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Hello, welcome everybody to a random day of Josh renting. Today I just kind of want to cover over real quick like martial arts and intermittent fasting ketosis. And then my interesting struggle of Coronavirus earlier will later in December of 2020. So, first things first is the Corona, I got it got it from work was was a very interesting situation. And essentially after like a week, I got they showed up in December 2. Yeah, on December 2. And then around the ninth A week later, I started showing just like groggy and so it's just tired. I mean, I work night shift normally. So, in general kind of tired. But it was the extra tired that coffee couldn't even fix kind of thing. Around the 12th I my stomach hurt on December 2020. But I ate food I'm eating drinking coffee, not two coffees not acidic. So much interesting. And then it was probably around that same time I started like having a re I guessed it was the 15th the Tuesday of December 2020. So like I just woke up with just walking a night shift. middle of night for me is like three 4pm for you guys. Pacific. I'm just sitting there going, why am I so hot? I usually run my room a little colder with an AC and all that. So I'm like, why am I burning? This ain't right kind of thing. I go to check my temperature. And it's like 101 point nine, pretty much 102 and I'm like, No wonder I'm legit sacred now. So Colin work, I never call off work for sick. I'd rather work half day and then call in sick kind of thing. And essentially, the next day to 16th I had a test. And everyone at work was just calling me like we're so sorry. But we'll have tested we're staying home kind of thing. And then after I got the test, I just got home I got home and essentially I just fell asleep. But it was like the afternoon 16th the 18th I just randomly woke up I consciously apparently I was super functional during those two days. I don't remember it is like a hangover. I just said that very. But um, yeah. And the thinking back obviously Corona. I'm like, Oh, God. Sorry, everyone. kind of thing. But, uh, yeah, round. I see the 24th or 25th I had to get back to work kind of thing. And I was just like, you know, I when I was sick with COVID we we stayed home we had yummy ginger ale and ginger cookies, ribeye and pastries and cookies to feel better. And I was already pretty happy. I think I was like 270 by the end of the COVID stay at home. I got to like 289 pretty much 300 because I wasn't moving. It wasn't exercising. It wasn't unhealthy at all. So I decided Yeah, around Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I was like I'm I'm actually going to lose weight like so I started introducing ketosis on like Christmas. just introducing it cutting out grants cutting up sugar. And I noticed a huge difference I was when I weighed that day, I think it was like 282 86 I weighed in on my birthday to 31st. And I actually was like 276. So just cutting sugar. Like I abstained from antibody. Nope. By almost lost like 10 pounds in a week kind of thing. Which in general, that's really bad. But in this situation. It's actually interesting. It's an interesting experiment for me. So that's where on my birthday I checked in, weighed on the first. I essentially just abstain from all like grains and sugar. I just sorted off like the devil. It's like no, no, no, no, not today. grains, not today, sugar. And essentially, I checked today. I usually don't officially log it until Saturday. But on the second when I checked in no second, Oh, where are we on? Sorry. The second was when I first did it. The ninth I checked and I was to add not to HR to 68.2 or something like that. So I'm like alright, sugar cutting sugar, intermittent fasting and directly with ketosis. This is apparently working kind of thing. I feel great. So my Big thing is I love coffee. Like, I will choose a cup of coffee over food if like use or literally my uncle has done this with me and he's like, I'll buy you a cup of coffee and a burger if you helped me like move furniture kind of thing. And I'm like, Oh my god, coffee in a burger. Okey. So I realized I don't need that much coffee from my line of work at night, and I'm only on 11th. And I'm like, wow. So the energy from ketosis is really potent. I haven't felt this mentally clear in ages. It's the it's almost like a fog is gone, kind of thing. It was already the corona brain fog. But then there was like that extra h

olding me back. And I'm sitting here thinking, wow, if this is what sugar is doing to my brain, I wonder, like, what else is messing with me kind of thing. So that's where I recently I would say, January 6, of 2021. My martial arts instructor was taking people but we all had to be outside like 10 feet apart, wearing masks. He was pretty much standing on a pulpit going, alright, do this move. And he does a little, his little thing. And essentially, he kind

of like, obvious, like social distancing and all that but essentially said, Hey, hey, Josh, I want you to test for your second degree black belt. I want it to be this is your year for it. And I'm like, Hey, I'm in kind of thing. I'm like, I'm really trying to lose weigh

t. Let's do this. And he's wanting to do it in like, July or something like that he wants to do before Fourth of July kind of thing. I told him like, Well, I have a cruise in August kind of thing. I'm like, well, Corona permitting, maybe we don't I don't know. Hopefully we're Sal kind of thing. But I said if we do it, I need it before August kind of thing. Or it's gonna be too late, late year, like in the verse, the September, October area. And essentially He's like, Okay, well, we'll figure that part out. He's a first you got to get in shape lose your weight is a good use to keep yourself down and three months to like 240 I'm like, yeah, that's no problem at the rate I'm losing about five pounds a week. So right now I know it's just ov

er absorbent amount of fat. It's annihilating shouldn't be a problem. And essentially, yeah, me and him got talking about diet and intermittent fasting but yeah, I'm, I personally am super impressed with intermittent fasting and ketosis combo. It's one of those it's like, wow, this is why wish this is one of those everyone knew about it kind of thing. So I might be talking about it a little more in different interviews in the future, and that everybody should be quick little summary of weird stuff during COVID that happened to me. Have a great one and talk to you another time. Bye.

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