattails and I won't be screwed later on. I think you're gonna do just get a I think it's like real estate. No, just gonna jump on. No time to wait time. So apparently they did an interview with some guy about Bitcoin. And he's like, even now, if you don't have it, you're in the you're in a worse position. Right now, our price of bitcoin is. Yeah. I think it's a light coin. And now he's gonna do that and he turned up ether or something. It's the Ethereum Ethereum that's it. They said aetherium and Litecoin. Have more promise, because aetherium can be coded to do something else. Yeah, right. That's crazy. There's I'm looking at him neon, there is a ton of them. And most of them are goddamn jokes to 100% I bought some Dogecoin what was it for you like a six cents kind of thing? Yes. Something like that. It's ridiculous. Like for us, I think it was like, six, seven cents now. It's like 12 cents, and resentment, and it'll go remember back in the day, what am I so my friend? Very big on Reddit. Very smart dude. And he was like, we should buy some Bitcoin. And I was like, that sounds idiotic. Yeah, it was. It was at that time to get dollar coin. And I was like, No, that's that's fucking idiotic. I was like, it doesn't make sense. And I was like, well, but I think it's like, we've all sort of subscribed to this like in like, your money is worth something because it's attached to something. You know what I mean? mean, money you have, they have the amount of gold money, right? Go in and cash it out anytime you want. Yeah, you just go to the banking like I had million dollars in the bank, I want you to go get $10 million of physical money and they go Yeah. It's a tangible, physical thing that you can own and grass, where it's like we're starting to hit into a thing now where it's like, like you don't need to own gym position to have no one thing like I've brought it up with a couple of friends. I said, What I think is going to happen and like, I was thinking more 1020 years from now kind of thing. But I said, I think there's gonna be just a general digital currency. We might not be Bitcoin, but it's just general kind of thing. I think that's what the Bitcoin was and that it makes sense. You know, it sucks traveling a lot. And burning money is fucking horrendous. It is confusing, expensive. It's doesn't make any sense to me. Doesn't mean the the value of things is gonna change necessarily in those countries like, right? Whatever. The Asian countries were like, Thailand. I think it's China. Mainland China now is completely digital. There is no paper money at all. Like, it makes sense. You know, it sucks coins. Fucking coins. I literally my mom goes works at a bank. I gave her all my coins. I'm like, I got like, 100 bucks here. It's like, Can you go cash for me kind of thing? Yeah, what are we doing with these things? Like my wallet doesn't have a coin thing in it. Like, I just have to buy stuff and carry it in my pocket. And the ones that do have the coin thing you can only fit like a quarter in and I said like, if you buy it, like under $5 and get all dollars at all points here. Yeah, there's not enough room. Is there enough space in your wallet? Now? That's our million dollar idea. We got to make a wallet that actually can hold coins? That's it? Yes. All right, we're bringing them back. Not not just a little credit card size, one that can only hold like two quarters. We're bringing back the essentially the fanny pack, but it's not the fanny pack. I think it's like the dad wallets where they take fucking 15 years. Yeah. is like a big that but just with coins. Don't put your there's no room. So receipts. Just that's it. We found a problem. We will solve it now. But uh, yeah, it's a money things read. And it's like, I think there's that that aspect of like, everyone's like, but that's how they control you. You know? Like, what if it's all digital, and they have control of it. But now I guess, in either way, the way that all governments are going, as I've been talking to different people, it's like, they want you to be transparent, but they don't have to be transparent kind of thing. You think people need transparency? You didn't know? Because I listened to hedge fund managers. And one of them's like the thing, if we do a big ledger, and everyone can look at what you buy, there will now be a group bias. ie, let's say normally you would buy a pair of leather sandals. But because it's real leather, you're a killer a murderer, so you got to buy the FFO one that cost like $100 more. Yeah. But he's like, but he's like, because he's like, put our money currently because there's no legit there's no, like guilt attached to it. He's like, it's brilliant. He's like, but the moment you put a ledger on it, there's gonna be like the Oh, you don't donate the church. You didn't give 10% of your money to a church kind of thing. People who don't need it. Yeah. It's Um, I don't I think any any control that we think we have as the general public, is this been long gone for eons? Yeah. Hey, just getting tweets over to people. And they like the fact that Satan is the one that gets to put a chip in it. A chip will track you like, seriously, I was one of those guys. Like, we back in the day with snowdens. Like, this is listening to us, kind of thing. Before it was for like, profit kind of thing. But now the government just has their fingers in everything. It's like, you know, when you look up that that one naughty site. The government sees that 100% and that's how do you sort of know I didn't justify it. It's like, do you do want them to know? What about tariffs? What about people who are gonna actively abuse the system? like yeah, we wanted to try How do you know who which tracking? Who isn't? Who isn't? Right, you everybody? Well, it's like, it's just a suggestion, though. Yeah, that's right. suggestion for those who actually follow the rules? You could do it. Don't do it. Yeah, you just gotta pay the consequences. But, um, so there was a I don't know if you follow American politics, but there's a bill passing in Congress called the urn act. So, essentially, it's the government's way of saying went back in March. They're like, Oh, children online. There's now online child predators. We got to stop them. They're using these VPNs and encryptions. So they're like, we got to end all this outlaw completely. Well, they're saying all encryption, including banks to no VPN, no security, and everything's public. And I just sat there, but but here's the catch. If you want your actual encryption, like your bank pays like 100 k a month and you can have encryption, you're okay, though. That's a Yeah, so we're gonna have to stop paying for things that we didn't bring, right. And that's just one of those. I'm like, I get it. But it's kind of like the Patriot Act. You use the kids and you didn't actually do anything involving the kids protection kind of thing, but the whole fucking thing you guys get on there with the war on drugs? Yes. Oh, yeah. Oh, buddies, for the kids safety for the future of our generation. And I know, I have kids. I don't want my kids on drugs. I don't want them. You know, online and kids. Biggest predator is the one that you give them freely, YouTube kind of thing. It's It's such a weird thing. And it's once again, it's control. Controlling people isn't hard. And it's not. It's not this fucking big winded thing where people like to have to do this is top secret stuff. It's right in your face. You got an iPhone one attracted to and keeps us so fucking preoccupied with the life. Like they don't need to do it. Like it's they sell. Like, getting fucked up on the weekend for music and through fucking movies and all this the controlling you that way. They don't need to fucking chip your body. They don't need to put these fucking you know this. I've literally had my martial arts instructor. He's like, oh, like blah, blah, blah, Mike. Sir. The music I said you notice, like, the 40s to the 70s. It was just stories kind of thing. It wasn't any there wasn't like the Oh, I'm suffering kind of thing. Get I'm getting bitches and making money kind of thing. I said you notice though? Late 70s, early 80s. it transitions to living for the weekend kind of stuff. Getting that getting that fat cash. Nothing that puts you kind of thing. Yeah. And it's like, but you notice that back then people didn't have all these. They didn't live for the weekend? Because he honestly did. It wasn't much going on. You know, how am I had my power cut out and I sat there and I'm like, Mom, what do I fucking do? Should I read a book workout? I'm like, but but I want to go on my phone though. Yeah, yeah, it's like I said, it's fucking creatures of the beast. We create this this thing. And then we fucking complain about it. Controls like, oh, no native controls controllers. We do it ourselves. very active in controlling ourselves. And if you think you're getting controlled, then you have some fucking issues that you might want to go talk to a therapist kind of thing. Oh, but they control you through that. And it's like, really Shut up. Yeah, everything's controlling you. Everything's controlling you. What do you do? Just go move to a fucking farm. Buy some land each attend is your life kept good. Like I know in America, Idaho, you can live off the grid by a farm good to go. But God is allowed to do it everywhere. For here like in California, it's one of those because most of California is incorporated into a utility company. So there's no reason for you to go off the grid kind of thing. What we're mostly incorporated like Idaho, I went up for like a month and a half of my ad. They have no power. Literally, like they had to build a whole generator system to get power. That's where Idaho's like, yeah, if you can figure out a way to get power through solar or wind or water go for that kind of thing. It's just like, Fuck, like we got power. You ain't getting. Yeah, it's like we're keeping it for ourselves. No small latos was a little bit of a small 1.781 and a half million people yeah but that's like most of them are either super North which is the Aryan race guys or the southerners Sorry, sorry okay, you know instead of people that are white oh yeah that's what I said arion racers like we I was when I was there I talked to one of the guys and he was saying oh I noticed you guys don't openly carry your guns he's like oh no that's the North our northern racist brothers do that. I'm like oh he's like yeah once you he's like said whatever counties like once you pass that counties a good luck. Just Just know you walk into the Warzone. I'm like, Okay. They have they I think someone does have a tank up there. That is I don't know. I don't know if that's good or bad. That's this special state we just don't talk about Where's Idaho? It's right next to Canada. Yeah. That's not is it that she like no weird like, elf looking thing? Yeah. How's like so Portland's next to it right? Oh progressive in terms of legalizing things and I want to go visit Oregon just because what they legalized drop insurance or something legalize everything is legal there. That is a good idea. It is a great because if it's not taboo, people are not going to necessarily be doing it. And it like a wave like Wu pointed to the benefits of just legalizing everything. like fucking crime goes down fuckin taxes like go down because it makes money off these other fucking aliens. They actually in a way it goes up but it's in the benefit because like California like the whatever the weaves is sold, it goes straight to the roads kind of thing. Like For Caltrans, old asshat was fucking around. Like it's not all bad, you these are all people really ruining the nation. They are these old rigid ways of thinking they're like two guys kissing. I don't like that because I like it. And I wasn't allowed to when I was younger, like get over it old man. The fucking 2021 just just do it is fucking kiss live streaming on YouTube. Go for buddy. That fragile. We don't like the idea to do this and then you got bigger issues. You know? The things that you find every bad 70s I saw two girls kissing an hour on mushrooms and I didn't like that. It's so weird how it's fucking just like, like he's a thing. He's something that makes everything better. You know, you got to regulate people's drug use. You can fucking give them clean stuff. So they're not Oh, dang on this fucking like chopped up mixed up bullshit. plugs. It provides money for everybody. And they're like, No, I don't like it. Like alcohol is fine. You know? It's cool that alcohol, alcohol and tobacco is okay, even though it kills you. Yeah, it's cool. Don't worry about it. Like, it's best that we have some people drink driving some fucking people's fighting on it. And even that just alone, not even just like the health risks of drinking and smoking. Like this is cool, because I like to drink and smoke. okay with it, you know? Yeah, fucking geriatric who's the head? He's like, 50 years is like, yeah, just super old and rigid. He's like, no, petrol cars are better than electric because I have a petrol car. Picks last, like 50 years. It's like okay, what did your marriage last that long? Yeah, that's it. Like Where are you kids? Are they still talking to you? Cuz you're a piece of shit. But I think it's like, I don't know you could fucking any of these like old dudes. I sorta like the kids are just like tiny versions of them. Like they are. These little rigid pricks. Once again, they think that they're better than everybody because I haven't experienced any life. Like, I go to this place every holiday and and he's so great. And we get to talk and it's all a nerd since I was 17. And I've had and that's my life now. And they're like, it's the best and you're piece of sheet for having a having a life. You've done mushrooms? Have you tried it? No. You haven't tried it? How do you know? If anything is more enlightening. I can't wait for them to the I don't know, I'm very big on on on how the brain works. Well, there was this one lady on Tiktok she was talking about how we are actually built to take psychedelics kind of thing. It's like it's not like a bad but it rewrites everything you've seen. Because you're seeing things through a new perspective. And when you're experiencing it, then your mind remembers it. Yeah. Oh, yeah. So I'm, like, I'm studying psychology and I'm I'll think of it later. Um, so the application of psychedelics makes the transition from from, you know, you can say damage in the sense that like they're not damaged as in your damages like this, this things in your brain pathways in your brain that are just not firing or not getting it right. In connection. Mushrooms, just fucking like, just fix everything. yourself good. It is immediate. And I think if you learn how to use it and regulate it, it'll become one of those things where you can just boss out childhood drama. You could you could buff out abuses that have fucking lingered over your head foot forever. And it's immediate like it is you do one good session on mushrooms. The next day is different you go I feel lighter. And are carrying this fucking heavy burden. You can be very introspective when you're on them. Am I like no? Let's not do that. yet. Humans actually being happy. No screw that. Happy people are guiding people. Right? Yeah, like I had a your mics cutting out by the way. Is it? I don't know. I think you just got too far away now. It might be better. Just a one pot. Yeah. But yeah, one of my like second acts. She was an avid pot smoker. So she got me a brownie kind of thing. Well, it was my first time I don't know what the hell I was doing. Can I think sorry, the whole thing. Goddamn. Get some psychedelic dreams. But I also worked out a lot of problems too. Yeah, I think a lot of people do that. Because it is a little introspective rather than numbing like alcohol. So some take booze, it's generally more than you need to. But it just inhibits everything. It stops everything. So he can't walk. talk very well. It switches off certain aspects of the brain we like think and feel whereas like weed and mushrooms, it's the other thing where you do think about it. Right? Once again, if you do it the first time you generally do more than you have to. Yeah, and it's fucking everything at once. And I think that everything at once where it opens that door and people go fuck, maybe I do have some shit. I need to sort out. I don't want to sort it out. Because then I have to face my problem. And I don't want to face it. Yeah, it's the worst thing in the world. I don't do it. Like I did weed once back when I was 17. And it is fucking horrible. And everybody should think it's horrible. and yada yada yada in it. And you go, okay, it doesn't make any sense. But they're like, do you want to drink to wait? asleep? You want a Four Loko? Yeah. Yeah. What a what a bizarre and backwards way. There's a poster called Carl Hart, who's very he's, he's a genius. He's not a genius. He's very smart. He's very smart. And essentially, he's a he just he's like a neuro psychologist. Probably very wrong on this, but he studies drugs and the effects on the body. And it is essentially like, it just debunks certain certain myths about a drug associated problems. So he he was very advocated for, like crack babies and how it was perpetuated by certain media types to to make it way worse than it was. And then even then you tell people don't like no, there's this crack babies everywhere in the 80s and 90s, just full of crack babies, especially in certain areas. And he's like, no, that's not how it was. And he's like, he was like, the effects on the body after taking certain drugs isn't as bad as everybody says it is. Right. Educate yourself, and people don't. But He's, uh, I was watching. He was on Joe Rogan. I think pretty recently and he was like, Yeah, do heroin. Like what? I think it's just like knee jerk thing that you hear people do it. You know? That's fucking horrible. I see people who do heroin and they're on the street and then they're not living well. But then you'll also see just severe alcoholics in the same position and have done. So, well if you microdose anything, you'll be fine kind of thing. You're not going to be instantly addicted. Well, like certain ones though, like, crack you kind of fucked. Practice very, but once again, it's like, do you drink for fun? Do you drink kids and sad, right? Occasionally, because it's such a lubricant, we want to, you know, just like go once a month or every six weeks, you just want to have fun with your friends. Or do you drink every day? Because you fucking hate. one just has way worse repercussions. And once again, I'd be implementing certain things will will will, you know, you know, let's control the amount they take. Let's control what they are taking. And then let's let's implement like, something to help them with the way they think and feel. And I think that's what we need to do. And that's my opinion. America. Some guy from Australia told me how to fofi drugs. I doubt they're gonna come after you. Don't be like I'm gonna go after the other Josh because he allowed him on it. What would you let us go? Yeah, anyway, Josh, I got a buddy, but this is a lot of fun. Man. We definitely have to do an hour when you let me know. I'll be in the same spot. Okay, next time, we'll have a couple more coffee so I can rant and rave and there we go. We might have to do like a Joe Rogan just go for like three, four hours. I'm working my way up to the three four hour ones. Right. Could rant for hours, but I think it tends to dribble off the CDI. We need to you need extra lubricants for that one. All right. Thank you, Josh. Pleasure. Oh, I loved it. It was really good. Thanks. I just have a good one buddy. You too. Appreciate you having bye

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