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Unknown: 0:00Hi, Josh Bolton, Josh. I can't see but Oh, hang on. This is protector. There we go. Oh, my gosh, how are you doing? I'm doing great pleasure to meet you. And I'm really excited to meet you. The best you know, your audience. You tell me, I heard that your show is an intrapreneur show. And all the habits and discipline and everything. Yeah, yeah, it is. It's all about mindset, entrepreneurship, just everything. I've recently like, I've been saying to a lot of guests, like I study trading and investing specifically in real estate. So it's gonna be awesome to talk to you about that. Oh, fabulous. Fabulous. I'm always and motivations. My other you know, I've been personally. I'll tell you all about it, and then we can. Alright, then let's do this. So tell me about yourself, Vinny. what you've been up to? How are you doing? Awesome. Recording, though. Yes. Yes, we are. Yeah. Hey, good to meet you, Josh. You know, it's just wonderful. energetic, I feel excited. But anyway, to the audience, we'll just call you. You're good to go. Wow, you do not you have more energy than me at 28. So I need to know your secret. It's the Miracle Morning. You didn't get a Miracle Morning. And if you're watching us, please Google it. Miracle Morning, my good friend, you know, how to work the book. And also, in many books content is a great friend. And just a Miracle Morning to get up very excited. If you're not even excited, but make yourself get excited. because more people get up in the morning dead. Yes, a lot of people, they just lose that button. Press that button. Press that button. They don't want to get up. Get up. Get ready for the day. It is Vinny real quest. Can you move a little closer to your mic? Your love to There we go. I appreciate the energy moving back, but I can't hear you. Oh, no, no, no, no. I've got the Yeti microphone. Oh, don't worry if you have to put it in the view of the camera. Go for it. Yeah, okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, buddy. Yeah. Awesome. So back to the mindset, um, how would you explain people who are who hit the snooze button who don't want to face reality, to just be happy and do what they love. You know, probably hate our job. We hate our life. We hate what we are, you know, trying to or we're not moving forward. And you know, we're just stagnant, or we are going through some kind of stresses and strains. You know, everything around us, right? We are not living up to our own standards. We have standards, our self esteem is low. Right? And our noise is more negative than positive. Yes, I really believe that. One has to really look at this. Because you can just be very excited about anything. Unless you look into the eyes and say, what's going on in my life? You know, for a week or one month or one year? Am I happy with my life? If I'm not, then I need to look myself in the mirror. Because that is the only person in the mirror that can do this. You know, Josh? We believe in it. I used to blame circumstances, right? Again, I came to realization when I came into this country, it's $7 in my pocket, okay, I have to live my dreams, but I got to work. Right. Audience No, they don't i don't post the video. So if you're wondering, he's talking about my wardrobe that's opening in my camping gear set up. Yeah. Yeah, no, no, I was gonna say like, you know, I came from India, right? happy when I started selling at door, and then of course, you know, in the open I can my ideas to be around people and things like that back to my life. But he really did take me on a different path of really working hard, smart, and, you know, get a rejection. I mean, not letting it bother you. All right. Yes, that is a priceless and timeless book. Yes, it is. Right is one of those. I haven't read that one yet. I'm getting around to it. Okay. So essentially the morning like you asked me, right, how to be happy. Right? How do we happy that? Just we should put a gratitude. I'm alive. I don't have a pain in my leg. I don't have a pain in my arm. You know, I'm full body or if I'm right. Right. My legacy. Right. I live a life. And then we take gratitude. That's what Miracle Morning is gratitude to the people who are good people in my life. And my team members in my case, and my family, my wife. Oh, my gosh, we're gonna have to go into the secret of that now. Right, enjoy. Electrical. Wonderful. Real quick question, Vinnie. Could you just move the mic in front of your camera instead of off? Yeah, you're moving back again. Okay, okay. I don't mind it being in front. As long as you're you were cutting out and it was like really hard to pick up on that. I apologize. You're much clear. Love it. Keep going. Yeah. You want to be happy? Right? Nobody yet. It's in one second right now. If I'm not happy with my life, I exist. And then looking to myself and say, why are you unhappy? Right. What are the major factors of writing? That I'm unhappy because of this? Okay. What are the three factors? Why I'm happy. He said the job is if I don't have, you know, the kind of things that I want in my life, this will be you know, not acted upon the pace that I told myself that I will, you know, am I just degrading myself? Ah, because I never keep up with like movements. Right, right. Like you say, you know what, I mean, right, like Zig Ziglar videos and insert, you know, all the great people from Wayne Dyer, Jim Rohn, who are here to want to shape me ideas. Yeah. And the fact that when you commit to changing yourself, it's like a ripple effect. Once you drop the Stone Age stretches out to others. Like, oh, Vinnie is doing better. I wonder what the secret is I Oh, he seems to be always happy. I wonder how I can do that kind of thing. And then just keeps going, then they get happy. Next person gets happy. I want to grab my, my wife, she saved me. I don't get good consultation, you know, we talk a lot. With the most positive person, write a book on positivity. Oh, definitely, we're gonna have to now get a link for that. That's awesome. Okay. How to take away negatives, that your mind is asked to get the positive? with like a free glass, right? glass of water. The glass of water is there. Can you put any stones in a nice big hole without spilling the wine? Maybe we need to empty the negatives out of our brain in the mind. But then it gets into our mind. Oh, yeah. Oh, my gosh. And I can do this. When all the negative goes away. Right away one night. In class, why I call it class? Oh, yeah, it is. And one thing I've noticed is just in general, a lot of people like this to live for the weekend, they work hard, then they get there two days off, they get drunk, etc, etc. But it's a very sad life because all you're living for is what 48 hours out of how many hours for the week. We all there was one point for me I was I was living the same thing. But then I realized I was young and I didn't know what drinking meant. So I mixed everything. It was a very bad experience. Very long hangover. So Mike, this isn't what people do every week. That's not fun. That's not happy kind of thing. I know it's the I'd rather just watch TV or read a book kind of thing then do this. Always, we don't want to go. I mean, if I can take a million dollars, right? In a year and not do anything, I will gain a comfort zone right? I get $1 would it stay on the couch to the mind of being successful? And the only each coming otherwise, if we get ourselves moving? When I say moving means not. Right? Because if nobody makes it even to make $10 or $15 $100 in a week, you want to do some kind of thing. Right? Some people do this why is all your manual labor right? ourselves who we are, and we want to go to some people making 40,000 a year. Yeah, in over here, San Francisco where I live. I mean, the lifestyle that I'm living now and it gets you morning, happy. You know and then you say you know what? I can really bring value to other people around me so that I can give you money. Yeah. So you have been talking about your business. So you do what's real estate syndicate? Yeah. Right. I started doing the syndication, business syndication. Five, I learned that good amount of money from my mentor and coaches, which I believe in that because otherwise you can learn it right now, I bought a duplex By the way, nice way back. And you know that when I bought his family home in California things go very fast. They always go up there's only going up to the only thing is the taxes also go up while it goes up. Did you know why? Then I bought $52 million deal. You before last 14 units 180,000. How did we meet that? million 34,000,007 15. Austin, Texas. I know it took years, many years. They say it's an overnight success. But it could be. Right. Yeah, that's where like this accountant I was interviewing earlier. And he said he's been in business for 30 years. He's like, it's only been the last seven that I can live comfortably. And I can use like I can indulge, I can buy myself a plane. He's like, it's a beater. I'm gonna buy a used one. But he's like, it took me 30 years. And everyone's like, Oh, it's overnight. He's like, well, what happened to the other 20 something years? I just did. See you getting ready for that. That's how I look at it in my life. Yeah. It's how you stuck with the spreads. When you open your mind, get the idea. With your friends, the average of five friends, right? We're gonna be making money, thoughts and all that stuff, right? The bright friends, and you can change the world. If you want to take massive action to move to a better life, better happiness, and all those to the bathroom. has to be it has to be because otherwise. Yes, and that's just anything. It's like skill sets mindset. As long as you when you're actively doing it. Then you're only the only thing you're doing is improving it. Vinnie, for your mic. Can you be like a fist away? Yes. You still sound like you're about halfway across the room yelling at me. Oh, no. You know what? Maybe the problem is this one, buddy. Oh, it's my fault. We should do it again. I apologize. Know that you have we have plenty of time. So let's the skirt. No. It was not on Yeti microphone. Oh, no. I was so surprised when you said that. Because I do these recordings all day long. Right? Much better, isn't it? Oh my gosh, much better. Now. I gotta turn my volume down. I had to like 100 just to hear you guys. It's okay. My bad. Totally my Oh, I don't want to ruin the vibe. This is great. Thank you. Thank you. I apologize to everyone listening to me, guys. Hi. Yeah, yeah. So you as you were saying it took you many years to get where you're at. So your mentor What did I'm gonna say? Let's put it in perspective. What did you kind of pay back then? I know it would be more inflation now. Surely at that time, I paid 25,000 just for me, Jesus. It was a lot of money back then. A lot of money, a lot of money, a lot of money. And the worst thing was good or bad. I took When a lot of team members, they are no longer with me, and I paid for them 20 2020 also, I believe in education, right? We leave to the core of my heart that I would rather pay somebody who has gone through the path. And they tell me where the minds are, where I need to be careful, and how I need to propagate, right? Because I'm investment property, you have a million dollar, 2 million, 4 billion. It's a big thing. Oh, it is a mistake. A lot of times do people just don't take the next step to buy the big thing? Because they are so worried about, I don't want to mess up, right? So I said, if I pay 20,000, for my coach to tell me what's good, bad and the ugly, and who's going to prod me along? It's well worth it. Oh, yeah. That's what my attitude is even today, 14 years later, is the same attitude that I want to pay somebody the most money, who can take me to the next level and to the next level, and to the next level? Yeah, it's it's, when it comes to value, there is no price because like this one, was when I was first I'm learning options. So the one guy was like, oh, if you pay me this, like you, but nowadays, 20 k, I'll teach you everything, though. You have my ear 24 seven kind of thing. And I just sat there and Mike. Yes, I don't have 20 K. But that is so worth it. If I can ask him, Hey, I'm doing this trade. What would I do? So that's where people are always he's just trying to money grab. It's like, No, it's just, he's not trying to overprice it where you don't get a good return. Because like he had a mentor too. And he realized it's like, yeah, you need to make it steep to thin out the herd. But not too steep. Because then no one can come. You know, I'm so glad you said that. And I wonder if everybody was watching us that I bring my whole life that I weekly, weekly, okay, half hour to two hour lessons. With my group coaching, you could show up, you can ask anything, and you have direct contact with me. And I coach every week, Wednesday, then I've got online Academy of 1000 lectures 1000 lectures. Yeah, and that's a lot. Everything in Excel, and PDF and PowerPoints, everything I've developed for 70 $500. I give everybody anything they want. And for 2500, the whole online Academy plus all the tools. So right here, million million people, actually, you know, how to really underwrite how to talk to investors, how to do these things. And that thing, because this is my goal, in my life is to teach everybody apartment, or commercial investing. That's the key, the poor type investing. Oh, it's called apartment or commercial, commercial investing, to buy and flip and wholesale, because you're doing a job and a job and a job. But if a 12 unit apartment complex, it can give you cash flow for many generations. No, absolutely. That's what I want to teach people. No. So that's the key. And then syndicates, like you said syndicate. That's my other thing is, it is $31 trillion, three with a T. billion $31 trillion in retirement funds. In USA alone around the world, it'd be a lot more. So how could you harness all that bring great returns to your family, friends, neighbors, people, you know, in a small little way that you learn the business, and then you buy this 14 Plex or 14 units or 10 units or eight units? Or 20 units, right? Yeah, yeah. The thing is, now you're giving them returns. their money's getting like 2% in a CD, but you give them 10 or 12% a year. I hear Oh, my gosh, I mean, you're helping them a lot. Oh, yeah. more people and more people. So the recent thing, my dilemma, like I do martial arts, I was talking to my instructor, isn't he they're all worried about taxes going up. I'm like, I'm not that worried. Because I said, the way our system is built, like if you have an LLC, and then you do it right with an accountant, you get yourself a salary of whatever, like let's say, the smart one is keep it under 100. k, yet your your company just pays you your salary you pay whatever your employment salary is, taxes, and your company just keeps growing. And as it grows, the way you build out your LLC, you get a chunk of that that company so whenever you sell it, you get that percentage To the money. So true. So true. I'm not a CPA or an Rei. Right? Same here is this is good, right? YouTube and, Josh, you're 100%. Right? In USA. The laws are for the rich. And the laws are for real estate professionals. Yes. Investors. I'm telling you in stock market, if you lose 2000 $200,000, I lost 741,000 in the crash of divorce. Yes, I could write off in my taxes of that much. Okay, 741 I lost, right, Jose, you cut out your first loss. What was that? 741,000 cheese. I lost that. Yeah, I lost and you could only write off three $3,000. That's it. But when I lose 741,000 in the real estate, right, that's a write off loss. We call it paper loss. Because the LLC that form we form to buy the real estate, if passed through entity, we call it pass through entity. So what does it that this apartment we just bought? It's making a million dollar profit. At the end of the year, everybody's getting cash flow and dividends and all right. But then we do accelerated depreciation. That's the word cost segregation, or accelerated depreciation, which means is that that's last say you could depreciate the property 27.5 years for residential and 39 years for commercial. See, I did not know that one for commercial, I knew about the 27 I thought it was the same thing. That's interesting. Oh, it's residential, it's 27.5. And then for commercial, it's 39 years. But what it means is that if you have five, 3 million, let's just a small number, 3 million is the you know, minus the land land does not depreciate. So a 20% out of 3 million. So we got almost 600 taken out, but 2.4 million, you could divide that by 27.5. Now that much is this line deduction, we call it paper loss of depreciation straight line. But there are laws where you could break the whole apartment into knobs and cabinets and appliances and air conditioner. Interesting. You got it. And now you can get duct accelerated. So you can actually take 24% of that amount deducted in one year. Wow. And that's you can do that every year, just one year. Okay, one year is the big big chunk. But then there are certain parts of your apartment or commercial building, you can write off first year, second year, third year over five years, schedule them over 15 years schedule them over 27.5 what is happening is the property's making lots of profit. But the key one that we provide to our investors again, yay, my 100,000 investors got a loss of $61,000 this is an example. Right, right. I say again, to say that my 500,000 investor got 319,000 loss, hold on that 19 is a passive loss, which can be accumulated over time. You can keep on adding keep on adding keep on adding. And when I sell the asset of the multifamily or whatever in a commercial, then the gain is so much you could back the passive loss this with the passive gain and wipe it out. Yeah, that's the one thing people are like that, like you were saying earlier, like they wanted you to flip they want to get in, get their money get out. But you want to play the real estate game for the long haul, you just buy hold, if you can afford it hire property manager, they just handle the rest kind of thing will choose so very true. I mean, in a lot of people just don't understand the games. So how do we understand those are having some coach who can tell us? You know, otherwise? We'll have to skip all the information on coaches. What the? Yes, it's already there. It's all over the YouTube. It's all over the Google right. But how to have a focused attack and a mentor and a coach who can take us to the next level into the next level and to the next level. That's where, you know, they make small, you know, coaching fee or whatever it is Right, right. Yeah, but in the scheme of things like whatever it is, if you do it, this is the you gotta extra plan. If you do a right and you form the company before I'm going to purchase it, then it would be just an a business expense. And these completely run off to totally, totally, I mean, the C corporation or LLC, what you're talking about, right? Right. And you know, having the EQ RP I call about that. What is that it's a checkbook control of your retirement plan. A lot of people don't know that. All the money, this 31 trillion, I don't know how many 26 trillion I've heard is in the stock market, Wall Street. But a lot of people don't know you can self direct your retirement plans. Yes, we could take the money and go through the self directed IRAs and 401, K's and cure plan or checkbook control, we call it and you can invest into real estate. Yeah, and then make great great and Roth IRA is the best way to ever, ever, ever. We absolutely one time, and then every game until you retire or die. It's not taxable. And then it's fractional when they get it like it's when you transition. It's not even like 40 or 50. It's maybe like, like a dividend. After five years. There's like 20% success, like 20% is gone, but it's not half the portfolio kind of thing. Yeah. It's amazing. It's amazing. You know, I mean, the thing is the knowledge of you know, listening to people like you and others, you know, and I have my podcast also which is on syndication, it's on investing in commercial. That's where I am at, you know, okay, I've changed when I went from single family home have over 20 homes all across USA. We sold them all got into duplex and 14 Plex. 66. Plex, 230,324. units, one building one community. Wow, we have 4600 units. Wow. Wow, that's a lot close to 441 million right now. Holy crap, that's a lot of money. Alright, so the big question that I've been thinking about during this so how do I basically means without giving away the plan, how do I approach if someone say, Hey, I'm getting into property, like let's say Vinnie, I see a property a commercial, I would like you to lend me whatever amount of money and I will pay you a percentage back over time. Okay, good point. Now, there are several ways you could do it, right? If you're buying the property yourself, of course, that's the best way we call it, you're the principal, you're the owner, right? seller financing from the person who's selling it, you want to lay out a plan, so that maybe they do not like to do a big capital gain. Right? Right. And pay exorbitant taxes, you could do like a promissory note, alright. And that way seller financing can be or master plan leasing, is another way to do it. Now, one way would be to get a loan to pay the seller, million dollar, right? But now you need 200,000 or 300,000, as a downpayment. 20% or 30%. Right? You can use your money or OPM other people's money. Okay. And that's the syndicate part of it, right? You could do joint venture you can do take, which is tenancy in common, all those terms, you know, you gotta figure it out. Yeah, they'll figure it out. Google's there. Exactly. That the thing is to talk to a lender now, a local bank, just go there and say, Hey, I'm looking at this apartment building, it's a million dollar. And, you know, I mean, even don't tell them the address or anything, just a picture, because you don't want to give up that lead. That's right. Right. But you asked the loan broker, commercial loan broker, what do you need from me? To qualify for the loan? Okay, that's the key. Then you could say, Okay, you know what, I don't want to take a loan, but I want to get somebody in my family. They got some money. My mom, dad, brother, sister, colleagues, whatever, right? Go to them and say, Hey, I like this property. But you got to look at it. What's your exit plan? before you buy it? Okay. You got to know already the entrance, middle and exit before we even so, yep, yep. And then you see, you know, what, what we like to add value to that community? Ah, no, yes. I love that too. Would I sell that 180,000 for 380,000 was by increasing the noi net operating income, right? And why is Toki comm minus expenses, then ny Because after we take out the mod cage and the capital expenditure, then it's the net income, you take it to the bank. Right, right. All right. So then it's the only part I would need to like talk to you about is like, Hey, I needed the just the downpayment, of whatever and you get, let's say, like 40% of the property kind of thing, or would it be would it be more like the leverage, you're like, Josh. So leverage is the best way to do it in the woods. If you can find a property, and you could get a 2080, we call it 80%. LTV loan to value we call it right, okay, you do 80% nowadays in the COVID, and everything happening. And if you don't have much experience, not too many people will give you 80% LTV, they will rather give you 65% LTV or 70% LTV, right. So what that means is the bank will give you 65% loan at 4% or 5%, or whatever. But the rest is the down payment that you need to bring yourself if you have the savings or from other people in your circle. And that's also when you do a What did you say an S corp or an LLC for that dude, no good point, C S corp and everything is for your own business for your own entity. But when you do like a joint venture or syndication, it has to be a single purpose entities called single purpose entity. Limited liability, LLC. Okay, so an LLC, S corp, or C Corp, you know, from what I understand I'm not a writer. Right, right. But so then the double layering of it could be that you have your s or whatever Corp could own the LLC, to exactly you will be coming as a partner into the LLC, and your other people will bring the down payment will be the other partners. Right? Right. Come in, and other investors come in their money, OPM, other people's money. It's a happy family. And you've got that money for the down payment and the closing cost. Now you own the building the community, and then you ask the principal person to be managing it and bringing value to the to bring it noi net operating. Right? Yeah, that's, that's the only thing. Okay, that makes more sense. I've never heard of the single person, LLC, SP. Purpose entity called s. LLC. It's an LLC, but the, the bank does not want to give loan to a C Corp or a, you know, that could be personal loan, right? buying an asset, they want to see a single purpose and right, and that's where like I was telling my instructor earlier today said the great thing, once you can prove your corporation makes money or your LLC, whatever you want to go with route, then your LLC is a faceless entity, it can actually take out loans for you. And you are just the acting employee that will execute for that. Yeah, for sure. For sure. I mean, you've done lots of great, great minds, attorneys, right. advice you and I know, my affiliate by very good person, you know, we are he's come and he will talk to him into my class Academy and all and he makes LLC, for free. In the sense only the filing fee, right? No, no other charges are in there, like people charge money and all that. So that's a great way because they are able to, you know, advise and help people. What's the right strategy? It is. And it's, it's one of those there. It's not in a bad way. But it's not taught to people how just by in holding basic property doesn't matter when it could be the crash. It could be now it's everything's over inflated. Property just goes up. There's only so much property in the world kind of thing. I'm so glad you're saying that. That is so true. Of course, there are my market cycles, right? And I always want to buy it when to slow, it's nicer that way. You talk a lot about it. I really do. Because market cycles are huge, huge. I lost money in stock market. I also lost money in the real estate. But the key thing is you got to see where are these particular local markets go through cycles. Nothing can go always always always high. Just you know, arcade. We just saw that right? I mean, it went from 30 or 28,000. down to 16,016 out now it's all time highs of like 33,000 2000 Oh my gosh. I mean, I mean, you know, I'm taking some profits out of the market, but I'm leaving some into. Yeah, yeah, that's, that's the biggest thing as I'm reading this, I never fully get out. But like, when you get good profit, just take it, take it off. And that's the way to do it, you know, to take the profits off, so that just like you play, I don't pay too much of gambling and all that, but I'm not into it either. JACK, right? They say you take it out a little bit, then you start playing with the money, you know, like the fluff. It's, so I I like roulette, but I don't like playing the numbers. I like playing the red or black scores. And that's it. So if I make profit, I take the profit and put it aside and I keep playing with the original money I put in. There are smart. Yeah, yeah, no, exactly. You know, I mean, we need to be always looking at the ways how we can diversify, how we can really get our mind straight, first of all, and always be looking at streams of income. Yes. streams of income is so important. It could be duplex four, Plex, and Plex. Plex. I just tell everybody you know, and my mentor, my coach, he said, Vinnie, if you think big things will happen for you. Oh, yeah. Well, small things will happen. The big things have the same transaction, same one loan, same one, property management, but just as zeros are more on the right side, it's as you get used to saying a casual million compared to like, 10,000, you got it is like, Oh, it's a million lot. It's a million dollars, whatever. Compared to the small person. We're saying I lost 1000 bucks. It's like, for you, it's a guy. It's like, Oh, I did that for lunch? What are you talking about? kind of thing? No, I agree with you. I mean, you know, the thing is, I hope just like, you know, I was sharing with you. And entrepreneurship mind is so important to have. And how can you be an entrepreneur? Oh, my gosh, you know, if anybody wants to be anything in life, all you have to do is how can I become that person? How can I become that in YouTube? Just go to YouTube search? Yes. How can I be happy today? How I can be, you know, getting out of my misery today? How can I really get my mindset today? How can I conquer my fear today? Literally, if you could just say that the YouTube is the best, best best mentor and coach, we have a phone too, so you can easily look it up? Oh, for sure. And, you know, when we watch all these shows, you know, on television, and we say You know what? I'm learning something I say 888888 aged? I mean, I want to know, you know, what am I learning from this crap? And the negatives, other than it's crap and a negative? Yeah, exactly. And that's what it is. We are putting more mind in our garbage, find garbage in garbage in garbage in garbage is gonna come out guys. Nothing positive is gonna come out of it. It's not so okay, talking about TV? What are your thoughts on social media? within the manipulation in the garbage within the mind kind of thing? I'm so sorry. What is this media doing to us? is ridiculous. It's ridiculous. It is. It's just mind boggling that how somebody so toxic, can really influence the media, too much that millions of people are, you know, I mean, this way or that way, right? You know, the country is divided. I'm not a political person. I'm not really but it's one of those. I look at it logical and common sense. It's like, this is not good. And it's only going to end in a train wreck. Look training, totally. correction. Again, I have not talked too much about it. I do want to because I know that we don't have to, I cannot influence anybody else. That's my thinking is always there is I'm coming to realize that reasonable people, I just feel like, you know, I can share with them my feelings and thoughts. But it's for them to change. Nobody wants to change because somebody wants them to know that all about. And the big thing is, you know, if you want to be better in life, if you want to really do better in you know, and to all the people around you, you've got to always be thinking, How can I change the world around me? And how can I change the world around me by killing myself? Right, exactly. It's it's one of those. I was making the analogy with a co worker because he was very upset and I said, Do you only watch YouTube? Do you only watch Instagram and he's like, yes, I'm like, that is photoshopped that is fake to make it seem like they live a perfect life. They are probably just as miserable you but they're really good. Photoshop, you know, you're so right about it, Josh, oh my gosh, I were discussing that just over the weekend, you know, when myself and my wife and some other people, and somebody else, even somebody else I was talking to those Tad, you know that people are able to teach people by just putting the words out there, but they are so miserable inside. It's so sad, you know, that a lot of people are out there mentoring. I just, I just, I mean, you know, I have nothing to take away from the great great coaches and mentors, but then a lot of people might just go Sydney to see where they are at. But they are just item. It's one of those like, so for the longest time, when I was looking up different stuff on YouTube, I would get ads for traders saying, Oh, you pay me 1000 bucks. Like, I will teach you everything. And it's one of those great thing about Google, if you really think about it, it's like, oh, is whatever website really a scam kind of thing? Oh, I'm so glad you said it. Actually. I was following somebody, I don't want to say the name. And I saw him all over the place. Right? And I just said that name and reviews, right? Oh, my gosh, I mean, that just totally brought me into the limelight. You know, what is going on how other people are reacting, and so forth. I really say that, you know, you gotta trust your money. You got to trust with your, you know, knowledge what you want to gain, we've got to totally, totally look after who you are following who you are giving your money to, you know, if it's money for passively investing, or even coaching, right, you know, right. learning their ideas. Are they sound ideas? Are they giving you the best of the best that you know, has made them? Yeah, yeah, there it is. And it's just sad where people are intentionally exploiting it. So like, I wouldn't I'm not going to say the coworker did it but his like, brother told him Oh, by this certain stock, yeah, yeah. But and he believed him. It's his brother, he wouldn't lie to him. And it just so happened, it was an OTC and over the counter thing ripped down. And he's like, I lost all this money. He said it was going up. I'm like, Did he tell you to buy a certain like, because it was an option? Did she tell you to buy a certain combination? at a certain time? He's like, yes, I'm like, he sold you essentially shit. I'm sorry. That's what happens in the penny stocks. By the way, I'm out of that game. Oh, yeah. That's what they do do hoopla, big time hoopla and say, buy this because that's where the strategies to get a lot of people to buy based that and then this is the classic pump and dump and it's hard to prove and nowadays with the internet. Yeah, pump and dump. I agree. But you're saying it's like, Did you see the wall street with GameStop? Oh, my gosh, what happened was insane. Insane, man. Insane. Oh my gosh. Yeah. AMC and GameStop. Oh, my gosh, a couple others to stay away from this. You know, my portfolio has been pretty strong 41% growth in one year. Not that good. It's very good. I'm good. I know, this is good times. You know, I don't teach anybody about stock market. I always say same guy. Yeah. No, you cannot. Because in stock markets, you could lose overnight. And everything in real estate, you don't lose overnight. And no, it takes years. But there's also a keyword to give you a call and be like, so I'm losing money. How do I legally fix the books? I know exactly. I mean, the real estate is the best of the best of the best. I mean, I say you should diversify. crypto is saving CDs, real estate board, a diamonds whatever I know and all those things. But the key thing is you've got to really diversify to mitigate the risk. That's what I say Oh, absolutely. Money we are spending and putting in the bank now is losing its luster asked, I mean, the dollar worth, you know, 1900 23 the crash up to now is so much lower. Now us printing money like crazy in the pure COVID and everything. Of course it's going to go way down. So the thing is, you've got to put that money, have the velocity, I call it Right, right. And even the dead money in your home is not doing anything for you. Nothing. It's not it's not it either. Take the money out refinance. Noah's money. Oh my gosh, 1.95% or 2%. I think it's like 2.5. It's still still ridiculously low. So low right now. One should be really opening up their channels. Even those people who are saying, You know what, I will never go into debt. I think the the worst thing is that you paid off your home or rentals or whatever, and it's the money stuck there it is, is losing its value. So I really believe that you know, even take 65%, the FBI so that there is not a big number. But if you take a 2% and you invest in get 8%, it's worth it. No, it is. Because whatever the interest you were making, that's making it up and then some so whatever your investment is paying off the other things, it's like, why wouldn't you refinance? Exactly, exactly. So look at the gurus, you know, I mean, you know, I mean, right to look into, again, I don't want to say in the broadcast right now that you should just take 180 turn No, no, not to do it slowly and incrementally. Whatever you feel comfortable. Absolutely. But the thing is, you've got to start. I mean, a lot of things that are happening in the bay area where I live, I live in Blackhawk Country Club right here in Danville. around us. in the San Francisco Bay Area. A lot of people are adding units. Wow, interesting. But I won't say but people are flocking to Texas now. Yeah, look at that, just like that with with Houston. No building codes, right. People are adding in their backyard, their front yard converting their to two car garage into units. That a 20 $500 monthly income. Yeah. Well, people are really finding different ways to house hack we call it or you know, different ways to really be that intrapreneur to add value, whatever you're doing right now, keep on doing it. Or do better. So that you're more happy, like you asked me, but you got to add income, add streams of income so that you don't have to really stressful everyday. Right? Yeah. And that's the that was actually the thing. I was joking with my instructor because he's like, oh, like, how do you plan to make money in the stock market? I'm like, Oh, no, I said, I'm gonna get a little more complicated. We use options on futures, the antithesis of risk to reward kind of thing. It's the Pico that I said, but it's one of those. It's one of those if I put $1,000 and a bust, I only lose $1,000. Said, um, like, it's one of those. If I took a loan out, which is what I would do for a futures contract, I would lose unlimited money. Yes. And it's one of those. I told him, it's like a down payment for a house, you know, you're gonna get the income. You just put whatever it is down, and then you make the money if you lose, shit happens, keep going kind of thing. Yeah, I know, know too much about I know, a little bit options, but covered calls. Yes. In that, you know, I learned a little bit and I said, you know, I'm buying these stocks and that. So I was told that, you know, covered calls that better bet because you have stocks anyway. You have to be really glued to it and learn it from a great mentor. Right? And that's, and that's where I'm from that layer. He's like, how would you from all that? But guess what, all the money you're gonna make? I'm like, Oh, no, no, we're going deep layer. I'm going to buy the property for the soy farmers. I'm going to buy a soy farmer contract, then I'm going to buy a impossible burger stock. I'm hitting it on all areas. And he's like, wait, that's a thing. I'm like, yeah, we're going into real estate. We're going into farming, and then we're going into the actual companies. And he's like, Oh, I never thought about it like that. I'm like, yeah, it's it's a very, very big picture. You got to think, very odd compared to normal people when it comes to that. Totally, no, I'm impressed with you, Josh, like you shared very, you know, I mean, your whole podcast is to diversify his options, you know, for our mind to just explode. I mean, you know, the key thing is, if we are stagnant, right, just like we started the talk today, I mean, if you're stagnant, you're not happy, can be happy. But you got to decide, you've got to decide, well, how can I be happy? And you don't have to have a coach or anybody, but just have a YouTube as your coach. So that, you know, maybe some good people have put some things, you know, get you out of the rat. I call it the rat race. Yeah, the rat race. Totally. So, now that we're getting near to the end, let's, let's talk about the secrets of 40 years of marriage and still being happy. Thank you for asking that really, really, you know, 40 years. The, my wife is from a, you know, India originally. She doesn't want to come on his 40 years of marriage. Oh my gosh, you did that. See, she's more worried about, you know, my lunch or anything like that. And healthy food, right? Yes. It's very healthy. I love it, hey, I want one. This is the real deal. It really is, you know, but the thing is, it's the love and affection we have for each other. A lot of people say, you know, I mean 50% divorce rate in the US and even more, and it's more now, it's more now I think the Josh is, you should always respect each other. It's not 100% game. It is, you know, it is you are giving yourself respect and everything so that she's happy. She's got her own goals. He's got other aspirations. And we as business people, right, she used to have a business, right? Oh, so that's definitely how you to collect well, exactly, you know, connected and all that. And then, you know, now the marriage is compromised, but with a good way that you're compromising in everything, the light, and cheap enough for gaming, no, build up together with the goals and aspirations. And then travels and special time together. And dating, and the humor and the cutting up thing. Those things have really made us strong. And in our Indian culture, too, we say you know, when we are married, we are very keen, we die. Kind of right. Having that attitude also, that small things or big things we up to it. I mean, might fight one single just once. That's it, that's it. But what once a year, maybe at the most, but then we also don't go to bed, you know, in small, small things happening. We talk about it as a very good solid, you know, husband wife, and you say, Hey, we're wrong here. I was wrong there. I'm sorry. and move on. Yeah, this life is such that you could make it happy for both of us. And children and for everybody around us. Right? Yes. That's the real secret, you know, exercising healthy, you know, I want a straight like a you know, my wife used to go in a walk like that. And I showed her I said, Honey, I read from or my coach personal coaching exercises, for the lowest that winning never look in the road when you're walking. We're always looking the road. Am I walking? You know, right and something's gonna come some football or something like that, say like a trench that happened to me once for the longest time I was walking head downs right into a trench ever since then. I'm like, No, I want to at least see three, four yards ahead of me kind of thing nodded. You got it and even look into the sky and look into the grid, you know, by just doing that. You're going to be giving your whole vertebrae sprains right? Yeah, just as you say that I'm thinking like this chair, I need to get a new one because it's not helping my back at all. See, and then he said to me too, in the car when you drive said a lot of people put the central mirror right. So that you could be just slouching in your chair your drive. Oh, and then use the back in the window. Right there. It's just lifted out. BUTCHER literally put higher, much higher so that now you have to stand up like this in the in the in the seat. Yes. Right. And the back. Okay, my gosh, it is. Yeah, like for me, I learned this a while ago so like when you sit up straight set the mirror so if you're looking straight, but don't set it low so you have to slouch. But if your side mirrors as you're looking forward from the corner of your eye, you adjust it from there. Yeah. You're always perfectly straight kind of thing. I love it. I love it which taught me something else today. I love that because what's the end goal right? His goal is to be happy, happily married. Now so whatever the grandchildren will enjoy time and every golden years you can send a heading the second our master bedroom downstairs. No, that's why we moved into base having a nice office that downstairs master bedroom, but as we grow younger, I'd never say older as we grow younger. 16 years, I'll be 69 this year. Okay. I like I said, you have more energy than me at 28. So you definitely getting younger. I tell my kids all the time, I've been saying it for 4037 years that I've been saying when they were young, let's say, five, seven years of age, that you are getting older daddy's getting younger each year. So we'll meet somewhere, we'll meet eventually, I still say that I said, you know, you guys are, can say keep on saying like daddy's saying that you got to keep on you know, always drop a year. You're his age is just a number. That is my mind. That's the number it's relating your mind. And keeping focused and having goals in life and aspirations and hobbies, and painter charities and, you know, donations and all that so that you can leave feeling good about, you know, when you sleep at night, you're just happy that you know, you spend the best day of your life. And you look forward to getting up in the morning when I was, you know, in the W two job by the way. I used to hit on the snooze buttons and all that right? Yes. I'm up without the alarm clock. I've never had to play with an alarm clock. I must have fought 49 459 every day, every day, you know, and it's just amazing. I listened to him send modulation things and do exercise and pain, gratitude Miracle Morning. And exercise. like coffee latte. Oh, lucky. Got your own machine for that. Now, just for that I gotta be as successful as you just to get my own latte machine. We bought this room because I ended up buying a bigger engine. I love it. Our previous home, I brought into the kitchen. My wife said there is no room for this one. All right, we're getting a new one. I said, holy cow, I need to get a bigger kitchen bigger home. That's like a latte machine doesn't pay if we get a new home money. Sorry. My friend was there. I said, let me tell you this story. Oh my god, really? That's awesome. We definitely have to get you on in the future. Oh, my gosh, I appreciate you, Josh. It's such a pleasure, buddy. I'm so glad you reached out. And God bless you. And you know, you're giving so much great content. your followers and thank you. Right is the right? Yeah, around there. Yeah, Los Angeles, like there. And I'm like they're in the Bay Area. And if I can be of any help to you and your audiences, you could do a webinar together or whatever. Right? With more, you know, after things we can help them to really get their mindset. It's all about the mindset, you know, and then making sure that we are doing every day, something to move us to a better person. Guess what I want to become one day, I'm in the process of becoming today. My billionaire billionaire mentor taught me passed away and said, Hey, I want to give it to him. And a lot of my other mentors. I'm a product of a lot of people. My life literally, I always say to them. Of course my parents, my mom, my dad, my grandparents to bring us at sixth well in India, I really believe that. I think we do it better, right? Yeah, feather wings, the wings. Yes. No. And I'm very passionate right now for the seat buildings. And providing great, great luxury. No, we are building them. And then the other part I'm really interested in helping my senior my friends, you know, who are 65 plus and even millennials to invest passively and get great returns. given some and excellent referrals. And you know, being very frank, transparent, and that's why our goal right now is this little boy who came from India with $7 in his pocket. My goal is to build $2 billion in the next 10 years $2 billion in construction and purchases, but 200 million a year at all is the mindset but then you do things to make those things Yeah, and that is exactly what we were leaning into earlier, where what you retain what you watch and who you talk to really plays into that will your own success. It really does it really just, it's the mindset. It's the mindset that you want to become better. Right? I'd said that you want to give everybody around you. tremendous energy, tremendous life to them. And you could really give them the positive energy positive vibes, which can make them a better person. Oh, yeah, you will attract so many people, because people like to be a magnet, to the people who give great value to them. are no, no special agenda. This is Brian. Yeah, just giving my time. I want to help you, and then helping you will be subtly helping me kind of do more value for you. It's just it's one of those people don't think about it. They're like, Oh, it's all about me. It's like, No, you kind of think community. You gotta think we're social creatures, you kind of go out and help them. So I don't want to hold you up on your lovely salad earlier. No problem. No, no, no, this is totally fine, buddy. No, thank you so much for inviting me and just let me know, you know, if you want to talk about some other topics, I'm all yours. All yours. Yes. We're definitely you're definitely coming back on in future. All right. Thank you. God bless. You know if anybody wants to reach me, again, I would love to give my book for free. You know, right there. That's this one. It's this easy. Free visit Vinnie Chopra. Right, right. So prep VI and E y. That's my first name vi nn e y, tau prize like Deepak Chopra. Right. Okay. You go see h o pra. So Vinny? Is my website also. But if somebody anybody who wants free book, you know, please just go to VC. We just made it short. Free Okay, didn't it? Yeah, I will. I will definitely be downloading it. I will also talk to you later about links to for your some of your other Amazon stuff, too. Oh, totally. Totally. Thank you so much. Thank you, Vinnie. You're awesome. I appreciate you for coming on and appreciate you. Thank you so much, Josh. God bless you. God bless you, too.

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